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  1. SanVape

    the new brand design for Q8PRO

    At present, POD kit and MOD system both are very popular; Many starters feel it is hard to choose; OK, let's explain it briefly; 1. If you are a heavy smoker, pls choose MOD; Because MOD alwasy more powerful than a pod; 2. If you want to save money, then choose refillable pod/ mod, because...
  2. Vaper_girl

    VapeSourcing Daily Deal - Update Every Day

    Hello everyone, This is a list of Vapesourcing deals, we update every day! Happy vaping! Vapesourcing Long-Term Coupon Code: 10% off for All regularly priced items, CODE: VU10 $3 off $60, CODE: VS60 $8 off $100, CODE: VS100 $30 off $300, CODE: VS300 Clearance Sale! Up to 70% off on Vapesourcing.

    A Solid Choice for Beginners

    VFOLK, a solid choice for beginners or anyone looking for a simple solution to vaping on the go.
  4. Bill


    Smoker’s Express Davison is more than just a tobacco shop, they have all the latest in hardware and the best E-Juice on the market, Tattoo Vape Premium E-Juice. Stop in today and say hello to the owner, Sam. He is friendly and knowledgeable. Weather you are looking for a nice RYO tobacco, or...
  5. Thinkvape_Official

    Crazy Vaper

    You just can't imagine what a vape could be capable of?
  6. Thinkvape_Official

    ThinkVape is releasing a new project, a Pod System named Asteroid Kit

    Asteroid Kit Portable yet powerful, the finger-sized device is easy and convenient to be carried, and allows users to vape anywhere and anytime. Oil Capacity: 1.5ml Battery Capacity: 420mAh
  7. Thinkvape_Official

    Can VAPING help control WEIGHT GAIN?

    Weight gain is definitely something a lot of people worry about when they first quit smoking. Find out how vaping can help combat that. FOLLOW US! Instagram - @thinkvape_official Twitter - @thinkvape Facebook -
  8. Thinkvape_Official

    Vape Batteries - Tips & Tricks

    Any other Battery Safety tips out there? Leave a comment down below. FOLLOW US! Instagram - @thinkvape_official Twitter - @thinkvape Facebook -
  9. Thinkvape_Official

    "Check Atomizer" Issue - How to fix it

    Check Atomizer, Low Atomizer, Atomizer Short - These are all errors for when the chipset can't properly establish a connection with the atomizer. Find out how to fix it here!
  10. Thinkvape_Official

    Take a first look on the Thor Pro 220W Box Mod

  11. Thinkvape_Official

    Thor Pro 220W Mod

    Thor Pro 220W Mod All family members of the Thor Pro 220W Mod reunited. Have you already ordered one?
  12. vapealltime

    FireLuke Mesh Coils in Australia

    Advken Twirl RDA is a 24mm diameter RDA with a bottom feed pin. Constructed by high quality 304 Stainless Steel, it comes with black plated rebuild deck with a dual post that has more space to the built coil for vapors. With the inner chamber with slot design, it is easy for you to install...
  13. Thinkvape_Official

    New Week, ThinkVape says Hi

    Hi vapers, how is your weekend? Hit the "like" if you had a nice one, comment if you want to share. For what it is worth, now it is time to switch to Monday mode. Classic BLACK Sailboat Mod says Hi. Vape on, and enjoy the beautiful season.
  14. Thinkvape_Official

    Thor Pro 220W Box Mod, Newly released Project

    Thor Pro 220W Box Mod Attention!!! Newly released project-Thor Pro, which is an updated version of the Thor Mod. So, the question is, which pattern do you like the most? Share your opinion with us.
  15. Thinkvape_Official

    Friday is coming, vape on and have fun

    Happy Weekend Hope all vapers had a positively productive week, and a wonderful weekend planned ahead. Thank you all for following.:stars2::bunny::coffee::vino::cheers:
  16. vapealltime

    What is in your E-Juice? The Vape Juice Ingredients

    Everyone of us has our own choice of E-Juice or Vape Juice but have you ever thought about what is in your vape juice? Well we are trying to figure out what is in these vape juices, so we have broken down all the vape juice ingredients and this article would present to you what E-Juices are made...
  17. vapealltime

    Get Vaporesso Luxe 220W TC Kit with Skrr Tank in Australia

    Looking for vaporesso luxe in Australia? Visit Vape Dna and get the best deals and discounts on vaporesee luxe in Australia. In the month of October get 6% OFF on all products by using the code "OCTOFF". Visit the Store for more.
  18. Breazy_Com

    Drop your mod's nickname.....ready GO!!!

    :wave:HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!:wave: My nickname: Beetlejuice (don't ask hahaha!)
  19. Breazy_Com

    Tax Day 30% Off All E-Liquid Brands! - 5 HRS and 40 min left!!

    HAPPY THURSDAY FROM BREAZY!!! From now until April 19th enjoy 30% off your favorite brands of e-liquid as well as enjoy the discount on some new vape adventures. A great deal to start the seasonal transition and keep your world cloudy and tasty. Click the photo below to get to our site :)
  20. Breazy_Com

    Study Says Vaping Does Not Stain Teeth

    Happy Tuesday Guys!! Here's a pretty cool article from our Online Blog...this is a quick but informative read :) One of the most visible consequences of smoking cigarettes is the annoying yellow stain on the front of someone’s teeth which has been proven to not only be unhealthy in a...
  21. V

    Clone help

    Ok so I work at a vape shop (we make all of our juice) and I have a few customers asking for clones but I can't find anything close to the recipe for these juices... Can anyone help I'm looking for zuro's private stock, fuggin tarty pants, and candy punch (dk the brand name) any help will b...
  22. Grand Rapids E-Liquid! 55% OFF!!! Free Shipping on orders $25 or more!!

    Click Here to use discount code and be brought to the website! Try the flavor Raspberry Ziggy for a amazing burst of strawberry and raspberry combined.
  23. McJane

    Ultra 60 TC x Petri v2 Rda

    Can anyone help me on what wire I should use and build for my Jomo Ultra 60 tc mod and petri v2 rda? I want it a flavor chase build. You're suggestions will help me a lot. Thanks.
  24. net101


    Hey guys please help a fellow vaper please like/vote for my design on instagram by clicking on the link bellow if i win the competition i will be giving away 18 of the final product in a lucky draw (if you have liked my design please message me with your instagram name)...
  25. J


  26. parkerstamos1

    dripbox 160 and ***** atomizer

    Is it possible for me to put, say the "*********" on the dripbox 160w?? Edited by Staff: No drug references. There are plenty of other sites for that stuff
  27. AlexDTA

    Just bought a RDA FIRST TIMER

    so I just bought a new RDA I thrower it on my Rx200s have no idea at what wattage I should be using it at . Not getting a lot of cloud from it like I thought I would :( . Anyone care help ? Here are some pictures
  28. AlexDTA

    How to unlike all my batteries on the same volt ?

    i woudering how can I set all my batteries on the same level volt ? I've heard if there not all on the same volt it's bad ? Anyone care to help em?
  29. AlexDTA

    tfv8 not producing big clouds ?

    just bought a Rx200s with a tfv8 baby beast tank , tank was producing big clouds. Now few days later it's not making huge clouds anymore And I tryed changing the coil , it's not doing big clouds like the first days! I've only had the new tank for about 3 -4 days
  30. AlexDTA

    New to vaping!! What wattage should I have my vape at?

    just bought a Rx200s with tfv8 baby beast tank , was woundering at wattage should i be using it at ? And what does the volt mean on the sreen is there certain level I should have the volt at ? And wattage ? Thanks !
  31. AlexDTA

    What batteries should I use for the Reuleaux RX200S

    would these batteries work good for my rx 200s LG HB6 18650 - 30A 1500MAH? Thanks
  32. AlexDTA

    How to get bigger clouds?

    hey everyone I am currently running a fuchai 200w with a crown tank, I don't produce that much clouds.. how do you get bigger ☁️ ☁️?
  33. JajaaHashim

    Check this out guys! No need to recoil atomizer

    Hi there. I'm Dee from Vape Empire Distribution UK. We are going to organize a small vape meet in London. Its only a short 2 hours meet,for us to meet and to get to know each other well. We will be having a lucky draw as well. A lot of prizes to be won on that day like DNA's Mod, COIL-LESS...
  34. Everzon

    Digiflavor Fuji GTA and DigiFlavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank

    Hi Guys, Here are some pictures that beautifully show the attractiveness of the coming-soon atomizers by DigiFlavor, as well as some battery mods. The atomizers Digiflavor Fuji GTA - Single Coil version Digiflavor Fuji GTA - Dual Coil version DigiFlavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank The mods DigiFlavor...
  35. Everzon

    Geekvape Griffin 25 Plus RTA tank

    Geekvape Griffin 25 Plus RTA tank Upgraded from griffin 25 RTA, the Griffin 25 plus RTA features a larger build deck and updated direct airflow, which makes a better performance. First batch will be released by Early September, you know. ● Improved Dual Post "Velocity" Style Build Deck ●...
  36. TheVapeRefinery

    The Vape Refinery Now Open!!!

    Visit and enter coupon code TVR20 for 20% off your entire order!!! Offer ends 8/21
  37. Everzon

    3 innovative RTAs from SmkonTech

    Here to introduce 3 innovative RTAs from SmkonTech. Check the details to see if you were interested. SMKON Polarice RTA SMKON Deepfire RTA Smkon RVTA Atomizer There 3 distinctive RTAs would bring you wonderful vaping experience.
  38. RavnDrop

    Brexit at Tiffany's from Vape Wild -- Ravn Droplet Review

    One of Vape Wild's newest flavors, Brexit at Tiffany's, is a great blend of caramel toffee and banana. Different flavors come out at different temperatures. Review on our YouTube channel: Tried it? Curious to hear what you think!
  39. Everzon

    New Colors of IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus Atomizer

    New Colors of IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus Atomizer Hey, all vaping likers. All the new colors of the ijoy Limitless RDTAP lus Atomizer are available now. Be free to order, and you do not have to wait for the shipping, which does not happen every day, you know.
  40. Jai Haze

    $250 Cash Giveaway and Pick Your Set-Up 8/7

    We wanted to out do everything we have down already. So we decided the best way to do it was to send actual cash out. So even if you dont vape, its perfectly fine. Although a huge plus it can be won by just entering in once. So good luck, and remember more entries more possibilities of...
  41. C


    Hey guys, we are new UK based Juice brand - Cheap Thrills Juice Co. Here's a little more about us... After months of late nights and early mornings the ‘THRILLS’ team have developed a range of flavour palates that are so divine they will leave you want more, LOTS MORE. Our innovation team have...
  42. Everzon

    Eleaf iJust S kit

    Eleaf iJust S kit Compared to previous iJust series kits , the iJust S kit, a new starter kit by eleaf, has a larger diameter (24.5mm) and a higher battery capacity (3000mAh). ● Long-lasting Battery life ● Easy to operation ● Detachable Structure for Convenient Cleaning ● Top E-juice Filling ●...
  43. Everzon

    Aspire EVO75 kit

    Aspire EVO75 kit As a sub-ohm vaping system by Aspire, The EVO75 Kit is a worth-getting item. Aspire EVO75 kit comes with two parts: Atlantis EVO tank (standard version) & NX75 Mod (Zinc Alloy).
  44. Everzon

    Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer kit - 4ml

    Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer kit - 4ml It adopts new top filling system and improving adjustable airflow control. New MG series heads with novel designs provide great vaping experience, which makes the innovative MG Ceramic-0.5ohm head with long-lasting lifespan. ● 4ML Juice Capacity ● Mouthpiece...
  45. Everzon


    KANGER PANGU CLEAROMIZER - 3.5mL ● Top-cap E-liquid Filling ● Adjustable Juice Flow Control ● Replaceable Pyrex Glass Tank ● One Coil for both MTL and DL Vaping ● Clean Hands coil replacement system ● New Disposable PGOCC (PANGU Coil) ● Stainless Steel Construction with a durable surface finish...
  46. Everzon

    IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus

    IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus, It Just got better Updated version of iJoy Limitless RDTA, the new IJoy Limitless RDTA Plus inherits all features of the former version. And it is popularly appreciated as one of the best-seller. Get one of this, and you will be so envied! IJOY Limitless Plus RDTA will...
  47. Everzon

    CoilART 24mm Mage RTA - 3.5ml

    CoilART 24mm Mage RTA - 3.5ml It will be available by early of July. ● 24mm Diameter ● 3.5ml Juice Volume ● Adjustable Airflow ● Convenient Top Fill ● 44mm Overall Height ● SUS304 Stainless Steel ● Food Grade Pyrex Glass ● 2mm Terminal Post Holes ● Gold-Plated 510 Contact ● 8mm Vertical...
  48. Everzon

    Geekvape Griffin 25 mini RTA

    Geekvape Griffin 25 mini RTA Griffin 25 mini, an upgraded version of the Griffin 25 RTA, which will be astonishingly released by Geekvape. Features with leak-free and convenience, it will be destined to be a hottie in vape world of July 2016. ★ Improved Velocity structure provides a larger...
  49. Everzon

    GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA Glass Window Version

    GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA Glass Window Version Click here for pre-order the first batch. ★ Vaper can check out coil and wick directly through the glass window; ★ Larger space to accommodate more cotton ★ Extra hollow positive pin for Squonk MOD ★ Available for single or dual coil
  50. Everzon

    OBS ‪‎CriusPlusRTA

    OBS ‪‎CriusPlusRTA Both colors are in stock now. Be free to place orders for them. The wholesale price is very tempting.

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