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Whats your cost on DIY 30ml?


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I mix at 6 mg, 35/65 or as close as possible to that, and a 30ml costs me an average of $1.10.

I generally don't buy bases in large quantities, but have recently bought a gallon of VG from Heartland, just because vapocalypse.

I've also bought close to a liter of pre-mixed Kilo juice plus about 10 other flavors I've found at various places, so I'll probably use that up first, beford I mix much more. Point being, I really won't know the age of the pre-mixed juice and I want to use it before it gets too old to vape.


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$40.00 / 1,000 ml = $0.04 per ml

$0.04 per ml * 30 ml = $1.20

Found some VG base for $22 per L.

$22.00 / 1,000 ml = $0.02 per ml

$0.02 * 30 ml = $0.60 per 30 ml bottle unflavored vg base at 18 mg/ml nicotine strength.

The rest of my costs then would reflect that. Even paying $16 shipping on 2 (1 L) bottles, the $22 still works out cheaper than the $40 jugs.

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