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Thank you!!
@ej1024, as @SarahTerror pointed to, Big Bang is one of of our most popular flavors.SarahTerror mentioned the MAX-VG version of Big Bang, and it is also available as a 50/50 blend in our Origins e-liquid collection.

Roots, a root beer flavored vape, is spot-on in flavor. It's very interesting, and always seems to always elicit a "Wow" reaction :) from first-time tasters.
Another favorite to consider is Cheesecake Waltz. It is a blueberry cheesecake vape, and the graham cracker crust is delicious!
Both of these are available in both 50/50 VG/PG (Origins and Retro) and in MAX-VG (if you're a big cloud kinda vaper) versions.

All 3 of the 50% off sale collections, as well as variety packs and our premium collections can be found from NicVape's E-Liquid main page. You can then narrow down by selecting categories, as well as search by flavor profiles and blend type.

We must say, however, at 50% Off, you may just wanna buy and try 'em all..... ;-)

Sorry for the long-winded response, but hope it helps... Thank you for your interest, EJ!

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