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Lol... spam texts

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That would have made it so much easier at the poultry processing plant. *chuckles* I worked on what was called the de-bone line as well as nearly every other position there. I was good in the evisceration line as well as the live hang and the re-hang lines. I was just okay in de-bone.

For live hang I learned to hang fifty eight birds per minute at the age of fifteen. That was when live hang was only two people hanging. Went back to do it fifteen or so years later there were ten people doing it and was told to slow to twelve birds per minute. It really messed me up trying to go that slow.

Speed was not as important on re-hang line. Instead you fought with a computerized weight machine. Each bird needed to weigh within a tolerance level. If one did not it got ejected off of the "product" belt.

Then, you had to re-hang the ammonia frozen birds back on a shackle line. An overhead area housed a line that cut backs. You also needed to get those, transfer out to freezer crew with them.

All the while you're walking on, slick from water and chicken grease, concrete floors. Yes you wear wellies but they're of no real help to avoid slipping and busting yourself. Plastic totes of backs was "supposed" to weigh about 34kg but usually weighed 68kg instead. No one really cared, it was just part of the whole mentality, "move the line".

In live hang you might get punched, unintentionally. Guys get into a rhythm & sway. If you step too close you get clocked. In the live hang room no one took it to heart, everyone got punched once in a while, it just happened. Keep working. Though sometimes it would get a bit heated, until cooler heads prevailed.

Yep, working in poultry processing plants is lovely fun & good times. Had a mate once look something up. He found that live hang poultry plants were among the five most dangerous jobs in the world. I think actual live bullet proofing test dummies was a little more dangerous. Yep, yep, so much fun. *chuckles*

Loved working the "zombie" crew. We were the night shift crew that could by special permission, go across the street to the other plant. We'd do night shift for company A, day shift for company B. Yes, cross contamination issues were addressed properly. Some would pull three day/72 hr shifts, be "off" four days, some did four day and off three.

At the time you could earn around $12 USD hrly. Figure averaging a one hundred sixty hour pay period. A person could earn about $2,000 every fortnight given bonuses for shift differentials, supervisors bribing employees to work specific positions.

Finally the zombie crew got disbanded as OSHA busted both plants. "Y'all working too much, ya gonna get hurt." So managers at both plants wound up rolling out fines on us if we pulled zombie. We could lose out $1,000, not fortnightly but weekly. So it made doing zombie not worth it.
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