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diy e juice

  1. T

    Let’s see those mixing stations!!!

    I needs some fresh ideas...
  2. Jenn F

    Savory Flavors Visited...

    This YouTube video was recommended for me in my notifications. I didn't watch all of it since it was not what I expected. I did scan over a few flavors but. ... Thought I'd share for those who were inquisitive! :-)
  3. dez


    My 4yr long ADV is from momandpopsvaporshop, named "OMG"..A somewhat strong strawberries and cream flavor. It is over $50/120ml with my discount code- and I go thru at least 2 bottles a month & CAN'T KEEP PAYING FOR IT bc I'm on disability. HELP- I'm looking for someone to dupe it. The...
  4. HealthCabin

    Hey, you should DIY this way if you've never tried

    Hey, you should DIY this way if you never tried Today's new flavor recommendation. try them today, at a lower price 20% OFF code: Vapelf20 see more see more see more see more see more see them see more In the end, Kindly take an Eliquid survey here to help us improve and provide you...
  5. Titan Vapes

    Great DIY Starter Guide for Juice

    I created a quick video for everyone centered around how to create your own e-juice in the easiest way and the cost difference vs buying.
  6. Titan Vapes

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  7. VapeCraftInc

    DIY & eliquid vape sale at Vape Craft Inc. 20% off everything

    20% off sitewide eliquid & DIY products/flavorings today at Vape Craft! Code: "VAPE" 120mL's Start @ $12
  8. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Valentines Day Sale 2018

    Happy Valentines Day! Get 20% off site wide ejuice & DIY Products Use Code: "20OFF" in your cart.
  9. MagicJosh

    Lemon Pound Cake V1

    This is my take on a delicious 'Pound Cake' with buttery eggs caramel cake frosting undertone. With a sweet exhale.
  10. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Black Friday Sale | 25% Off All Eliquid Lines & DIY Supplies/Flavorings

    Welcome to Vape Craft Inc's Black Friday Mega Sale! All Week Long we're offering 25% off all eliquids site wide & any DIY Vape Supplies with code: "BLACKFRIDAY". Included in every order we are also giving away double reward points toward your next order & if that's not enough, we will...
  11. Hucky

    Concentrated Quacks Goose AVAILABLE NOW @ Jean Cloud Vape

    Hello, • For Mother's Day, JCV offers you 15% on the whole shop until Monday 15 May. Coupon code : MOM • 30% off of 8 great 125ml TFA flavors - Code Coupon : tfa125 Whipped Cream, Cotton Candy, Horchata, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Strawberry Ripe, Banana Ripe, Sweetener and Pie Crust. Until...
  12. A

    An Oldie But a Goodie

    Simple way how to make e juice at home. The nicotine in this video is older hence a bit oxidized. But it's still Good. Try this recipe at home and I'm sure you're going to love it. Please make some adjustments according to taste.
  13. V

    Louisiana DIY People

    Hi all! I would love for this post to be a way for all of us to get in touch with each other. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to sift through all of the minimally helpful content online to find the true gems for information or inspiration. I know I personally...
  14. Vape Drive

    Best aromas in the US?

    Hi, I am aware that this is not a unique thread and probably was answered multiple times before but I can't find the right answer. I am vaping for couple years now but never made liquids by myself. After reading "Buttermint ice cream" recipe I decided to give DIY a go. What is the best place...
  15. RedEllie

    New DIY Ejuice Journal

    Hello, I am new and so glad to be here with you all! I see from the guidelines that I can post here about the new DIY journal over at the ejuiceDIYjournal website. It's been a real labor of love to provide a missing piece to those who make their own eliquids. The idea is to have a running paper...
  16. hassanmoukadem

    Modify existing eliquid from 70 pg / 30 vg 6 mg

    can anyone help me to Modify existing eliquid from 70 pg / 30 vg 6 mg nic with the aim of reaching 70 VG / 30 PG and 3 MG nic. the thing is this liquid with 70 PG and the 6 MG nic is harsh for me
  17. MagicJosh

    So far so good... :)

    So I started DIYing recently and am extremely satisfied. I just want to give thanks to all the companies that supply such awesome products with great prices. I can finally afford to vape. I am disabled and have found some fun in this. Collecting mods and RDA's really became boring for me. I do...
  18. yonited

    E-Liquid became harsh after applying Nic

    Hi there .. I am glad that I joined this great forum first of all I created this recipe below and after I added my flavors to VG/PG base I accelerated my recipe steeping by doing hot water bath to my e-juice for couple of hours 2 to 4 hrs and I tasted my recipe it was yummy then I applied the...
  19. jonSnow21

    Where to buy diy ejuice supplies in Pakistan ?

    Hi, It has been over 8 months that I have stopped smoking completely and switched to vaping, Problem is that vape juices are very expensive here in my country and I was hoping if someone can hook me up with Ejuice DIY concentrates so I can make my own juices which i believe would be cheaper...
  20. yomajesty

    DIY FlavourArt Fruit Recipe: Hot Creamy Fruit Orgy

    This DIY FlavourArt ejuice recipe is not for the prudish. It produces an ORGASMIC FLAVOR EXPLOSION that makes your mouth water with every puff. "I spelunked in my gosh darn trousers. Didn't see that coming! I didn't know what to tell Grandma and Aunt Betty. Great juice!" - Bob Jordan from...
  21. Adam Ross

    Panty Dropper E Liquid Recipe - Many thanks to all!

    Just a quick note to thank all those who tried my version of the Panty Dropper recipe and loved it! Those of you who posted it on some of the major DIY recipe sites....Thanks Again!
  22. PhantomOp

    Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve - PB Cereal [REAL RECIPE]

    Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve - PB Cereal ============================================== TFA : Peanut Butter : 8.50% TFA : Malted Milk : 1.50% CAP : Vanilla Custard V2 : 3.50% CAP : Sugar Cookie : 5.50% FW : Bavarian Cream : 0.50% FW : Cotton Candy OR Ethyl Maltol : 0.50% Acetyl Pyrizine 1...
  23. Seyn95

    New to DIY Liquid vape! Help.

    so, here is what I have: *VG (Essential Depot) *Flavors (LorAnn) *50/50 3mg strength nicotine (Nicotine River) I have Tried 3 Times using steam engine calculator. I have left them over night then I tried them and they are so hard on the throat! I feel like i add to much nicotine. is 2ml of...
  24. JamesVape7

    Sale & Coupon Codes -

    Check out the new Coupon Codes for Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers! Enter the Coupon Code Durring Checkout at Sale on Liquid Nicotine, E-liquid, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, DIY E-Liquid 10% Off Unflavored Nicotine Coupon Code: 10offnicotinevu 20% Off All...
  25. E

    New Signature Joose Box Released! + 50% OFF

    New Signature Joose Box Released! 60ML of Joose $5 + S & H ! + 50% OFF Your First Purchase * Limited to the next 50 customers * Code: "Early50"
  26. Ikindalikeink

    Fresh Juice Co. - Clean Cream

    So i am still pretty new to DIY E-liquids. It has been about 6 months since I last bought a bottle of premium E-liquid. I went out today and got the Limitless XL and a bottle of (Fresh's Clean Cream) It is absolutely amazing, I want to clone it really bad but have no idea where to start...
  27. Hucky

    30% off on PG/VG Jean Cloud Vape Bases !

    For the launch of its new range of PG / VG base in 500ml format Jean Cloud Vape offers you over 30% off! $ 7.95 CAD for 500ml !
  28. imJxmie

    Dry Tasting DIY Eliquid

    My juice is completely fine, tastes nice. But when I steep it for the recommended time it leaves a dry/sweet taste on the tongue and is unpleasant. and eventually leaves my entire mouth dry for the most part of the day. Here you can see my mix, The recommended % of Concentrate for mine is...
  29. Dauntlex

    Looking for some recipe help!

    Hey guys, so I've just started making my own liquid, going well so far! But I'm absolutely in love with Wonder Worm by Charlie's Chalk Dust ❤️ I'm wanting to get as close to that as I possibly can but from taste alone I would say it's fairly complex, probably about 10 different flavours go into...
  30. Synphul

    Diy juices horrible (noob)

    Ok folks I need some assistance. I'm new to diy so bear with me. I ordered some diy items from mbv to try making my own juices at home and nothing seems right about it. I've ordered premade from mbv in the past so that's what I'm comparing my results to. I ordered some of their 50/50 pg/vg nic...
  31. M

    Sour Grape and sour watermelon

    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to DIY, although I've been doing some heavy watching and reading up on what I need to get going and recently purchased the DIY starter set from Liquid Barn. I'm trying to think of some different flavors I want to try making first. I'm set on making a...
  32. damndirtyvapes

    Dragon Punch -- Simple, All TFA

    7% TFA Citrus Punch 3% TFA Dragonfruit 4% TFA Pomegranate 2% TFA Sour opt. 1-3% TFA Koolada Shake and vape. Steeping helps a little as always, but good to go immediately. This is somewhat more of a "tank version" as the flavor is fairly intense, but it is totally OK for RDAs and other devices...
  33. OhMG

    TFA Concentrates Advice Please!

    Howdy Guys! I am going to trek across a great southern land (Australia) to a vape shop in the city to buy a small amount of 30ml TFA flavours... (about 5-6) bottles. Could some VU members write a few (relatively simple in nature) TFA eliquid mixes that are not overly hard to make? ( I like...
  34. jennyyili

    DIY Basic Knowledge

    DIY basic knowledge Some Definitions First: PG - Propylene Glycol (Throat Hit) VG - Vegetable Glycerin (Creates Vapor) Nicotine Liquid (Nicotine juice) - Comes in PG, VG, or a percentage of both PG and VG and in Different Strengths of Nicotine. These are the main Ingredients in E-Liquid...
  35. Jonny.87


    Hi, Some friends and I have decided to try and make juice ourselves.. my only concern is the nicotine safety. What are things to avoid and some suggestions on how to handle it? I've heard wear gloves but is it really that serious? another thing is what would you suggest for how to mix these...
  36. TMFR

    Thanks to you guys and HIC!

    I have been a lurker until today.. I made my very first few batches of DIY Eliquid. Thanks to HIC for turning me on to FA flavors as you don't need much. I got my flavors from ecig express. Here is what I came up with just cause it sounded good as well as looking at everybody's notes on the...
  37. magicammo

    Help! Making my own JUICE

    hey whats up everyone I'm new here I've been peekingaround the forums for a couple of months and decided to create An account! I just have a question so my friend and I are interested in making our own Juices but not sure where to start. We are getting products form my freedom smokes as well as...
  38. Adam Ross

    New DIY E Juice Tutorial - TOP SECRET "Panty Dropper" Revealed

    Been Receiving a ton of emails to do another e juice tutorial, so here it is. In it, I show you how to make my award-winning "Panty Dropper" recipe.... Watch this DIY E Juice video tutorial and to learn how to make juice at home. Then just search the web for recipes and have some fun! Hope...

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