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  1. D

    Freemax fireluke and RBA sec. Juice in the airflow Q

    So I have determined, as far as I can see, that juice isnt actually coming through the airflow holes going into the bottom of the tank, but more (or seemingly) from like the sides of the airflow? Like between the edges of the the AFC and the metal it is directly touching on the side. In other...
  2. IronSky

    Leaky Cleito

    I don't have time for your shit, Cleito. Out the door on my way to work, and my Cleito is leaking from the intake again. What I "think" is happening, is that the coil gets loosened where it screws in at the bottom after I refill my tank a couple times. I could be wrong. I'm a complete noob when...
  3. M


    So I bought a JUUL from Circle k and the pods started to leak and ruined the battery the light still blinks when I slap a pod in there but it won't hit and my warranty code won't work at all. I don't know what to do and I really shouldn't buy a new one.
  4. iMaverick

    Manta RTA

    Hi I am looking for MANTA RTA replacement O-Rings. Can anyone help me please, need to purchase online and shipped to me. Or at least provide me the specs (size and material) of the O-Rings. Thank you and much appreciated
  5. Vertigon

    Leak of the century

    Before purchasing the Uwell Valyrian, I extensively searched through reviews and finally decided on getting one. I use the Reuleaux DNA250 mod with it. So let me start by saying this tank was amazing with the pre-installed coil it came with no leaks. After 2 weeks of great vaping I swapped out...
  6. D

    Stuck in between two vapes!

    Hi all, Im new here and relatively new to Vaping, started vaping 4 months ago to stop smoking cigarettes and it worked! but now im abit stuck as im looking for the right vape. BEFORE: eGo Aio my first vape that i found good, i like how it feels and tastes, its size and simplicity and also it is...
  7. Tempro

    Serpent Mini 25

    Hello! I got a serpent mini 25 RDA. I wicked it and everything its pretty good. But i got one problem when i do a refill it always leak a little bit. But when vaping it or i leave it for a day it doesnt. I also close the airflow valve when refilling but it steal leaks a couple of drops. What...
  8. A


    Hello, I have recently started vaping this week and am afraid I have broken it already. I was unscrewing to refill it and believe I unscrewed the wrong part. The tank is now leaking and it feels like I am not getting a full vape. The model is the Innokin endura t20. There seems to be a small gap...
  9. D

    Leaking Tank?

    Hey everyone, Firstly I need to apologise if this post is in the wrong thread. I'm kindly asking the moderators to please just move it where it's supposed to go. I'm from South Africa and I've been wanting to switch to vaping and then finally leave the cigarettes alone. So yes, I want to...
  10. W

    iJOY RDTA Box broken?

    Hello, I have noticed while vaping that my iJOY RDTA Box randomly starts dropping watts, and I can't pretty much do anything, it just drops down to 5W and stops there until I press a button, then I can take a few hits and it will happen again. I have checked everything, the batteries & if the...
  11. bigjohno

    Need Help Geekvape Eagle Tank (Leak)

    I have a new tank Geekvape Eagle and tried both coils and it keps leaking, someone said might be how coil is wicked? The dual coil doesn't leak as bad as the single, should I be covering the wick holes or put cotton in the wick holes?
  12. MaxPerilous

    Blazer Pro Leaks

    Seems like every time I put juice in this bad boy it leaks around 1/3 out of the tank right through the coil. Juice comes all out of the airflow at the bottom of the tank. It can't be that the juice is to thin? I'm vaping 90vg juice. Anyone have experience with this? I really like the tank...
  13. C

    OBS Engine liquid leaks to airflow

    hi so my Engine been leaking juice through the airflow. it always happens when i open the filling hole. im not sure how to explain it. but the juice been draining from the tank (i can see it lowers in height inside the glass tank) seeping into coil chamber when i open the filling hole. and it...
  14. W

    Pharaoh RDA leaks like a champion... Through The seams??. HELP!

    Hello guys. I come here because my Pharaoh dripper tank is driving me crazy. I got this baby a couple months ago, and since the first week, problems started. Flavour has been amazing since day one, but The freaking thing cant stop leaking. The big problem here is this baby wont leak through the...
  15. Kiwironic

    [Guide] Leak-proof and NLU (Never Leak Upright) tanks **Updated 19/12/2016

    Started: 26/11/2016 Last updated: 19/12/2016 *** This topic is about leak-proof tanks and tanks that don't leak upright. This topic is not about tanks which will not leak if you wick it right or if you do this or that. *** Note: The following tanks are not in any particular order. I have been...
  16. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    TF V8 Leakage question for all owners

    I just got my tfv8 and all the reviews said it didnt leak but now that I got mine I just realised that that's horse sh!t... My question to u guys is how do you fix it? I did the pushing the bottoms of the coils in and tucking them thing which helped but I fell asleep and woke up to an empty. The...
  17. crew

    Griffin 22 FIXED

    Well i dont know where to start but ill just go from the top. Bought a Griffin 22 from my local vape shop. Worked awesomely for about 2 months. Then it all started to happen. My tank and mod fell on its side on my coffee table. Didn't think nothing of it at the time. The next morning half of the...
  18. Khaoticfury

    Herakles RTA-2 vs Griffin 25

    Just wondering what the consensus is regarding these two. I have a Griffin 25 right now but have had vacuum problems and "seapage" from between the AFC ring and the bottom ring of the tank. I am considering ordering the Herakles RTA-2 next paycheck.
  19. Michey

    Kangertech topbox leaking after sitting a couple hours

    So I bought my topbox starter this weekend and it was ok. Until the following morning when i noticed that it was leaking. A vaper friend told me to clean it and make sure everythings tight. I did so and it worked a bit. I was out for a couple of hours and the leak was there again. I only put...

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