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  1. Th3_uN1Qu3

    Ever rebuilt an Aspire Cleito coil?

    Howdy all, This is my first post in this community. I have been a vaper since October of last year, and it helped me lay off the smokes almost completely. I light up a cigarette maybe 5-6 times a month nowadays. My second ecig was a Joyetech eVic Primo Mini with an Aspire Cleito atomizer. The...
  2. Lady Sarah

    17 gauge stainless steel electric fence wire?

    I've had this 17 gauge electric fence wire for years. It never rusts. The label on the spool does not indicate which type of SS it is. Has anybody ever tried using it on a mod? I am in no hurry to rebuild my coils,but want input.
  3. V

    Louisiana DIY People

    Hi all! I would love for this post to be a way for all of us to get in touch with each other. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to sift through all of the minimally helpful content online to find the true gems for information or inspiration. I know I personally...
  4. Mikhail Naumov

    What kind of builder are you?

    Just wondering how many people still build coils of their own, since I know specialty wires come on 50 foot spools for dirt cheap now and premade alien coils are sold in brick and mortars. Rebuilding has become a somewhat lost art in this recent year, so I figured I would make this poll to see...
  5. B

    Vivi Nova tank with Melo 2 atomizer rebuilded

    Guys, I bought a Vivi Nova tank (2ml), and the wicking was really shitty... I had a Melo 2 tank with a broken glass and with burnt atomizers, and I decided that I will rebuild it... I don't had kanthal wire, just 28awg ss316l, but it worked! With 9 wraps and cotton wick the flavor is perfect and...
  6. omnipotentduo

    Avocado (22mm and 24mm)

    So, I love both of these tanks. Hands down these two are some of the best drip tanks ever Some of these overlap and I will happily clarify if it isn't clear Both have velocity style posts. The 'tank' is an amazing addition to a drip tank. Coils being close to the outlet provides full flavor...
  7. Lost

    Kanger SSOCC Teardown

    Learning to rebuild these will need to be a group effort. I had one to play with... but destroyed it in the process of figuring out how to get it apart. Related comments are below each pic. Pic 1: The whole atty I didn't get the coil out successfully when removing the firing pin and grommet...
  8. Raverrr

    How to Rebuild the TFV4 TF-S6 coil head - Video

    Hello vapers! My better half got me a VT200 and TFV4 for. My birthday last week and yesterday I decided to tackle a problem that no one else seems to have. Rebuilding the TFS6 coil head (the easy way). I used to re-build the OCC coils for my subtank all the time as i prefer the airflow of them...
  9. Lost

    Protank 3 Rebuild: Single Coil

    It took me quite a few tries to nail down a decent rebuild of my wife's Protank 3 attys. I educated myself on the dual-coil methods, but wanted to see if I could get away with a single. It worked. --10mm piece of double-strand/twisted 32 gauge Kanthal. --6 wraps on 1.4mm screwdriver --Coil set...

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