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  1. Straydonkey

    RDA coil

  2. ECigMafia Official

    Get 15% off on All E-Juice, Electronics, Coils and Pods - Limited time only

    Get 15% off on all E-Juices, Electronics, Coils, and Pods Use Coupon Code: "SAVE15" Valid Till: 30th Sept 2020
  3. UncleNoNo

    Atlantis coils

    Ivapesupply has Atom gclap clapton coils for the Atlantis or any tank with compatable coils for $1.30 a box of four. Use coupon code IVS30 and get 30% off so they are under $1 a box. They have both .3 and.5ohm. The website seems kinda sketchy but I have spent hundreds there over the last 3 years...
  4. V - 5% Off For First-Time Buyers, $10 and Under Vape Juices, Disposables, Pods, and Coils

    We at are under new management! We're busting out into the scene with prices that are jaw-droppingly low! We are offering 5% off for all first-time buyers (THIS DEAL DOES NOT EXPIRE AND APPLIES TO EVERYTHING ON THE SITE!!!) and a ton of our vape juices, disposables, pods, and coils...
  5. ECigMafia Official

    4th July Sale is still On

    Get 25% off on all E-liquids, Coils and Pods. Use Coupon "4THJULY" Get 20% off aon Selected Vape Product and accessories. Use Coupon "FOURTH"
  6. ECigMafia Official

    ECigMafia Official: New Arrival VOOPOO PNP TANK. SMOK NEXMESH. Get 15% off storewide.

    Dear Vapers at Vapingunderground, Here is the amazing deal for you. Get Uwell Whirl 20 AIO kit at just 7.99$ only Uwell Whirl 20 AIO Starter Kit, is a portable device with simple one-button interface, built-in 2ml tank, and a built-in 700 mAh battery. It has a maximum output wattage of 25W and...
  7. phanner

    (WTS) dotMod - dotAIO Coils - 1.6 ohm

    I decided I don't care for the 1.6 ohm dotAIO coils any longer, so I have 3 full packs for sale. Each pack contains 5 coils. $10/pack (I Paid $15) + $5 shipping for each. $23 + $7 shipping for all 3. PayPal only (you pay G&S fees if needed). Thanks for looking!
  8. S

    need some advice and or help.

    I recently started vaping and got a SMOK mag as it was cheap. I bought some spre coils (tfv12 t10's) in addition to the Q4 and T10 I got with my tfv12 prince tank. now I was using the q4's and they were great. lovely flavour and really nice cool fresh pulls. as I vape pretty often the coil...
  9. hunterws

    WTS - SMOK TF-Ti coils ... 25 pieces $35 SHIPPED

    SMOK TF-Ti coils . .33 ohm $35 for 25 coils, includes shipping anywhere in USA. Outside US, depends on location. Guaranteed genuine, I just don't vape like this anymore.

    Vaporesso EUC Coils

    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<< Vaporesso EUC Replacement Coils (EUC means Eco Universal Coil) is high-performance atomizer designed for comfort and its fairly cheap. It is intuitive and change the way users generally replace spray coils. Instead of replacing complete coils, EUC...

    SMOK TFV12 Coils In Stock

    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<< The SMOK TFV12 Coils are exclusively designed for the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King. The device is extremely popular for its powerful performance that is better than any other sub-ohm tank in the market. The performance is generated by the massive...
  12. Jdenny14

    Kylin 2 RTA Coil Build Help

    Trying to find some good coils for this rta. The two that came with it worked great. Now the premade coils i bought are too big(3.5mm ID i think) because of the postless design. Definitely a beginner at this and am looking for a good "thin" gauged wire that i can run at a cooler temp. 100W is a...

    Vaporesso GTM core coils $14.99

    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<< Vaporesso has developed the GTM core coils that can be operated at 40-200 watts of power and is designed to provide the best of the performance with the help of Vaporesso Cascade Tank. The coils are available in a pack of 3 and are also equipped with...
  14. N

    Help with coils please.

    Hey people! I am still trying to figure out whats the best coils i should buy for my smok morph 219. I haven't bought any yet, i'm on the 2nd coil the starter kit came from so i want to make sure i get whats best for my mod. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks again.

    SMOK Nord Pod & Mesh Coil& Regular Coil & Ceramic Coil

    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<< Either you are in need of replacing your previous Nord Pod, or you prefer to have a spare pod in hand, this is the accessory that you must have for the SMOK NORD Ultra Portable Pod System. The 0.6ohm coil system provided with the device is perfect...
  16. NH Coils

    MTL Fused Clapton Coils by NH Coils

    Hi guys, Im building coils especially for MTL users As a flavor chaser myself I’ve been searching for a long time after the perfect MTL experience, after a long time and many wires I’ve started building the coils for myself by seeking for the best flavor and vapor. Im selling my own handmade...
  17. dez

    How long does a new "Aspire Nautilus bvc 5ml tank" last- before burning up all your coils?

    Lately, all of my 1.6 coils are only lasting one day (or even less), before burning up.. and I have had my Aspire Nautilus bvc 5ml tank- that was brand new- for several months+.. and this problem just started, and is happening with different coils from different vendors that are authentic coils...
  18. WotofoOfficial

    Which coil is your style?Check these Dope Coils here

    Thanks to all the fam who took these awesome pics! Pick up the one you love the best, and show your own coils. Let's see what you got!
  19. LsDCoKa

    Need some advice on exotic coils

    Hello, a bit about myself: 1 year ago i bought my first vape (eleaf istick pico 25). I started vaping becous my friend did it and it is much healthier then cigarettes. About 4 months ago i bought a vandy vape bf 80w squank with a Drop 24MM RDA. Today i'am still vaping with the vandyvape...
  20. S

    Coils for the Wake Sub-Ohm tank?

    Hi guys. I'm new here! Was hoping someone could help me out. I ordered the Ply Rock Zilla 60w kit. It comes with the Wake Sub ohm tank (by Wake Mod co). Comes pre-installed with a 0.5 coil. I looked for extra coils everywhere and could ONLY find 0.2 ones. Everywhere was out of stock. The mod is...
  21. S

    Help with Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit (coils)

    So I have two questions here: 1) I have a Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit ( ) and I am looking to buy the Coilology Performance Pre-built coils ( ). Will all of these...
  22. vaporleaf - Coupons, Sales and Deals.

    Hello VU, We will be posting our vaping deals, sales and coupons on this thread. Currently we have a coupon code for 10 percent off all Vape Starter Kits. Coupon Code: TASTE10 (Valid until 06-30-2019) And don't forget the Nicotine Salts. So yes, the coupon code works for the nicotine salts...
  23. F

    My RDA gets extremely hot,it almost melts ultem cap

    Im using a Vandy Vape Pulse X with an Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA with a single SAMSUNG 2500mAh 3.7V 25R battery,and at 20 watts after 3-4 puffs, the body gets very very hot,and at 40 watts,the heat almost melts my frosted ultem cap,I use 2 coils at 0.12 ohm. What could be the problem?
  24. marcusjudeg

    using 2 coils question

    I have a wismec Machina and a wismec luxotic nc, now they both came with 2 .28 caption coils I installed it on the Machina and it worked fine, I bought a bunch if different coils pre-made cause I'm not into building just yet. so I have installed .45 twisted coils in it and it hits like shit...
  25. Parrish

    Best Pre-Made Coils for Flavour (Dual and Single)

    Hey guys! I cannot and will not for the life of me make my own coils, I just choose to live the easy life and buy pre-made coils. :xD: That being said, I wanna hear other people's thoughts on what pre-made coils they think have the best flavors. I'd appreciate it if you guys would include a...
  26. CloudKings

    CloudKings™ Vape Shop | Discount for VU Members! | Great Prices | Fast Shipping Use code: #bestforumVU for 10% off your entire order! What is CloudKings™? CloudKings™ is a Midwest-based online vape shop dedicated to making vaping more affordable without sacrificing product quality. We pride ourselves on the excellent shopping experience we offer...
  27. IronSky

    UForce t2 compatible coils

    Are there any coils compatible with this tank other than the actual UForce line? I just got my VooPoo Drag mini, and I like the tank but coil options are limited.
  28. lavaporzwholesale

    Wholesale Vape Replacement Coils | LA Vaporz Wholesale

    Find the best selection of cheap vape coils wholesale in bulk here at COILS Available Wholesale Rate: QF Meshed QF Strips SMOK Baby V2 A1/ A2 COIL VAPE PEN 22 MESH COILS V8: Q4 Coil, X4, T10, T6, T8 V8-Baby: Q4, Baby Coils: M2 0.25, Q2 0.6/0.4 , T6 , M2 0.15, PRINCE COILS: T10...
  29. V

    Question about ohms for coils for regulated device

    I have a battlestar smoant 80w uses one 18650 battery This is a second post im doing from another one I made just so I can get some different opinions on this so I know what to get. What ohm range should I aim for for a 80w regulated device using a single 18650 battery if I go to the store...
  30. N

    Coils ... and how to use them best

    :huh: Hey y’all I’m new to the community but was searching info on coils as I’m confused as how to use them best and I’ve seen some threads which contradict what I’m told in store . So when I’ve bought coils they can last from 2 days to 2 weeks . I get that sugary liquids will burn coils...
  31. G

    Burnt Coils No Matter What (Aspire Pockex)

    I recently got the Aspire Pockex. I've primed them and let them soak in liquid too. I never let the tank get lower than half. I've also been taking gentle drags, not chain vaping. No matter what, a few hours later these coils give off a plastic / burnt taste. I've tried at least 4 different...
  32. S

    Ohm reading of my coils

    Today i built my first clapton coils since i thought that those coils can be interesting to use/try. I was using parallel kanthal coils for a while and i have never used those more "complicated" wires ever before. i was calculating how much wraps should i do so my ohms will be somewhere around...
  33. Real Extract in Seattle

    Using Natural Flavors? Don't over heat 'em

    I only vape natural flavors - tobacco actually. My sole motivation for vaping is smoking cessation. That being said I quit looking for new equipment and juice once I got what I was looking for. I have a box full of mods and atomizers that were trialed and abandoned over the years seeking the...
  34. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Easiest Way to Prime a Tank Coil?

    We here at Grand Rapids E-liquid have found the easiest way for us to prime our coils is to let them bathe the coil in juice. Step 1.) Have coil still in factory packing. Step 2.) Poke a hole in the foil of the coil packaging Step 3.) Let coil sit in juice filled packaging for 4-5...
  35. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Easiest way to prime coils!

    Just wrote a blog article on our website. It started out as a funny joke and turned into the easiest way to prime a coil. Check it out ( )
  36. A

    TFV8 cloud beast M2 coils for sale

    3 pack of coils for TFV8 cloud Beast for sale. I ordered these thinking they would fit the baby beast tank. They don't. I took one out of the package and it was obviously too big to work! I put it right back in the package. Other two are sealed. $10 shipped in conus. If the price sounds high...
  37. Countrypami

    Calling My Coil Gurus... Herakles III

    Hello Coil Gurus I'm considering picking up a Herakles III, I need to know if it will take the regular Herakles coils? Not the plus... I'm talking about the original Herakles coils that are the same size as the Atlantis coils...
  38. MagicJosh

    Aegis Legend by Geek Vape Kit RBA?

    Aegis Legend by Geek Vape kit has a mesh coil tank with regular coils and mesh coils. I was wondering if the baby beast coils are compatible? And If I can use the RBA coil with this tank. I do not want to buy coils i want to rebuil my coils. What SMok coils are compatible? Or if so which one...
  39. M

    Need Suggestions..

    Hi Everyone, I'm not new to vaping or anything but I am looking for suggestions on the best all in one box mod. I currently use the Aspire Plato and I like it but, I've had it for about a year now and its getting a little run down.I'm pretty clumsy so its taken quite a beating but still works...
  40. Syed_Ramiish

    Kangertech Subox mini 50w

    I am building a RBA it for a very first time. its 4/3 wrap on Pre loaded Coil. 0.6ohm on 22w I am using 80/20 Juice. I want to know that Which RTA is best for Kangertech Subox mini and wire for RBA to make a good clouds.
  41. Blackcr0wned

    Which Coil is best for me?

    Hello there, I recently purchased a Drop RDA and Alien Clapton Coils from GV. I'm not new to vaping - doing it for 3 years - but new to RDA's (used normal tanks like the TFV4, TFV8 Baby Beast, Cigpet ECO 12, etc. before). One thing I didn't knew was that a dual coil setup has half the amount of...
  42. P4R4D0X

    Can I use the Smok Baby Prince mesh coils in my X8 big baby beast tank?

    I've been using the Smok Stick X8 for a while now and really enjoy it but i seen that there were mesh coils out now but for the new Baby Prince tank. I was wondering if I can just buy the coils and use them in my X8 tank or if I need to buy the new tank.
  43. T

    Coilology 7in1 QC Thumbs Down

    Pretty disappointed in this kit. I have used a couple of the different coils successfully but the coils that I was most excited about were the Tri-Core Fused Claptons. These are specified as .21 ohms but in reality as measured in a CoilMaster 521 mini as well as my Smok Alien they measure .17...
  44. S

    Cloud Chasing Coils

    Is there any difference between kantal and ss316 coils ? (beside resistance etc) And if can i use ss316 coils on Mech
  45. Ishkabibble

    Maximizing flavor on the Kayfun 5 - tips from a dripper

    Greetings all! Figured I get a post on here for anyone else in my position and hoping to help those who are in a similar situation I was in. For those who never really got into dripping, or vaping at high watts, my experiences might not be relevant to you. I mainly vape lower build drippers...
  46. S

    ELEAF ohm meter

    SO yesterday i bought my first ohm meter from Eleaf and i dont know if it is normal but it is reading too high.. i supposed to had 0.28 ohm (one coil) in my dual coil build so it should be something around 0.15-0.18 but it is reading 1.17. i was thinking that it is cuz i had cotton and liquid...
  47. Y

    Explain Atomizer Differences

    Can someone please explain the naming system for atomizers? For example, what is the difference between an X4, a Q2, and a T10? I know the number of coils changes, but what do the letters mean? Thanks!
  48. L

    RDA Suggestions

    Hello, I have a few questions and I would like to hear people's experience. Regarding my vaping experience, I started with a SMOK Baby Beast, then moved to a Limitless Plus RDTA, and recently purchased a Pharaoh Dripper Tank. All on a SMOK Alien 220W. I have been having issues with the Pharaoh...
  49. simplynewt

    Eleaf Coils

    Vaporgirl, when do you think these will be back in stock? Thanks
  50. simplynewt

    Big Baby Eleaf Coils

    I was told that Eleaf coils are compatable with the Smok Big Baby tanks. I was skeptical at first but decided to drop the money on a pack because I was also told that they make the juice taste better and they are considerable cheaper then the Smok coils. Well sure enough, the Eleaf coils do make...

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