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Hi all!

I would love for this post to be a way for all of us to get in touch with each other. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to sift through all of the minimally helpful content online to find the true gems for information or inspiration. I know I personally prefer to talk with people directly when it comes to learning things since it leaves things open for questions on clarification.

With that said, here goes nothing! Let us know what part of the state you're in and what DIY stuff you do for vaping. I'll go ahead and start it off.

I'm in Shreveport, and my girlfriend will be in Metairie for the next 6 months. I started making juice about 2 months ago and am just now starting to get into rebuilding (which is why I joined here). Looking forward to meeting some of y'all!


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I'm over in Longview, TX. I started DIY juice also. I couldn't stand spending so much on the store bought stuff. Do you have any good recipes?
I hear of a lot of crime in Shreveport.


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Agreed. Student loans weren't cutting it. I mean it's definitely better than the cost of tobacco, but still so much cheaper this way. I've been working on cloning my go to flavor for my clearomizer (vanilla bourbon tobacco by Vaporescence in DEW) since that's my all day vape to keep me off cigarettes or dip. I'm struggling with getting the sweetness up, but I've been adding a very small amount of White Label Juice Co juice and that's mostly done the trick. It's just not the pure VBT flavor I'm looking for. Once I'm done with this test block I'll be lurking on here a bunch more to try to soak up all of the information I can.

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