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I've recently self-published a book on Amazon and Audible titled 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'.

You can check out a sample here.


There's a lot of really good free information available on the internet about vaping ( especially on Vaping Underground ). So what's the point of this book? From experience gained through my vaping blog ( We Vape Mods ), the biggest challenge smokers face in regards to vaping is the steep learning curve. Information is scattered all over the place and it's hard to know what to look for ( especially in the beginning ). That's why I created this all-in-one, comprehensive book.

It took 6 months to complete and as a result, goes over in detail everything there is to know about quitting smoking with vaping and much more!

This includes:

#1 Why Is Quitting So Hard? (Physical Addiction, Mental Addiction, Health Problems Caused By Smoking, Why Smoking Cessation Products Don’t Work, and Why Quit With Vaping)

#2 What Is A Vape? (What Vape Is Best For Smokers, Where You Can Buy One, How To Use A Vape, How Much Vaping Costs, and Common Side Effects)

#3 What Is Vape Juice? (Is It Safe To Inhale, What Is Nicotine, Different Types Of Nicotine, and How To Choose The Right Strength)

#4 Quit Smoking Plan (Why You Want To Quit, How To Prepare, Where To Get Support, and Quit Smoking Stories)

#5 What To Expect (The First Week, One Month In, How To Manage Withdrawals, How To Deal With Triggers, and What To Do If You Relapse)

I'm currently giving away free copies in exchange for short and honest reviews on Audible or my vaping blog. I know most of you have already quit smoking, but you may know someone who still needs help.

The more reviews I can get for this book, the more visibility it will get. Ergo reaching more smokers and hopefully saving a few extra lives.

If you're interested, feel free to reach out and I'll shoot over a code :)

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