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  1. VapeCraftInc

    New Products Alert!

    We're happy to announce that our DIY Supplies & CBD Products have come in! Enjoy the highest quality flavorings and all things CBD without some ridiculously high mark up Only at Vape Craft Inc
  2. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Inc 20% Off Site-Wide Vape Juice Sale | Free U.S Shipping Orders Over $50!

    Juice Day Tuesday! Get 20% Off Site-Wide this week using code: "20OFF" No Brands, or Sizes Excluded.
  3. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Peanut Butter Pie - I'm back!

    I've been gone for a long while, and I apologize. I've had this recipe forever and decided I'd share it. Peanut Butter Pie! A flavor packed delicious peanut butter pie that is sweetener free! This stuff is RICH, bold, and great for those who love peanut butter pie as much as I do! Peanut...
  4. nicotinegiant

    15% Off Nicotine Retail & Wholesale and Two Other Promo Codes

    Take Advantage of Three Promo Codes all at One Time! *Promo Code Nic15 expires Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST Nicotine Giant Supplying RTS Vapes Product 1. Same quality products from the same manufacturers; 2. Same site layout for your convenience; 3. If you already had an...
  5. noahk1998

    Can Vanillin be used to make a Vanilla flavored ejuice?

    I am trying to make organic E-Juice. I love the taste of artificial flavorings but I have been working on developing a way to put organic flavorings in DIY E-Juice so I know what is actually going into it. My favorite type of E-juice is Vanilla and I was wondering if I could use Vanillin...
  6. PryingOpenMyThirdEye

    My 2nd flavoring order

    So I jumped into DIY with guns blazing about a month or so ago and I'm truly shocked at my results. I still have some of my first mixes and all but one (damn tiramisu is tricky) are fantastic today! I just went ahead and placed my second order because well...well you know why. I know the order...
  7. M

    Can I Use Lip Balm Flavoring?

    I am just curious if anyone has ever used lip balm flavoring for their vape juice? I have started to research making my own vape juice because its getting too expensive to purchase the bottles for sale at the local vape shop.. anything cheap online either tastes like junk or takes 2 weeks to...
  8. tjcole50

    555 Gold Flavor Concentrate by INA 8ml, 1oz, 4oz bottles.

    These was purchased from Wizard Labs, description from site below thanks! -Description from Wizard Labs website- Ingredients: Tobacco Flavor, Nat. & Art. Flavors Imported from Poland. Flavor produced from ingredients approved in food industry by Inawera. All Wizard Labs flavor concentrates...
  9. R

    List of transparent flavour manufacturers (diketones)

    This is a list of all the manufacturers that publish their testing on flavours in regards to diketones. If there are any that I am unaware of, please feel free to comment and contribute as I only vape flavours that have been proven to be diketone free =) Flavourart GCMS. Please note they do...
  10. F

    My caramel flavoring chart.

    I have often made the mistake of choosing the wrong caramel for a recipe. Consequently, to avoid future mistakes, I just created and printed this chart as a reminder. Do you think that the flavors are in the correct place? Where would you add your favorite caramel?

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