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  1. V

    Clone help

    Ok so I work at a vape shop (we make all of our juice) and I have a few customers asking for clones but I can't find anything close to the recipe for these juices... Can anyone help I'm looking for zuro's private stock, fuggin tarty pants, and candy punch (dk the brand name) any help will b...
  2. Mikhail Naumov

    The best and worst of the 'style' clones on 3F.

    As of late the amount of cheap 'style' clone rebuildable atomizers I have seen popping up on 3FVape has hit an all time high, so I thought I would list the best and the shittest of those I have tried. Best rebuildables: Elite Gen 2 28.5mm RDA $10.59 Velocity 24 25.7mm RDA $10.59 (SS) / $11.59...
  3. Ikindalikeink

    Fresh Juice Co. - Clean Cream

    So i am still pretty new to DIY E-liquids. It has been about 6 months since I last bought a bottle of premium E-liquid. I went out today and got the Limitless XL and a bottle of (Fresh's Clean Cream) It is absolutely amazing, I want to clone it really bad but have no idea where to start...
  4. Redscaddy22

    9.99 subox mini & nano kits on ebay

    Recently posted on ebay are kanger subox 50w mini and nano kits. That come with the mod and subtank. For $9.99 multiple sellers. All shipping from China. Most have decent to not great feedback, and not alot of transactions. I assume there fakes / clones whatever you wanna call em. But...
  5. Vape7od

    clone suggestions

    Peace to ya'll... So in an attempt to more quickly build up my collection of vape toys i am thinkin i want to buy some clone attys or mech mods.. I bought a clone tugboat mech mod and it was absolute trash performance wise.. So im hopin you guys could share with me your favorite clones that...
  6. R

    Element liquids Clones???

    I am looking to make some clones of the following and am having a hard time finding them. Element Fresh Squeezed Element Strawberry Whip Element Banana Nut Element Creama Any leads or recipes let me know. I'm sure other people are looking for these as well.
  7. bigrobbie

    Thoughts on clones

    I was wondering, with the large number of cloned vape hardware on the market what some of you think? Would you, have you, etc. ever used a cloned mod, coil, or even counterfeit juice? As I'm still learning and am only moderately educated on all things vape related I may ask an odd question...
  8. Azaelius

    WTS Lot of various vaping goodies. Local pick up in San Diego.

    Hey y'all. I've decided to condense my vaping collection down to what I use... which is basically one mod and two tanks. As a result I have a ton of VERY out of date but still perfectly usable vape gear up for sale. I've listed it on craigslist here in San Diego. REMOVED I'll listen to pretty...
  9. cereal_vapist

    WTS: AR Brass Clone, VAMO 5 full kit, Ehpro Stillare, Tobeco Orchid V3 and some tanks

    Hi there ... I'm cleaning out my Vaping cabinet and have a lot of stuff. AR Brass Mod clone. Never used $15 VAMO 5 full kit. Comes with all original items including mod, charger and 2 18350 batteries. I will need to re-wrap one of the batteries. $15 Ehpro Stillare Clone $8 Tobeco Orchid...
  10. A

    ivogo cherry bomber clone

    Okay I know i'm a terrible person for wanting a clone BUT I CANT AFFORD THE REAL ONE :( So i'm looking for an ivogo cherry bomber, but the only place I can find one is here and people are saying they are not...

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