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  1. O

    LF Ohm Vape AiO Engraved Version Pink, please help

    Hey, I'm on a mission to find that aio [mod]( Everywhere I've searched it's sold out, prime goal is it needs to be exactly this mod, can anyone help me? Greets 😃
  2. 2

    What websites allow you to choose your PG/VG ratio?

    The website I used went out of business and I need a replacement that lets me at least kind of choose the PG/VG ratio because too much PG I don't like but too little and it just doesn't have the kick.
  3. H

    I started vaping again

    I started vaping again as I'm a heavy smoker I use a mi-pod I also use nic salt which is 20mg and I thinks it's 50/50 when I'm using a vape I got staomach cramps coughs and feel dehydrated also constant diarrhoea everyday do I I solve this I've tried different vg/Pg and different makes but...
  4. V

    Which batteries to choose uwell crown 4

    What batteries to buy for my uwell crown 4 tank whit the vaporesso gen x mod? I been looking at the LG 18650HE2 2500MAH IMR 20 as this are in the store in my country but are there any differences since i need 2 batteries in the mod because alle recomendations i see do not appael to either there...
  5. G


    So i recently got a new mod (Aegix legend) and i got two unbranded IMR18650 batteries, i googled and found out that each is 20amps, right now at 70w~ it pulls around 22amps are two 20amp batteries good or should i get higher amp ones? and also can anyone recomend any better or high amp...
  6. C

    Please help! Having difficulty with

    Solid confusion with this supplier I place an order, get tracking#, follow that and seems it is going smooth. Yesterday hit a wall as the tracking site( I was linked to through vapesourcing's email said it went to USPS in Ft lauderdale Florida and then also...
  7. InTheCloudz710

    Should I be worried?

    Hey I placed an order with Focalecig 11 days ago and it still hasn't shipped, I've tried emailing but haven't gotten a response yet. It's my first order with them so I'm wondering if this is normal or should I open a PayPal dispute? Any information is appreciated.
  8. InTheCloudz710

    Can someone tell me if this is normal?

    Hey I placed an order with Focalecig 11 days ago and it still hasn't shipped, I've tried emailing but haven't gotten a response yet. It's my first order with them so I'm wondering if this is normal or should I open a PayPal dispute? Any information is appreciated.
  9. T

    Why did you start vaping?

    Hey everyone! I am new to this forum so I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I am a student working on a vaping survey and I need your help. One of my questions is "why did you start vaping?" I want to provide some common answer choices so my respondents don't have to type in their...
  10. sinister1990

    Need help (some ideas) with my project

    Hi, So I'll be short and precise as I can. I'm creating a project that can help vaping community save some money on vaping gear. I already created some major categories like pod vapes, vape pens, box mods, vape tanks, and E-liquids. Currently, I'm adding vape tanks (Sub-Ohm and RTA's). And I...
  11. W

    Struggling to find a good e-liquid, need some suggestions!

    Hey, I'm brand new to vaping, I really want to find the perfect fruit flavour. I'm looking for something fruity as the tobacco flavours never really sit well with me, also I haven't got the time to mix my own. I don't want the juice to break the bank either! Somewhere with a sale on or discount...
  12. The Birb

    TFV 16 Leaking

    Hello, I have been vaping for around 3 years now and have gone through a few mods. My current setup is a TFV16 tank on a Smok Majesty. As of recent my mod has been leaking for an unknown reason. I have quadruple checked for crossthreading and even replaced the triple mesh coil. I have rarely had...
  13. D

    consistent issue, driving me totally insane

    alright so this is a problem ive had consistently for the past several months. i wouldnt call myself a new vaper or anything, but this situation is completely humbling me and im completely clueless my last mod was a voopoo drag mini 2 using the falcon king 2 tank. worked GREAT for a long time...
  14. V

    Leaking vape?

    Hello! I am using my Revenger X from Vaporesso and it's been great up until now. I have an issue where after a vape hit, it feels like some liquid has leaked into my mouth and it actually made me throw up. This happened after I replaced an old coil so I thought "Bugger!" and bought some new...
  15. TheLaw

    The Trident Kit

    Hello guys im new to this forum cuz i was banned on other vaping forum so hopefully i can be happy here and get all the infos i need. So first im looking to buy the vandy vape trident kit since its regulated and look like a mechanical mod and its waterproof but i want to know if i can use an rda...
  16. VapingReaper27

    what are ultem slam caps for???

    i was looking at kennedy website and saw the ultem slam caps, i was kinda interested in what they are used for? is it just for looks? or do they give better flavor?
  17. Z

    My account has been hijacked

    Hello, this is zephyr (pegleg_meg of old) and my super cool and awesome ex has changed my password and email for my account on here - username zephyr. Would someone kindly &@$# &@&$# and @&$$ him up? I mean, help me get my account back? @5150sick @Huckleberried @MrMeowgi He's a stellar guy...
  18. Bwright

    Tank works on one box but not the other

    Hi my name is brendan, i just recently got back into vaping to quit my pack a day habit and its been going well. My friend gave me a istick 80w box and i bought an aspire celito 120 in hopes to move up into a better box which i now have a voopoo drag mini. The tank has been working fine on both...
  19. F

    Help calculating pg/vg with salt nicotine

    I am trying to make a 50% salt nicotine ejuice however I am running into a problem with the calculations. If I use a calculator and input 50% nicotine, it still makes me do a mix of 100% combined between the pg & vg. It doesn't matter what I try I always end up with a negative number for the...
  20. Activenuke

    M1 vapors juggernaut wts or wtt

    So I have a M1 vapors juggernaut sn408... I was wondering about how much could I sell this for. Any ideas.. 300$ obo
  21. Wb80

    Aws 501 (scale) HELP

    Just purchased an aws 501 scale. It constantly fluctuates going + and - up to .2. Just constantly bouncing around. Never holding on a weight. I calibrated and made sure there is no airflow or vibration interference. Any suggestions or is it just time to return it for a new 1.?
  22. P

    New to TC and think I've been doing it wrong. help

    ive had my Reuleaux 2/3 for a little over a year. i was tired of scorching cotton and just decided to try TC a month ago on my SS316l coils i built. its been a very cold vape even at 520* but i attributed that to the tank (Griffin 25). last night i changed the batteries and accidentally hit "new...
  23. Jdenny14

    Kylin 2 RTA Coil Build Help

    Trying to find some good coils for this rta. The two that came with it worked great. Now the premade coils i bought are too big(3.5mm ID i think) because of the postless design. Definitely a beginner at this and am looking for a good "thin" gauged wire that i can run at a cooler temp. 100W is a...
  24. V

    RTA as RDA

    So I use an RTA right now and I love it, but can I use it as RDA, I dont mean dripping through the drip tip, but i mean wick the coil, screw it on and vape without filling the tank. And then when its done, unscrew it and drip on coil. I am asking this, because I love an RTA, but sometimes when...
  25. V

    Weird taste after cleaning and priming

    I just cleaned my coil, and primed it with the new juice I made(lets call it juice 1), the juice didnt steep yet, but i had to try it. As i tried it i was okay thats good. Then i put another juice in(call it juice 2) and after few tanks of the juice 2 it felt different... it was like i still...
  26. N

    Help new user please.

    I recently decided to switch from smoking cigs to vaping so I bought a smok morph 219 starter kit, two Samsung R25 batteries, two juices 30 ml pg/vg 50:50 18mg/ml strength (my wife said the website had it listed as a 70/30 pg/vg), and a blackcell charger. Well I am in love with everything about...
  27. M

    Bad Nic Base/Nic Salt Base? Headache, aftertaste, HILIQ - HELP!

    Hi, First of all I would like to say a few words about myself as this is my first post. I'm from Poland, long time smoker, vaping (with quality e-cigs) since approx. 2 months, and since then I switched to vaping instead of smoking 100%. At the beginning I was buying ready e-liquid's (first...
  28. Lawless_lou

    Getting into the mech world

    I'm thinking of jumping into the world of mechs, does anyone have any suggestions on reasonably priced tubes that would be good to start with. I'm a single dad so I don't want to spend a ton of cash just in case I don't end up liking mechs. I know I could grab a clone cheap but I see so many...
  29. A

    So i'm stuck with a decision

    So I ordered an Asmodus Minikin Reborn from a pretty popular vape website and instead of my brand new touch screen mod I had recieved The Asmodus Minikin boost non-touchscreen mod. So now I'm trying to decide if it would be worth going through the shipping troubles to return and get a reborn or...
  30. K

    My Smok Nord pod won't stay in

    I just got a Smok Nord today and it's been working great. My only issue is that the pod won't stay in. It keeps popping out every time I try to put it in. I made sure I put the coil in correctly.
  31. S

    Ask for competents

    Hello dear all! My girlfriend is a vaper. Her birthday comes soon. I would like to make her a gift. But I don't know much in these things. Please help me to select one of these: or...
  32. J

    Replacement Glass

    Hi, i've broken the glass on my tank, and i've been looking for som replacement glass that ships to Denmark but i've been having a difficult time finding any. I found some replacement glass on a website the other day, but im wondering if it will fit my tank or not. The tank i have is a Smok TFV...
  33. S

    VOOPOO drag mini

    So I just got bought a drag mini, brand new, I’ve barely used it. I noticed in the beginning when I would hit it, it would show I’m low on battery although I’ve been charging it via USB the whole day.. I left it in my bag collecting dust for a while then tried using it last night and tried...
  34. DarkSunRises666

    Unknown product/mech mod

    So i have this wierd mod and atomizer that only works on this mod. The atomizer is incredibly odd and ive never seen one like it and been vaping for about 6 years if anyone could tell me its name and how to build it i would appreciate it very much
  35. Captain_FlappinCP

    Rose Gold Mech Care *HELP*

    I recently purchased an HK 25 by CompLyfe in the Rose Gold plating from a friend for a hell of a steal. He had the tube sitting around for 7 months or so without using it, I thought it was beautiful and wanted it so we made it happen. Fast forward a couple weeks and I'm noticing an area just...
  36. ZaJokubas


  37. C

    Help getting more nicotine/buzz from mod

    I have a mod with 3 mg of nicotine. Other than obviously buying juice with more nicotine how can I get a bigger buzz? I'm using 75 watts and my coil can go up to 100
  38. D

    Parent *Awareness*

    Hey all. I’m new here, and “new” to vaping. I’m using a Snowolf Mfeng with a Prince V12 atomizer on top - and I’m loving it. Anyway; I turned 18 in December. I had been interested in vaping, and had been going off some of my friends mods for some time. I currently am a Senior, and live with...
  39. S

    DIY Spearmint

    Does anyone have any advice for a spearmint ejuice? I've tried pretty much every recipe online i could find and not a single one tastes remotely good or like the notes say it should. i've tried TFA/FAx2/CAP spearmints at every percentage between 1%-20% at 50/50 and 70/30 VG/PG, and the best so...
  40. D

    Asmodus Nefarius BF RDTA OR vandyvape pyro v2???HELP

    im looking to buy a suonkable RDTA to pair with my new Squonk-mod coming in the mail tomorrow. i've decided the only two i can afford worth anything would be either of the two in the title. looking for ANYONE with experience preferably with both of these, but just one in your inventory works...
  41. 88ArDeN88

    Dat Sugar Cookie Dough

    I am still trying to clone this. If anyone has had this juice and has any tips let me know. I can taste some black cherry in there for sure. Definitely plenty of super sweet. I think there is some CAP sugar cookie in there too, maybe a little biscuit. I am having trouble though. Cloning...
  42. AQZSWX


    I was using my Drag just fine and never hit even kind of close to 10 seconds, nor have I ever heard it autofire, nor is the firing button stuck. Practically Pristine Condition and when I switched my batteries (yes I put my batteries in right) it turned on but when I try to hit it, it keeps...
  43. D

    Question on velocity decks and coil placing.

    I mean the decks with the two posts with 2 terminals per post. Like rabbit ears when looking from the side. So, when putting one coil in and placing I can easily clip the leads off, but as many people know when putting in the second one I can clip one lead with my wire clippers but the second...
  44. kasey12343

    Batteries wont charge ** HELP*

    I have recently brought the ijoy zenith 3 vape and it came with 2 ijoy 20700 batteries but when I put them into the vape and try to charge it thru the vape cause I didn't have a battery charger handy and just wanted to try it but I left it for about 2 -3 hours and it didn't charge, so I thought...
  45. V

    Mod won’t charge

    Every time I click on the power button on my Smok Stick V8 it flashes 4 times. Also, whenever I charge it the light won’t go on so i don’t know if it’s charging or not. what does this mean?
  46. Krusty

    Smok majesty battery issue

    Hello I was given a smok majesty mod from a friends as it didnt work anymore, when i got it both 18650s read 0.3 v so i got new ones , they are currently at 4.05v but the mod shows they are dead , it fires normally etc , but when i plug a usb cable in they cust show 14 and 16% ... any ideas?
  47. D

    Suggestion on: first BF RDTA/RTA or, waste of money?

    Just ordered my first squonk. Gbox was on sale for 50% off so I just decided it was time to take the plunge. But what I'm asking now is are there are any good and easy-ish to wick rdta/rta that are also bottom feed? It just pops up with nothing but BF RDA only with rdta sporadically thrown in...
  48. inDepth

    Smok Infinix All Coils Tasting Burnt

    Hello everyone. I'm a fresh new vaper, and to start i just got something really handy, that i can just put in my pocket and get it out when i want, that i don't have to maintain or anything because i still have to learn. So, my decision was to buy a Smok Infinix, and it all went good, until...
  49. Penguin99

    CSMNT RDA leaking

    Hi I recently purchased a Csmnt RDA and have tried various builds and wicking techniques and every time it leaks on me and I don't know why. Any help is appreciated.
  50. D

    Help with juice running down the side of rda deck between wall and post deck?

    See image for illustration. What I'm talking about is the juice that's literally ALL OVER the wall of the post deck, even with a firm and snug fitting cap/wall/whatever you call in being in place. I never overfill it, or drip it onto the walls on accident, but every few hours or so a day sure...

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