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Hello Everyone!


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Hey, I am Krista living in the USA. I am working as a blogger for Vapors, multi-flavored STIG pods, and E-Juices, that transforms the vaping for everyone in an effortless and satisfying salt nicotine experience. I am here to discuss about my vaping experience and want to know about the same.


In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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Hiya Krista welcome aboard’s worth taking a moment to read our forum rules with regards to adding links on this forum should you be wanting to do that :)

if you plan to act in a vendor or marketing capacity let one of us moderators know before we pick up on it


My name is Lucy and I am a squonkaholic
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Welcome to VU. Good luck with your blog. PM me a link to it, would like to check it out.


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Welcome Krista!

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