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ULTON BF-99 Cube 316SS 22mm MTL&DTL RDTA


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ULTON BF-99 Cube 316SS 22mm MTL&DTL RDTA

510 threading;
22mm diameter;
Top coil;
Bottom airflow;
Base negative "-"
Upper Deck positive "+"
Installed with DTL chamber, interchangeable with MTL chamber in accessory bag;
Installed with gold airplug 1 hole x 1,00mm 0.79mm2
1 spare airplug ( 2 holes x 1,0mm/ 1.58mm2)
1 spare airplug ( 1 holes x 1,2mm/ 3.34mm2)
Note: Color for airplug might be different from the one showed in video.

$10.99 KS Taste High-end Customized 510 PEI / POM Drip Tip Kit (3pcs)

Package Included
1* KS Taste High-end Customized 510 PEI Drip Tip
2* KS Taste High-end Customized 510 POM Drip Tip

$9.9 Authentic VXV Soulmate 24mm RTA

Diameter: 24mm;
Height: 58.5mm;
Gear-top fill cap design makes it easy to refill;
2-piece chimney section allows for easy rebuilding;
Offset 2-posthole design for easy coil installation;
Dual juice well design allows for efficient wicking and leak resistance;
Ultem tank sections gives high-end look and durability;
Adjustable bottom airflow;
Gold plated 510 connector;

Top-fill cap:
Gear top design allows easy removal / installation of top-fill cap.
The gear shape also provides and aesthetically appealing design.

2-piece chimney section allows for easy wicking.
This allows you to screw the lower half of the chimney on, trim your wicks, then replace the top chimney section.

Offset post holes allow for easy coil installation.
Low set coil position allows juice to wick faster and reach the coils faster.
Coil position also allows the coils to sit closer to the airflow and maximizes flavor.

3 triangular vertices of the juice-well are subtly visible at the base of the RTA.
The 3 vertices will use negative pressure to feed the juice-well, so it will not leak when sitting.
Vertices are cut on the bottom of the base to ensure that all juice in the tank can be vaporized.
Circular secondary juice-well between the chamber and the base ensures that juice will be evenly distributed to your cotton.

2 separate pieces of ultem and 1 piece of stainless steel.
Ultem provides high-end aesthetics and resistance to cracking or damage if dropped.
3-piece tank section allows you to control the direction that your logo faces, to line up with your mod.

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