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  1. pdxjlb

    Looking for Organic Cotton pads

    Hello all, Remember the great deal VaporJoe put up a year or two ago where you got like 25 bags or more for $6-7? Well, I finally ran out and am looking for anyone who has several bags I could buy and pay to ship to me. I live in Oregon if that matters for proximity. Thank you! 🤩
  2. VapingReaper27

    what are ultem slam caps for???

    i was looking at kennedy website and saw the ultem slam caps, i was kinda interested in what they are used for? is it just for looks? or do they give better flavor?
  3. V

    Louisiana DIY People

    Hi all! I would love for this post to be a way for all of us to get in touch with each other. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to sift through all of the minimally helpful content online to find the true gems for information or inspiration. I know I personally...
  4. VapeMate

    Rebuilding CE5

    Hey everybody i'm newbie here and to the vaping i just got my ego ce5, i couldn't find anything better around me i've been using it for a while, i faced some leakings probably because of overfill, or maybe i made a bad liquid anyway i've took it apart and cleaned it all.while cleaning i saw my...
  5. Lost

    Protank 3 Rebuild: Single Coil

    It took me quite a few tries to nail down a decent rebuild of my wife's Protank 3 attys. I educated myself on the dual-coil methods, but wanted to see if I could get away with a single. It worked. --10mm piece of double-strand/twisted 32 gauge Kanthal. --6 wraps on 1.4mm screwdriver --Coil set...
  6. thefogmachine

    28mm or 30mm 2 post RDA

    Im looking for a velocity style 28 or 30mm RDA for my triple series box does anyone know of any two post larger RDAs? ive looked everywhere and came up with nothing please help me out or tell me if these even exist.
  7. MCrelationz

    what are all the different types of coils?

    hey all this is actually my first post here and i know some basic knowledge about vaping. getting my first mod soon (kanger subox mini) and i some about coils. like nichrome heats up alittle faster than kenthal. but heres what really confuses me. everyone who vapes of course wants the best...

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