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Vandyvape REVOLVER RTA,how would you like it?


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  • Unique Roller type airflow design with different air hole types to choose
  • Detachable structure, easy to clean
  • Convenient top filling system, convenient to use
  • 25mm diameter, compatible with most box mods
More info detail:
How would you like it? let me know what you are thinking....
Hope you have a good day!:):):)
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The revolving different airflow designs are a nice idea. I do like how the airflow configuration sprays the air outwards away from the center to help the air flow around the coil better. Should be a smooth vape.


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I will buy this regardless because it is a new device that brings something new to the table. Putting this on my pickup list. The airflow idea is super cool.

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I love Vandy Vape Products and this looks like another I may try.

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