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Leaking Tank?

Hey everyone,

Firstly I need to apologise if this post is in the wrong thread. I'm kindly asking the moderators to please just move it where it's supposed to go.

I'm from South Africa and I've been wanting to switch to vaping and then finally leave the cigarettes alone. So yes, I want to replace smoking with vaping mainly due to the health benefits. So about 4 years ago I bought a slim e-cigarette called 'Twisp'. It was supposed to be the "luxury" expensive brand. After about 2 weeks of using it, the juice kept leaking bit by bit out of the air holes. I've replaced coils, the tank glass was not broken and I always cleaned that tank properly taking special care to ensure the seals are clean and not obstructed or damaged. Anyway so I continued to struggle with it until I eventually gave up and went back to my trusty old cigarettes.

Earlier this week I decided that I should probably give it another try and see if I can now switch to a better product and leave the cigarettes alone. Got the new unit yesterday - Kangertech Subvod Mega TC 2300. I didn't really fill it up completely to the top, I was so excited to start using the thing. Everything went well until I got home - I found that some of the liquid was starting to leak out of its air holes.

I then decided to clean out the tank, and clean all the seals and making sure everything is in order. I refilled it (remember this is a top fill unit) and had about 4-6 pulls on it before going to bed. While refilling, I was following as much advise as I could get (taking it apart as far I can to clean it, filling quickly as per the manufacturer). I woke up this morning with some excitement growing to use my new e-cigarette. Guess guess...the whole tank leaked out of the air hole. THE WHOLE TANK EMPTIED. Keep in mind I left the unit upright - vertically (so the mouth piece is facing the sky).

I then proceeded to clean the unit again, refilled it and making sure this time it's really clean and all seals are not obstructed. Everything went well for about an hour or two until I saw on the side again it's leaking. To much of my disappointment I decided I'll just put it away and go buy cigarettes. I unscrewed the tank from the battery and put the tank laying on its side horizontally (so as to allow the liquid to drain out of the hole). When I got back from the shop I checked to see how much liquid actually leaked this time. Seems nothing more came out. I then turned it upright vertically (again, mouth piece facing the sky) in my bag to see if it would leak. Seems it did.

Why is this happening? It seems that if you keep this unit in an upright position it starts leaking out of the air hole. Leaving it to lie on its side seems not to leak, or at least not as much. Some guys said I'm over-filling it but why then supply such a big tank if we can only fill it half way? Doesn't make sense to me.

This is a completely stock unit, using the coils they provided. The liquids I'm using are 35/65 ratio. I believe I have the Ni200 SSOCC coil in, the one with the blue o-ring (I'm using it in TC mode).

If nothing else, this leaking issue is putting me off of vaping completely. The mess this thing is making is profound. I'd like to know if there are other people out there with the same issue, and if there are any tips or tricks that I can try to try and stop the leaking.


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You should close the air holes if you are not going to vape for more than an hour or 2. Air goes in, you lose vacuum in the tank, juice leaks out. It isn't so much a tank issue as a physics issue. I read you cleaned and rebuilt the tank, so leaving the air flow open is the obvious reason for the leak.

Learned this the hard way on my Kanger toptank mini. Closed the air when not using and issue solved.

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You should close the air flow if you are not gonna vape for long periods of time. I tend to leave mine open even at night, but the tank I use ain't leaked on me yet, except the first time I filled it cause the bottom o-ring was garbage. Maybe check the o-ring situation see if they need to be replaced, assuming it does have 'em, I don't know that tank's specs. Grats on trying to quit smoking, I hope you can succeed. Happy vaping welcome to VU :vino:


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I had some issues with leaking tanks when I first started vaping on my Melo 300 tank, even though many people were saying they didn't have leaking issues. It took me a little bit of time and trail-and-error to figure out a few certain habits to prevent it from leaking.

First and fore-most, closing the airflow before filling, than re-opening it helped tremendously. It really is important to keep a vacuum inside inside the tank. I was getting tiny bits of seeping down the legs of the coil into the air flow chamber. Minor minor, but was still seeping. Getting into the habit of letting my tank drain to 1/4 full or so, than closing the airflow before filling solved all that.

Secondly was temperature change. I noticed if I picked up a cold tank that had say been sitting on a shelf in a colder part of the house, than chain vaping it, warming it up quickly, it would push a little juice down into the air flow chamber. Again, nothing major, but minor seepage that I noticed. I tend to try to keep my tanks at a reasonably consistant temperature.

Lastly was NEVER leave the fill cap open or off. I gapped out a few days ago cleaning up some stuff, organizing things and filling a tank. Left the top off it for about 20 minutes, noticed it, and juice was running right out the airflow. Easily lost half a tank of juice.

It seems every tank is a little different, but there are a few common habits you need to follow on all tanks it seems.

It got a little frustrating, but I eventually pin pointed my particular problems, what was causing them, and how to fix them.

Good luck, and all the best.

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