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Slug clearomizer.

Hi all, new to vaping and 'vaping underground'. So a real noob!
Background: interested in vaping and bought a Kamery k1000 epipe as an easy first vape experience. It tooks weeks for me to receive the pipe and I got a bit excited by the steel punk slug (18650 full mech mod) and bought one online.

I know.... as a noob I shouldn't be jumping to full mech. However, bought it before I realized that because I loved the look of it.

So now I have done some research into ohms law, battery safety, battery's, potential shorts, venting, etc.Etc.etc I am nervous about using the slug.

I want to get a clearomizer for ease of use (don't want to start building atomizer, drippers yet).

So my question is what tank would be best for a fully mech, single 18650 battery with max 25-30w. Was thinking 1.2 -1.5 ohm (replaceable) tank so it doesn't draw too much current and cause the battery to heat/vent. But I'm confused and could do with direction.

Thanks confused noob
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First, welcome to the VU, there's a wealth of knowledge here and some really cool people.
What type of smoker were/are you, do you go to DL (direct lungs) or MTL (mouth to lung)? It makes a big difference, since you did your homework and are looking into a 1.2- 2.5 ohms in going to take a guess that you're a MTL?
Hi thekiddvapes, THANK YOU for the help. Probably use the slug MTL. The main reason I didn't want to go sub ohm was over concern of drawing to much current and exploding my battery.


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Ohm meter... I do not care if they damned atty is over 1.0 you test it and get a reading.
Ohm meter... I do not care if they damned atty is over 1.0 you test it and get a reading.
Can do bignasty, just need to know which clearomizer and replaceable atty to go for on an 18650. I own a volt meter which has ohm function. Thanks

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