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  1. W

    Should I replace the battery?

    Brought some RM2.5 18650 batteries about 2 weeks ago now, recently noticed a small mark on one of the batteries. Would it be worth replacing these batteries due to that mark?
  2. WotofoOfficial

    13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping

    If you're a vaper who enjoys toking using a powerful regulated vape mod fitted with 18650 or 20700 batteries then this battery safety guide is for you. The truth is vape batteries are much more powerful than your standard AA batteries and if they are not handled carefully and/or maintained...
  3. JuiceChris

    Vape School: 9 Vape Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know

    Perhaps you'll find a pack of batteries in your stocking this holiday, or you receive get a gift card for a shop and you want to stock up on batteries for the coming year. As you well know, vape batteries are a common item in the toolkit of people who use vape mods. From its appearance, a vape...
  4. JuiceChris

    Vape School: 9 Vape Battery Safety Tips!

    This week we are going to cover an important topic for vapers who use vape mods. From its appearance, a vape battery appears harmless; however, a vape battery that is not properly maintained is at risk of potential danger. To avoid any potential risks and complications, it is very important to...
  5. E

    Should I stop vaping when my mod gets hot.

    My mod gets hot after about 30 minutes of frequent use, (not really hot just warm) and I'm wondering if that means I should stop using it. It's a regulated mod btw.
  6. inthedark

    What are safe nicotine strengths in vape juice?

    I went to a local shop to buy vape juice and since I add menthol flavoring (no such thing as too menthol) asked for strength 24 - which i have been buying. The very personable young man raised his eyebrows. "Depending on the device. we limit strength to 6, usually." Then he went to fill my...
  7. D

    Mech Safety and Sleeping

    Hi all, part time lurker on the forum. Basically making the post so I can gather my thoughts and see if I can strike a convo this early in the morning (early for where I am at least) and to have a story about why no matter how comfy you are with mechs, you should still practice Safety. Didn’t...
  8. T

    Dual Prebuilt Coil 0.14ohm on a single battery regulated mod okay?

    Hello! Newbie Vaper here. I thought this build was okay but when I went to a vape shop and the guy saw I had a dual coil set up on my rda on a single battery -- he said it's unsafe or something without knowing what the actual build was. So I came here to ask if my build is okay. I'm working...
  9. a dude

    Is this safe to vape on?

    So on my mod (Minikin v2) the battery spring was loose and the mod wouldn't start beacuse of that. I solved the problem by putting some white adhesive gum (a thing like Blu Tack) on the top side of the battery slot that were loose (see picture). The adhesive it self do not touch anything vital...
  10. I

    my tank is bent is it still safe?

    so I was vaping and then realized that my tank is bent but not too much (check picture for detail) my question is, is it still safe?
  11. Shinyobjects

    Time for Pulse Discharge!

    Disclaimer: Please no one try what I'm about to describe. While it may be listed as safe on a website, I know enough to know that this is pushing the limits much further than they need be pushed. I just don't want to get anyone killed... Hey guys, Quick question for anyone who may happen to...
  12. M

    I am so lost!

    Hello, I am trying really hard to find the best vape and e-liquid for me. I am mostly concerned about safety & health since I am trying to do this to quit smoking cigarettes. I don't want to do just a different bad thing. I read some articles like this one . It seems like it is important what...
  13. K

    E juice (3mg) residue - a threat to non vapers?

    Hi All!!! I would like to start off by saying I am diagnosed with health anxiety and I really need some reassurance on this topic. I've always wondered about this until now, I am worrying about it. Basically I have my SMOK MAG BABY shipping in (I got rid of my vape) but until then, my backpack...
  14. M

    Battery Recommendation

    I have a smok x priv with the prince rba. The coils I put on are running at .12 ohm. Are Samsung 25r batteries safe at that ohm?
  15. iMaverick

    Types of Wires and Safety

    Hi Everyone, sorry in advance if there is a thread with the same content. I am new to coil building and in general all to do with vaping, not accessible to purchase OCC so decided the coil building route. I did a bit of research and got mix results with being reliable and safe to metal...
  16. P

    Severe Battery Imbalance with Kaos Spectrum Mod

    I have a mod that has a battery that currently has 0.65 volts and the other has 4.04 volts. I know this has a battery imbalance, but my mod turns on even though the battery percentage says "00%". My friend is giving me his external charger soon. Should I charge the 0.65 volt battery up to...
  17. T

    Am i safe using 2x Samsung 25Rs in my Voopoo Drag mod?

    I recently decided to give quitting smoking another attempt, so i went and picked up a new setup to replace my old broken kangertech mini. I've been messing around with various vaping calculators to see what ranges i'm safe to vape at, and believe that based on my inputs i'm safe using the...
  18. P

    New to rda please help

    Ok so I really need some help, I currently have the smok alien 220w with two lg hg2 batteries. I ordered the dead rabbit rda with some pre built coils and some wire , what would be the ohm range I can go from or am I safe no matter what
  19. J

    Another dumb battery question.

    I'm pretty nervous because I'm totally new to vaping and when I went into my local vape shop they set me up with a sub ohm device which I hear is really dangerous for a beginner. So I just want to make sure I'm doing it safely. What I have is a Modefined Prism mod, not sure what coil but it says...
  20. Henli503

    Is this safe?

    Hey guys i plan om using My topbox mini with a burner and tank from My Friends subbox mini. The burner says: 15-30w occ 0.5 ohm and has a red circle on it. I am filling My tank with pink-furys "Go green" 6mg/ml nicotine e-liquid and i Will probably try 10-20 Watts. I've f#cked Up before and i...
  21. L

    How long have you owned the Smok Alien 220W for?

    I have recently bought myself a Smok Alien 220W (I've got the A version - Smoktech website says it's a batch from April/2017) and all looks fine so far. However after reading so many complaints from people having all sort of issues with this mod (fried board, fire from airflow, "don't abuse...
  22. G

    Dropped a battery

    I have a pair of vtc4's and I accidentally dropped one of them on the floor. About a 4ft drop. There's no physical damage but should I still be using them?
  23. G

    My variable is heating up

    Hi! I'm new to vaping and I have this tesla steampunk 120w mod. I built a dual clapton with 6wraps 2.5mm and it reads at .27 ohms. I started chain vaping and the mod just heats up. I'm using an Icon RDA btw. Then when I switch to my other atty which is a vapebreed atty that reads at .3...
  24. R


    So here i am again with an other question, how can a use a mech mod safe, you can tell me everything about safety even the smallest things I just want to be safe so What do i NEED to do I use pre made 0,25 Ohm alien V2 coils in parallel the Ohm is 0,18 Ohm I use a Sony VTC5A battery(1) My...
  25. R

    Sony vtc5

    so i want be really safe with my mech mod so i wont get hurt so is iT safe to use a 0,18 Ohm coil on a Sony vtc5 battery because i hear Some Guy's say yes and other say No So i like to hear iT from the experts
  26. seanmccormick

    Vaping Survey - please help health scientists understand successful vaping habits.

    Dear Vapers, I would like to enlist the experience and expertise in your community and forum! If you have a few minutes, please complete this anonymous survey we created to learn about vaping e-cig habits. Feel free to share! : ADDED BY ADMIN: This survey is from the Southeastern Pennsylvania...
  27. M

    Chemical question: Which compound is formed by nicotine and plastic?

    Hi there, comunist Germany has come so far to prohibit nicotine bases with more than 20mg/ml content. Anyhow sensible to protect stupid people from killing themselves. I have handled a base with 48mg/ml and the following happened, now I wonder what happened precisely: I filled my nicotine base...
  28. VapeMate

    Some wire safety questions

    Hello community, i've been looking around for builds in youtube when i saw an interesting title, wire safety! i knew some things about nichrome but i didn't know a thing about different grades of nichrome after watching that video, i started to research and study more but i wasn't so happy after...
  29. PwnStar51

    4 Battery mods and different mAh/currents

    Hey all, I recently got a Snowwolf 365 and got 4 batteries at that time. 3 of them a E-SYB 18650 3.7V 3500mAh with a 30A discharge current, and one is an E-SYB 18650 3.7V 2800mAh with a 49A discharge current. My question is; is it safe to use all 4 together or would that damage my mod myself in...
  30. VapeMate

    Battery safety questions

    Hello vapers, here i am, again with some new questions, safety ones 1.Is it really possible to overcharge a Li-Ion battery with a Li-Ion battery charger? AFAIK a battery charger has many protections, one is overcharge protection, it checks for some standard values in battery to know if it's...
  31. Synphul

    A Quick Shout to IMR Batteries

    I'm sure this is nothing new to long time customers or people who have dealt with IMR in the past. However my first experience with IMR has been a positive one. Originally I ordered 3 batteries from them along with some other things, 2 for myself and 1 spare for my mom since her mod's a single...
  32. V

    Mutation X V5 Protruding 510 Pin

    Going to buy a mutation x v5 for a hybrid mechanical mod, but I want to know if it has a safe enough 510 pin to place on a mechanical mod. Was going to buy one for cloud chasing but also want to be safe about it. What other RDA's would you suggest for maximum cloudage? Thoughts?
  33. E

    Sub Ohm vaping

    Im not personally crazy about sub ohm vaping myself, most of my builds come to about .15 to .19 but I do want more of a hit. I'm currently running a Copper Broadside with a Kennedy and also a Legendary Sub Zero competition mod and RDA. However I would like to experiment with it to try and get a...
  34. SmokinJoe23

    Battery Safety Guide

    The biggest problem facing the vaping industry is the bad publicity of a vape blowing up due to the lack of battery safety knowledge by the user. Then the video goes viral and becomes a free propaganda video for big tobacco. This is a very in depth and thorough guide...
  35. L

    High Ohm and battery question

    Hi there! I have an old Joyetech Ego One that I plan to give to a friend. Now, the question is. Does anyone know the Ohm range on that battery? It's the 2200Mah version and the tank that came with it (That's long gone) had two coils. One 1.0 Ohm and a 0.5 Ohm. I got a new tank that I tried on...
  36. Ms. Trixy

    Clean your NEW tanks! Why?

    Every new product, albeit a new coffee cup or a new tank, needs to be cleaned prior to using it. Why?
  37. N

    Me Again - batteries

    Hey peeps - the drama continues, batteries now. I noticed that i tore the wrapping a little when taking it out of my mod. It seems that just the top wrapping tore and the plastic underneath is still in tact. Is it still safe to use? Ive seen and heard the horror stories and as much as id like...
  38. cloudking666

    Batteries BLOWING UP in Beast Box 75Watt???

    Seen this Review, I was considering this box but I am reconsidering, I'm sure I'm not the only one who accidently put in the batteries the wrong way, but didn't mind because on reverse polarity protection. I know "just pay attention" but still. does any one have any experience with this box?
  39. D

    Wattage Safety for my set up?

    Hello All, I have a Kbox 200 with a mutationx v2 with a dual coil setup. I wrapped 32g hanthal clapton wire 5.6 times on a 2.5 mm coiler. My ohms are reading at .23 on my kbox display. My batteries are samsung-25R. What is the maximum wattage I should use in order safe? I am a bit of a RDA/RBA...
  40. Khaz312

    Safe 20g Kanthal build on Hannya

    Not new to building, but thought this would be the best place to post about this. So, a while back I went to my go to shop to pick up some new wire, was out of it because I was tired after work, accidentally asked for 20g wire instead of 22, didn't even think about it till I was on my way home...
  41. nitonvapes

    Raptor 120W Battery Safety

    Hello there! I'm new here so I do not know if this is the right place for this question. But still, I have heard that if you use the Raptor 120w chip for a box mod you will fry it if you put the batteries in the wrong way. Is this right? If so, how do I do so that the mod does not work...
  42. YourClosetLlama

    Recently bought my first Mech/Tube Mod...

    Hello VU! This is my first post here but I had a quick question about Mech Mods in general but more specifically the particular one I recently ordered. After a few buddies of mine recommended I get a tube mod I decided to take them up on it and look into buying a clone. I ended up going with the...
  43. LivingSacrifice5

    WTF?! Which is it?

    Alright, I have read in numerous forums and such, that on a regulated mod, you look at the specs to see the lowest resistance and highest resistance, then as long as you are in the correct range, your good. The mod is "regulated" and has all the safety features, so your batteries don't matter...
  44. rtapawan

    What do you think it of Nitecore products

    I heard read a lot bout this product, charger don't pass the test is a fake nitecore charger. But why the SGS don't post the news to clarify? And now there is a Nitecore I2 recall but still don't have any clear clarification. Instead, nitecore launch a new product called NEW I2, why not new...
  45. Enahs

    Slug clearomizer.

    Hi all, new to vaping and 'vaping underground'. So a real noob! Background: interested in vaping and bought a Kamery k1000 epipe as an easy first vape experience. It tooks weeks for me to receive the pipe and I got a bit excited by the steel punk slug (18650 full mech mod) and bought one online...
  46. R

    Is this safe?

    So I'm looking to use a Turnigy 2.2 (2200mAh, 20C, 44 M.C.D., 11.1V) 3s Lipo to power a DNA 200 chip with a .2 ohm coiled tank. 11.1V /.2 Ohms = an actual discharge of 55 Amps, which exceeds my maximum discharge rating of 44 amps. Does the DNA 200 automatically protect itself? I know that I...
  47. damndirtyvapes

    PSA: If you vape by a computer all day, be sure to clean the internals every so often.

    A few months ago, my laptop shut off and wouldn't turn on. I brought it into Apple who told me there was liquid damage despite my absolutely meticulous care and no-drink rule, quoted $1200. My meticulous care of my computer doesn't extend to vaping near it, but I'm getting there. Fortunately I...
  48. J

    New Vaper. Question Cleaning Tank, Atomizer base, and Drip tip.

    I was just wondering if my method for cleaning my tank was safe I have seen other threads about the topic but there didn't seem to be any consensus. I basically take my Nautilus tank completely apart and soak it for 10 minutes in 70% isopropyl alcohol. I then rinse each individual part with...
  49. E

    Relatively New to Vaping, Looking for good Mech Mods

    I'm pretty new to vaping. Ive been vaping for the past year but only actually got serious about it within the last month when I decided to go from a 45w device to my 200w Segilei Fuchai, and began using RDA's instead of tanks for the most part. My roommate works at a Vape shop and has been...
  50. RekleSage

    Mech mod airport safety

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if taking a mech mod on vacation with me would be a good idea. I'm not sure if the airport would allow me to keep the mod in my suitcase along with my laptop because of the 18650 battery. I really don't want to get any unnecessary attention at the airport...

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