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vape has been gurgling, feels like it's clogged when it isn't, spitting hot oil, no vapor

i have a kangertech subvod starter kit i got a couple of months ago and it's been having problems for a couple of weeks now. i can't currently replace the coils but i took it apart and rinsed it all off and cleaned out all the gunk with a q-tip. after i did that, the problem got worse. the hits are really harsh, barely any vapor and it feels like it's clogged. is this all because i need to change my coil? or is something else wrong?


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You need a new coil - and more than one for when the old one wears out

The cotton degrades in the coil and the juice (there is no oil in a proper e-liquid, aka juice) spits as it heats up and does not produce vapor properly


It's VG/PG not PG/VG
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They are called replaceable heads for a reason.

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