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*SOLD* WTS - Dicodes SBS + Dicodes Charger

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Buying a second one of these was a bit of an impulsive buy because I love this mod. I'm now realizing that a second one is just going to sit in the box for years. This mod is built like a brick shit house and will last so I don't need a second one.

I'm putting up the new one, it's had a tank on it for about an hour one day while I set up the board it's a 9.8/10 only because it was fired. The charger is unused, brand new and is the latest version that includes all of the tray adapters including the SBS one.

SBS + Charger I paid- $414 USD

Asking $280 - I'm taking a loss because it will just sit in the box and so a fellow VU member can enjoy this. PP F&F or you pay the fees. I'll be upgrading shipping to ensure quicker delivery.

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Replied to your PM.

And since you asked about a rating on here which is 100% @Bluenatic , @bx10r , @dubya314 have all received stuff with no issues. There are others you can see in the feedback section on my profile
No it was just that I noticed the ratings dont show up for anybody in tapatalk, android at least. Never noticed it before. But now that @inganeer hath spoken, my confidence swells!

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