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  1. D

    Kangertech CUPTI short review

    So I bought a kanger tech CUPTI about a week ago and decided to give a quick review. It is a single 18650 all in one mod that goes up to 75 watts. It uses clocc coils that screw onto the chimney which sits in the juice. It has a 5 ml juice capacity. You can only use kangertech coils that can...
  2. R

    Help!!!!! Kangertech topbox mini nothing is working righ!!!!!

    Ok so I just got the kangertech topbox mini starter kit last week it came with the 4 coils (clapton,nickel,rba,and ss) BF accidentally fried the Clapton and rba, so I used the ss one yes with the red ring and well the housing wasn't even aligned right it was faulty and caused major leakage and...
  3. Marilou14

    Dry Hit after Dry Hit on my Kangertech TopTank mini...

    Hey guys! I don't know if someone can help me out there, I'm writing from France and seems like the guys in the shop don't really know how to help me out here, they are the ones who put the wick on today ( using fiber freaks coton blend already pre cut), it works as long as their juice was in...
  4. L

    Kangertech Dripbox issues

    Recently bought a Kangertech Dripbox and whenever I press the fire button the button flashes green and white. I don't know what it could be. I changed the coils, charged the battery, tried using it while plugged in and nothing is working! It usually flashes about 3 times. It was working...
  5. iki

    Kangertech Genitank MEGA

    I've got the genitank mega and its terrible with my ego one battery. It has 1.2 coils, and it just sucks, my question is, if i buy the evic vtc mini, will it perform better? Or another mod?
  6. Michey

    Kangertech topbox leaking after sitting a couple hours

    So I bought my topbox starter this weekend and it was ok. Until the following morning when i noticed that it was leaking. A vaper friend told me to clean it and make sure everythings tight. I did so and it worked a bit. I was out for a couple of hours and the leak was there again. I only put...
  7. gangs73r

    Info about my mod battery lifetime

    Good evening everybody, I've camed back with some questions. A minute of your time and patience thank you. I've recently bought a starter kit from Kangertech and that is the TOPBOX Mini 75w TC mode, I have 2 Sony vtc5 18650 batteries 2600 mAh, 3,6 V- 3,7 V, 30 A, bought a tester and a well...
  8. Vital

    Kangertech Protank 4

    Kangertech Protank 4 review
  9. Vital

    Kangertech TOP EVOD Review

    Kangertech TOP EVOD Review of a very user-friendly starter kit
  10. B

    Help with Kangertech Subox Nano

    All, I have a 4 month old Subox Nano that was vaping great at first with a 1.5 coil run at 30W. One day the vape got weaker and was not producing as much. I learned to live with it and excepted it for what it was. Then one day while my Subox was in my pocket, I smelled vape and when I...
  11. CoilART vapor

    Review of CoilArt Coils -by Dan Pierce

    Posted by Dan Pierce at 06:26 links : The guys over at Coil Art contacted me, asking if i would take a lkook at a selection of their Coils that they produce, and kindly sent over the range for me to try out and review. About...
  12. tmart09

    Kangertech SSOCC

    I have a Kanger Subox mini. The mod itself is great. However, the coils from Kangertech have sucked. For me at least. Almost immediately I get bad flavored hits. I always prime new coils. I make sure it's screwed in tight. However, every third hit is a burnt hit. Even when its a fresh...
  13. V

    Kangertech Subtank SS316L coils

    Does anyone know where I can find the (pink) kangertech ssocc SS316L coils that are made with SS wiring? I am trying to use the SS316 Temperature Control setting on my Evic VTC and cannot find these coils anywhere. I do not like the Nickel ones and all the other ones are either nichrome or clapton.
  14. ArtistYf

    Burnt taste even on DIFFERENT MOD. Help please.

    hello, I've been vaping since December 2015. My first mod was eGo one, I liked it but I wanted something with RBA so I bought a Kangertech mod. Everything was awesome for at least 8 weeks. Then I started to get burnt hits, I changed the coil, changed the juice, tried to add a VG, still tasted...
  15. tritonenneptunus

    Greetings from Texas

    Hello everyone! My name is Leah but I go by Charlie so please refer to me as Charlie if we talk C: I am from Texas and I am not a "newbie" per say to the whole vaping thing, I just got REALLY into it recently. I've had many different vapes but right now I am working with a Kanger Tech Subvod...
  16. smokstore

    kangertech ceramic coils avaliable

    hi,vapers,kangertech ceramic coils will in stock soon, resistance of kanger ceramic coil is 0.5ohm, recommend work at 35w to 60w, kanthal a1 wire coated ceramic,compatible with subtank series tanks,subvod,nebox etc. now this new coil pre-order only $10.9 with free shipping on smokstore...
  17. smokstore

    kangertech ceramic coils avaliable

    hi,vapers,kangertech ceramic coils will in stock soon, resistance of kanger ceramic coil is 0.5ohm, recommend work at 35w to 60w, kanthal a1 wire coated ceramic,compatible with subtank series tanks,subvod,nebox etc. now this new coil pre-order only $10.9 with free shipping on smokstore...
  18. smokstore

    Kanger CLtank Sub Ohm Tank

    kanger cltank is newest kangertech sub ohm tank, the new tank made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, 2ml and 4ml version avaliable, diameter is 22mm,first tank with child lock design. now this new tank pre-order on smokstore,only $25.9 with free shipping...
  19. skizzums

    Favorites for the tiny Kangertech RBA (PLUS)

    hey gals/guys, I recently posted a semi-lengthy three about a new Kangertech TCP build that I was toying with the last couple weeks, I don't wanna clog up the post with a quite since it was so pic heavy, but here's a link and a pic...
  20. DevAuto

    Kangertech KBOX 200 Review

    My newest review is out! Here is the link, please enjoy and let me know if you find it helpful. As always, constructive criticism is welcome! --Dev
  21. geomarmorales

    Full Kangertech Subtank Mini Coil Review

    Hello Peeps, I have been vaping for over a year now and wanted to provide my feedback on "What Coil to buy for my Kangertech Subtank". I vape about 30 ML a day - hopefully this gives you an idea of how much vaping I do and how much stress each coil was put under. In this review i will be...
  22. S

    Kangertech mini gurgling, spitting, and leaking

    Back around christmas i bought a Kangertech mini and a Kangertech nano. The nano works perfectly however the mini from day one hasn't stopped gurgling, spitting and leaking. I've tried the .5, 1.5 and RBA and the gurgling and spitting issue persists. It also leaks consistently, especially when i...
  23. vennetti

    Kangertech OCC 1.2 horizontal coils

    I'm searching for a very specific coil. The kangertech OCC 1.2 ohm horizontal coil. I prefer the ones with the white grommets. Id like to buy some genuine ones. If anyone knows where to buy authentic coils, please let me know. I usually buy from sweet-vapes, and I am never disappointed...
  24. N

    New to Vaping Kangertech Subvod

    Im completely new to vaping an I got a kangertech Subvod kit. my 1st ejuice was great, and when i was done i watched on youtube that you have to clean everything. NOW i wasnt sure about cleaning the coil, but it said to wash the coil under hot water. After cleaning i assembled the tank and...
  25. V

    Kangertech Subvod not producing vapor when firing

    My Kangertech Subvod Starter Kit is not producing vapor when I hit it. I have checked connections and they're all good. It's not leaking that I know of. When I hit it I get nothing but air coming through. I want to know what the problem may be. Help?
  26. tr1age

    Review of KBOX 70 by Kangertech

    Here is a rundown of the KBOX 70 by Kangertech. Thank you to for the mod! ------------------ About us: This is the beginning of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2016. You can follow all videos and articles at: Twitter...
  27. Bayleemh

    I think I broke my subox nano

    So, I recently got a Kangertech subox nano, after doing some research on it. I've had it for a few weeks and it's worked fine, I've dropped it a couple times and there were no problems. But today I I dropped it on a tile floor and afterwards it wasn't producing vapor whatsoever, I'd get the...
  28. T

    Kangertech Subtank Mini Burning Coils

    Hey! I just recently picked vaping back up after deciding I didn't like drippers and taking a hiatus. I have a Kanger Subox Mini with the aforementioned tank and I keep burning my .5ohm coils within a few days. They're official OCC vertical coils rated for 60W. I step up the wattage slowly...
  29. V

    Kbox mini platinum issue

    I literally just bought the newly released kbox mini platinum. I got my subtank separately a while ago which I love but I always kind of regretted not buying one of the subox white or black starter kit versions. Anyway my Istick has served me well, but seeing as it was after Christmas I thought...
  30. 2infinity

    ENDED - Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Giveaway (1/10/2016)

    I found this giveaway on Facebook. Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Giveaway In order to thank the support of all customers to Kangertech,and greet the arrival of New Year 2016. Kangertech will hold a TOPBOX Mini Giveaway .Everyone is welcome to...
  31. andrashie_abbigail

    Kangertech NEbox leak

    Hi, I recently invested in a Nebox and no matter what ive done it viciously leaks. I have switched back and forth between rbas and ssoc coils. The leaking seams to subside while using an rba coil and making sure it is not screwed in to tight to not defeat the o ring purpose, however I absolutely...
  32. smokstore

    Kanger Kbox Mini Platinum Box Mod In Stock $46.8 With Free Shipping

    today we got the newst kangertech box mod kanger kbox mini platinum. kbox mini made of sus 304 casing stainless steel and zinc alloy, max output 60watts,support resistance as low as 0.1ohm, with improved temp control function,powered by 1pc 18650 battery. recommend work with kanger subtank...
  33. smokstore

    Kanger SSOCC Coils $2.7/PC With Free Shipping

    kanger ssocc coil is newest kangertech stainless steel occ coil. the coil have 0.15ohm(NI200),0.5ohm,1.2ohm and 1.5ohm available. 5pcs per pack,fit for: kanger subtank kanger subtank plus kanger subtank mini kanger subtank nano kanger subvod kanger nebox now this kanger new coil only...
  34. V

    Evod 2 mod or coil

    True newb here. A while back I bought a manger evod 2 starter kit but never got to using it. Now I'm trying to start with it but there's a couple things in stuck on. First I got some 9mg (i think) fluid but not sure pg/vg. But when I use it I have to hit it twice or take one really big breathe...
  35. Matty102

    Temp Control

    I hope this goes here. Has everyone had heat problems with Temp control mods? Mine works, but my tank gets so hot!! I have tried many mods and tanks all do the same. Just curious.
  36. ohhiwren

    Uwell Crown tank and Kbox mini

    I've had so much trouble with priming crown coils. Ive been patient, let them sit over night. Slowly up the watts. And they either end up burning out or havin barely any flavor. Is it possible my mod and this tank just don't work well together?
  37. MrBabushka

    Is your Kangertech Subtank Mini leaking?

    I snatched up the black Subox Mini kit when it came out and I have to say it is a great device, however, it leaks like crazy out of the air flow holes. After much frustration I have come to realize that the way to prevent this is to take your coil out of the base about every 3rd e juice refill...
  38. smokstore

    Kanger Nebox Tank Mod 2IN1 Vape Kit

    Kanger nebox is newest kangertech company tank and mod 2in1 vape kit, this new vape kit can hold 10ml e juice,max output 60watts,support resistance as low as 0.15ohm,powered by one piece 18650 battery. to me,i just got the kanger nebox,and i would say i like this kit,because of tank and mod...
  39. Countrypami


  40. Porter Enterprise

    20% off all online orders. huge selection of juices

    We are giving 20% off all online orders for the holidays. Starting today until November 30th. Type in promo code TAKE20 Huge selection of E-Liquid Sigelei Kangertech Victory Vapor And More!
  41. blankshe


    Heyy Fellow Vapors, Pardon me I'm still somewhat a newb to vaping... 1. Does anyone know if I can run a Royal Hunter mini RDA on a KBOX mini? 2. What would be the hottest build or good build for good vapor production with this setup? Ohms/watts etc/gauge/wraps/diameter 3. Would a royal...
  42. blankshe

    KBOX mini + Royal Hunter Mini RDA

    Heyy Fellow Vapors, Pardon me I'm still somewhat a newb to vaping... 1. Does anyone know if I can run a Royal Hunter mini RDA on a KBOX mini? 2. What would be the hottest build or good build for good vapor production with this setup? Ohms/watts etc/gauge/wraps/diameter 3. Would a royal...
  43. DirectVapor

    Kanger Nebox All Colors In Stock! Ship it FREE

    Hi VU We have a couple of new items in stock we'd like to share with you. Just arrived is the all new Tesla Nano 100W TC MOD - One of the smallest 100W TC Mods out right now includes a built-in military grade 4500 mAh battery, pass through charging and more. $84.99 + Free US Shipping...
  44. Vaporade

    Headaches From Vaping !!! WHY?!

    Hello everyone! I have just bought my second vape yesterday and I am having some issues. My first vape was a pen from iTaste (just wanted to get the hang of things) Last night I bought the Kangertech Subox Mini. I have been using it all night, and this morning, and it is giving me some major...
  45. SageNaumann

    KangerTech SUBOX Mini

    Originally posted on my site here. Vaping, the final frontier. It’s a new industry, a new trend, and a new Wild West. Vaping has become a hotspot for new products, new innovations, and new flavors. Previous to picking up the Kangertech SUBOX Mini, I hadn’t owned a “vaping” device since the...

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