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  1. Jane_Qiu

    ULTON BF-99 Cube 316SS 22mm MTL&DTL RDTA

    ULTON BF-99 Cube 316SS 22mm MTL&DTL RDTA Features 510 threading; 22mm diameter; Top coil; Bottom airflow; Base negative "-" Upper Deck positive "+" Installed with DTL chamber, interchangeable with MTL chamber in accessory bag; Installed with gold airplug 1 hole x 1,00mm 0.79mm2 1 spare airplug...
  2. Jane_Qiu

    Nikola Antares Vape Pod Kit & MECHLYFE Slatra RDA

    $26.99 Authentic Nikola Antares Vape 1200mAh Pod System Starter Kit 2ml/0.6/0.7ohm Coupon Code: MAPANTARES Features Material: Zinc Alloy Pod capacity: 2ml Coil Resistance: 0.7ohm mesh coil (11~25W) / 0.6ohm Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Output Voltage: 3.0V / 3.3V / 3.5V Input voltage: 3.2~4.25V...
  3. Jane_Qiu

    $14.59 ULTON Knight LowRider 316SS 22mm RDA

    ULTON Knight LowRider 316SS 22mm RDA Features 510 threading; 316SS material; Large space for single coil build deck; Adjustable side airflow Package Included 1* ULTON Knight...
  4. Jane_Qiu

    [Give Away]ULTON Citadel Style 22mm RDA

    Give Away ULTON Citadel Style 22mm RDA Upgrade for Hadaly with reduced chamber and same airflow. Are you ready to give it a try?
  5. Jane_Qiu

    Goon Style 25mm RDA w/ BF Pin in Stock

    Goon Style 25mm RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer w/ BF Pin Features Diameter: 25mm; Stainless steel construction; Bridge clamp posts; Dual post build deck; Suitable for fancy coil builds; Adjustable side airflow; 810 wide bore POM drip tip...
  6. Jane_Qiu

    $24.9 Authentic Ambition Mods C-Roll 316SS 22mm RDA

    Authentic Ambition Mods C-Roll 316SS 22mm RDA Enter Coupon Code MAPCROLL at Shopping Cart for Irresistable Price! Features 510 threading connection; 22mm overall...
  7. A

    Beginer/advanced dripping Squonking

    hi need some help , getting back into RDAs and will buy/build coils for it so i need help regarding the right W to use with the coils as i will have different resistances how to know what is the best/optimal W to use with them? its a bit difficult for me cause unlike regular sub ohm tank coils...
  8. L

    RDA Suggestions

    Hello, I have a few questions and I would like to hear people's experience. Regarding my vaping experience, I started with a SMOK Baby Beast, then moved to a Limitless Plus RDTA, and recently purchased a Pharaoh Dripper Tank. All on a SMOK Alien 220W. I have been having issues with the Pharaoh...
  9. jnine493

    I need some help to get into dripping and RDAs

    Hello everyone! I am relatively new to vaping and I just got a SMOK AL85 which I love! I want to venture out and try new juices and flavors but using the baby beast tank kind of limits how much I can really try without wasting some juice each time I want to put a new one in. I have a Mutation xs...
  10. Flyhigh92

    First dripper

    I want to try dripping but I don't know how to or neccesarily wanna learn how to build coils can you get prebuilt coils for dripping, what would be a good first set up, and what's the very basics I would need to know to start and see if I even like it before trying to build and stuff. Is...
  11. T

    Dripping on a vw mod

    Hey all, I want to get into dripping and got an rda for my pico. My question if I was set up with a .2 ohm coil, what wattage can I safely run this at? The device goes up to 75w and reads I believe 3.5v and max. I'm having a tough time trying to understand ohm's law, then again math and...
  12. Jonny.87

    New to dripping! HELP

    Hi, I have been using sub-tanks for quite some time and everyone says dripping is the way to go for flavour+clouds+budget so I am going to purchase my first dripper. My question is what should I get/ whats the best dripper on the market right now? Ive looked around and so far have liked the...
  13. VapeDogg22

    Dripping poll

    I'm new to dripping and looking for some basic feedback. Take a quick look at my poll please. Thanks all.
  14. V

    Another dripping noob! Assistance with a lot of questions please!

    So I know that I'm diving into RDAs really suddenly when I'm only fairly new to vaping, only three months experience after quitting the stinkies for six months, but I figured seeing as I'm a pretty hands-on crafty girl I'll get into dripping at some point anyway, and pre-built coils are...
  15. B

    Help anyone

    So I just got into I guess some serious vaping I have moved out of pens anyways and moved to a mech mod I bought off a buddy. I've been told to replace everything that's in the atomizer but I'm wondering if I could get a kanger subtank instead. The mech mod is an aspire and it goes up to 4.2 V...
  16. ThatFeller

    Dripping Newbie Here Please Help

    I just started dripping last week. I bought a Troll RDA, which I read was a very good beginner's Dripper tip. I use the Aspire Pegasus mod. When I bought my Troll, the guy who sold it to me at my shop walked me through my first build, ended up at about .35 ohms give or take. The he didn't real...
  17. D

    Few questions

    Hi, im new so not sure if this should be posted here. But basically im rather new to vaping, and I have a few questions. One: I have a aspire odyssey kit (which is the Pegasus box with I believe a nautilus tank) and I also have a ego one mini. Now, the ego one mini was 50 bucks, while the box...

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