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  1. Vaperyan


    Hello, VU! It's been a while! I heard there's a new thing happening in the Vaping Community in the US as PACT ACT will come into place soon. If you are needing dependable nicotine bases and other DIY Vaping supplies, now or even in the future, I think we'll still be able to supply you. We've...
  2. ECigMafia Official

    TODAY ONLY 15% OFF Air Factory

    Use Coupon: NOV15 Valid for today only
  3. WotofoOfficial

    What are Nicotine Salts? A Guide to Salt E-Juice Vaping

    What is a Nicotine Salt? These products have a smooth taste and allow vapers to consume higher nicotine concentrations than they would in the regular and popular e-liquids. Also, it’s easy to consume less juice with maximum satisfaction, hence its cost-effectiveness, and giving a bang for your...
  4. JuiceChris

    How Much Nicotine Is In My...?

    Vape juice, nic salts, and Juul pods all have the amount of nicotine listed on the packaging, but it isn't always clear just exactly how much nicotine is in a pack of cigs or even a single cigarette. This becomes even more of a confusing issue if you’re wanting to switch to other forms of...
  5. Vaperyan

    Free Shipping 2019

    Hey guys! I hope you are able to join this year's HILIQ FREE SHIPPING! You can save a lot as not only our prices are so affordable, now the shipping get totally FREE too! Plus! You can use 5% off from Paypal! It is only for today, NOV 5, 2019 (Beijing Time) and will run within 24 HOURS ONLY!
  6. Synphul

    Nic brand preference?

    I know this has been posted, asked and answered a ton before. However most posts and information is quite outdated in a rapidly changing industry. Not long ago for example Nicotine River had one or two nic choices, then they had 5, now they have 2. Most companies seem to have chemnovatic, NR...
  7. S

    Taking nicotine to Australia?

    Hi all, I'm visiting a friend in Oz soon (she vapes too). She's in Queensland where my understanding is you can vape with nicotine *if you have a doctors prescription for it* I'm just wondering if customs will give me any grief taking nicotine to her? It's so expensive there I'll pack some...
  8. K

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey, I am Krista living in the USA. I am working as a blogger for Vapors, multi-flavored STIG pods, and E-Juices, that transforms the vaping for everyone in an effortless and satisfying salt nicotine experience. I am here to discuss about my vaping experience and want to know about the same.
  9. Owvap

    Jean Cloud Vape | 30% Discount DIY | Happy Holidays!

    JCV is offering a 30% discount on ALL DIY products Available on flavors, concentrates, PG/VG bases and nicotine. Coupon Code : DIY2019 -- SHOP NOW -- *This one time offer available only Wednesday 26th December. The Coupon Code is limited to quantities currently in stock. Excludes products...
  10. Countrypami


  11. L

    I lowered my nicotine level and I'm a blast furnace now.. ?

    Hello! I used to vape around 12 mg of nicotine and some time ago I lowered the nicotine level due to throat health issues. My throat is singing now, no more swallowing problems, no more panic attacks that I'd suffocate or any stuff like that and while my throat is singing, my wallet is...
  12. VapeCraftInc

    New Pod Vape Brands Now Available - Zamplebox & Juul

    We are happy to add ZampleBox & Juul to our list of brands on our website. These two companies have made incredible pod devices and we are happy to offer you some of the best pricing you can find anywhere. Need some Nic Salt E-Juice? See Here
  13. A

    Neck spasms, NIC related?

    Moved to 12mg as it was all that was available at the time, usually on 3/6, having muscle? Twitches in the front of my neck, just wondering if anyone else has this with high nic juice. Spasm was in front left side of my neck and spooked me a lil, cheers anyone that replies :)
  14. Tuna

    Pod Nicotine Equivalent of 3mg?

    Hey there, me and my girlfriend are thinking about ordering the new Eleaf iWu Pod System to take with us on 3-day music festivals, since our big mods are just way too clunky to transport. This system in particular is very intriguing to me because of it's high mAh. My question is, the both of us...
  15. Tuna

    Pod Nicotine Equivalent of 3mg?

    Hey there, me and my girlfriend are thinking about ordering the new Eleaf iWu Pod System to take with us on 3-day music festivals, since our big mods are just way too clunky to transport. This system in particular is very intriguing to me because of it's high mAh. My question is, the both of us...
  16. ziadtorkey

    Does the base of Nicotine count in the Mix?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to DIY. I'm going to buy nicotine for my first mix and i was looking through e-liquid-recipes and i found that there are different types of nicotine: - Nicotine 50PG/50VG - Nicotine 100PG - Nicotine 100VG The store which is selling nicotine in my area offers Nicotine...
  17. Th3_uN1Qu3

    My thoughts and experiments on vaping-related headaches

    I've been getting some headaches lately and was wondering if vaping could have anything to do with them. So i messed around with the juices and started to draw some preliminary conclusions. Sometimes, I definitely drink less water than i should, and this likely plays a big role. I need to drink...
  18. E

    Can I vape plain VG and nicotine?

    Hey, new member here and new to vaping, ive been looking on websites a week now to start vaping as my friend bought me one and im all for something that will get me to quit smoking.. though I want to make it with the least ingredients as im not so keen on smoking art flavours and PG... will...
  19. jstnicotine2


    i am wendy ,I'm going to vapingunderground for the first time, Xi’an Jia shute biological engineering co.,LTD, founded in 2007. Specializing in nicotine and flavour of manufacturing. The company has a professional r&d team, strict quality control center and professional sales team. Through our...
  20. C

    Vapers be warned.

    I will try to keep this short and sweet. My name is Derek, I'm 29, average weight and hight. I use a SMOK AL85 stock unit. Usually vape 12mg to 18mg nicotine using pg,vg,50/50(no difference in symptoms other than pg tend to burn my throat. I want share my experiences from the last 5 years of...
  21. VaporJoe


    For those of you that talk DIY on reddit you might want to take a look at this thread. Conversation is fine but linking, selling, and giveaways of any kind when it comes to ejuice (including zero nic) is now a banning offense...
  22. deathmetal08er

    is Nicotine Giant Legit

    I used to USE RTS vape and wizard for all my DIY. stopped making juices for a while but would like to start again. RTS is gone but Nioctine Giant is kinda replacing them. has anyone ordered from them. any pros or cons?
  23. Pauline13

    Help!! Nicotine Salts!

    Hey everyone, I'm Pauline and I'm new here ☺️ I heard that you cannot use nicotine salts with every device, is that true?? If yes, then what types of devices can I use with Nicotine Salts??
  24. bluffsbrewingco

    Hello VU members. New online retailer Bluffs Brewing Co.

    Hello fellow VU members. We are Bluffs Brewing Co. a new manufacturer of e-liquids in Toronto. We look forward to being a part of your vaping experience. Sorry to my friends south of the border, we are currently only providing service within Canada. #notblowingsmoke
  25. T

    Help needed for nicotine booster

    Hey people, A while ago I ordered a bottle of e-liquid and since I live in the EU it's not allowed to have nicotine in amounts of liquids larger then 10 ml. I ordered a 60 ml bottle with 50 ml of concentrated e-liquid inside. I needed to add 10 ml of 18mg nicotine booster/shot. Now since the...
  26. NineNine

    How to avoid nicotine while vaping?

    I am told that vaping nicotine is probably nowhere near as addictive as smoking. So my question is how to avoid nicotine while vaping? In relationship with the choose of different e-juice? Thank you all.
  27. R

    New member here looking to hear insight on Carolina Xtract vs xtreme nicotine

    I’m totally green to the diy section so you know. I bought a diy kit from a reputable vendor to start with. The nic ended up being bad tasted peppery as well as like I licked an ashtray and very bad throat hit. Needless to say I learned a few valuable lessons on that venture. I’m looking for...
  28. nicotinegiant

    15% Off Nicotine Retail & Wholesale and Two Other Promo Codes

    Take Advantage of Three Promo Codes all at One Time! *Promo Code Nic15 expires Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST Nicotine Giant Supplying RTS Vapes Product 1. Same quality products from the same manufacturers; 2. Same site layout for your convenience; 3. If you already had an...
  29. R

    Opened E-liquid

    Hello guys, I have 12 new e liquid juices each with a different flavor. I like to vape different flavors always so if I open all of them and start vaping each flavor some days I will have some bottles opened for months, will this deplete the flavor or nicotine can go bad (all have 6% nicotine)...
  30. Heartlandvapes

    15% Off All Nicotine Solutions

    15% OFF - All Nicotine Solutions Use Code: Nic15 Enter code on your 'Shopping Cart' page Cannot be combined with other discounts This Weekend Only - Offer ends Midnight November 19th 2017
  31. R

    Best setup to vape 12% e-liquid (Too harsh)

    Hi guys, so I'm technically new to vaping I have Evic Vtwo mod with an RDA (0.77 ohm) since I used to smoke analogs nicotine is too important for me so I purchased halo e liquid and since they have a special offer I got 12 30 ml bottles all with 12 mg nicotine but it's too harsh for me and it...
  32. N

    To Nic or Not To Nic?

    I am waiting on my DIY supplies to come after placing my first order. I ordered 100 mg nicotine but am having second thoughts on using it...but I guess getting a little fearful is better than going in full on stupid. I am currently vaping 3 mg and am wondering how hard it would be to eliminate...
  33. Vaperyan

    Top Secret: You Can Get FREE Product from GROUP BUYING

    Hey, VU Friends! How ya'll been? I trust all good! I've been keeping this from you but now it's official, I am excited to announce our biggest promotion yet for the year! You can know more about the promotion here: What's good about it is that discount...
  34. John C

    Is my nicotine still good? 100mg stored in....

    Hi guys, Any help is appreciated. Back in April I got 120 mls of 100mg nicotine from nudenicotine. Plastic bottle. I live in the southeast US. It's been stored in my closet, so it's very very dark, but there have been plenty of times it's gotten to maybe 80 degrees or so, in there, during the...
  35. Boogenshizzle

    Nicotine and Nicotine Handling.

    As with any new or old adventure, safety is number one priority. This chapter will give you a complete understanding of the nicotine you use and how to store and dispense it safely and easily. Please keep all nicotine, materials, equipment, etc., out of the reach of children and pets. Before...
  36. A

    Wizard Labs customer service sucks! So does their nicotine!

    Wizard labs is basically a repackaging vendor. They buy in bulk from the major suppliers, repackage into smaller containers, and sell at a competitive price for small quantities. That's great if you want to try little amounts of a variety of flavors. I had used them for over a year. First...
  37. MagicJosh

    400mg's of nicotine to dangerous?

    A cool guy on my youtube chanel has given me 120 ml's of 400 mg's of nicotine? Do you think I should use it or no?
  38. M

    Chemical question: Which compound is formed by nicotine and plastic?

    Hi there, comunist Germany has come so far to prohibit nicotine bases with more than 20mg/ml content. Anyhow sensible to protect stupid people from killing themselves. I have handled a base with 48mg/ml and the following happened, now I wonder what happened precisely: I filled my nicotine base...
  39. leah@vaperstek

    RTS Closing, Try our Nicotine 15% off! is sorry to hear that RTS Vapes has decided to go out of business. We feel our nicotine is on par with the quality RTS sold and believe that you will be more than satisfied with our product! Knowing this, we are offering first time customers a 15% discount on our nicotine...
  40. Vaperyan


    Tell this to your Dad! Shout out to all Awesome Dads and Dad-figures in VU! You all deserve a beer and a good vape! HAPPY FATHERS DAY, ALL!!!! Cheers!! EDIT: Greeting in advance before everybody gets an overwhelming salute on Father's day on Sunday! Much love from us in HiLIQ!
  41. Ms. Trixy

    Smoking vs. Vaping - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    This thread is about FACTS. Hard core graphics, videos, and snippets to help us and new Vapers realize just how dangerous smoking really is and how vaping truly is our salvation. This is not a discussion thread. Contributions to this thread, especially visuals are encouraged. At the end of this...
  42. jmonfu

    Need to buy Nicotine

    Hi all, I need to buy some liquid nicotine since I do DIY. However I live in Malta, so I was wondering if you know any good vendors that ship globally so that I can get some over to Malta. Thanks for your help!
  43. M

    Nicotine Test

    Ok, so I vape once maybe twice a week. I vaped around 15 hits at 3 nic on sunday. Will The nic be out of my urine come Friday? Can I pass the Test or should I reschedule it?
  44. Vaperyan


    Hello All! Just returned to office after series of field work overseas. Can you guys tip me if there are shows hitting your areas so we can go too? And send free samples to everybody? Anyway VU, I am happy to announce that we'll be turning a year older this week, so starting tomorrow at 10AM...
  45. M

    storing nicotine before TPD

    Before TPD makes nicotine base unavailable in the current strengths and quantities, I want to stock up and freeze some VG based nicotine. I've been doing a lot of reading and it seems freezing it is best, in amber glass bottles. Also, a particular kind of lid is recommended, a phenolic polycone...
  46. S

    Putting nicotine juice into no nicotine coil?

    i have a 220w alien mod with q2 baby beast coils and I just bought some more coils but they said they have zero nicotine. I was wondering whether my nicotine juice will still allow nicotine to pass through the coils? The previous coils have allowed it and there's no difference in the coils...
  47. Savchambo

    Adding pure nicotine to already premade eliquid

    I have premade eliquid already but was thinking of adding 1-2 drops of 100% pure nicotine to it. Would that be okay, or safe? Or would that be just way too much nicotine? Just so were clear; yes, I mean PURE nicotine. Not just 100mg nicotine, but 100%.
  48. E

    Making sure nicotine in VG gets mixed well.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the mixing game and just got my first nicotine (100mg/250ml) shipment from Nic River, I accidently ordered it with the VG base. What is the best way to make sure that it is mixed well before dividing it up, what containers and sizes (I use 6mg) do you suggest I use...
  49. B

    Nicotine question

    I'm thinking of buying 100mg nicotine in a liter. I vape at about a 1mg ejuice. If I vape 300ml per month would that last me roughly 27 years? Is my math right is my question. Granted the nicotine wouldn't last that long I don't believe. Thanks
  50. JamesVape7

    $39.99 Liter of 100mg Nicotine SALE -Coupon: vaporjoes -- Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers

    Happy New Years Vaping Underground! 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on all of our EJuice! Coupon Code: VU20 We have made a bunch of changes so far this year! We added 60mL and 120mL sizes to our unflavored e-liquid nicotine base, PG & VG and best of all..... Free Shipping for E-Liquid! We are...

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