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Yhis kind of reminds me of one day going to Kroger's. The pharmacy is down the side of the exit. Well, as all this pandemic pandemonium set in Kroger's has put up all these directions. I come in through the exit because well I wasn't going to walk all over the whole store to go to the pharmacy. A young lady, twenties maybe with her little 2-5 yr old girl are coming out. The lady scoffs and says, "uh, you're going the wrong way."

I smile under my mask, "I'm Sinatra." Return to the car with my medicine. Tell my wife about the incident. She laughed, shook her head. "She probably has no idea who sinatra is." The hilariousness is my wife is probably right. These damn youngsters now don't know Sinatra, Johnny Carson. Where as me and her grew up at least having a fair idea who they were, along with Fred Astaire.

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