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Help building custom Yihi SXmini SX350 J mod

Okay so i made this account and thread to ask for help from fellow DIY-ers who can hopefully help me develop my mod or at the very least point me in the right direction to a forum area/thread that can help me.

Basically i wish to create a dual 18650 sx350 j mod that is upgrade-able by micro USB and from another micro USB be chargeable in box, with the following parts but i need specifics and the obvious parts I am lacking in this list as well as parts recommendations and a how to for wiring up this insane mod:

To restate my short comings and needs, i hope you fellow diy vapers can help me with explaining a bit of the wiring and what important parts such as resistors i will need. In addition better part recommendations would be greatly appreciated although the led button, led 510 ring and chip need to stay unless an extremely better option exists. I am very good with soldering as well as electrical work being 18 and a senior at my tech school in the electrician trade so the actual work shouldn't be a problem so much as the diagram for wiring and safety pieces such as resistors (assuming that's the correct part). I merely need to know the basic diagrams and parts i need for this to function safe.
I know this is a hefty request but i feel the project will be amazing when finished and pictures will be posted upon completion.

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