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One of the most exciting new technological products to hit the marketplace in a while is *****. Many people are unaware of what Vapes really are. Basically, a vaporizer looks like a pack of cigarettes but does not include the ash or nicotine. Instead, it consists of a coil, an electrical power source for the vapor, and an outer container like a tank or cartridge.

Since ***** are an alternative to smoking, they have been viewed as an alternative to regular cigarettes. The main concern for many health experts is the fact that vapor from ******contain highly addictive nicotine, which is much more highly addictive than regular cigarettes.


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The Myth of Nicotine Addiction

Is Nicotine Really All That Addictive


First let me say it is better to let people have facts and adequate information to decided what is or isn't. Presenting the pros and cons on equal grounds lets one try to remain objective and objectivity helps clarify a lot of things.

Second the general consensus among most vapers here is that nicotine is addictive as caffeine. My wife notes that I often go up to two weeks between cups of coffee at times. Other times I might drink three cups a day for weeks on end.

My friend @Lady Sarah makes an excellent point about leading horses to water but not making them drink. I think that is my stance as well as relates to addictions. Addiction/s like much in life ultimately come to being a choice we each make.

Third and speaking of choices, I think you likely ought to go see the rules of the forum. You might want to give the vendor rules some consideration. If you got questions on that I'm sure @5150sick, @KingPin! can help you out.

Fourthly, you don't mention RDAs. You're information is very outdated or incorrect, or both. It would seem your intention may lie in disinformation or misinformation & hawking your wares. I just have to keep walking right on by you without breaking my blank stare off into space. Figure lots will be the same.
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