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Need this thing to hit harder!

Mech heads I need some insight. Here's what's going on. Bonza Mech, fully charged Samsung 30t, Occula RDA, build is 3x26g A1/32g SS 316L alien dual coil 5 wraps at 0.17. It's hitting like an angry 3 year old and I need it to bite like a Doberman. Change the build? Something with a faster ramp up like nichrome? Stack it/more power? Vapor production is decent though. Thanks in advance.
Ya I'll prolly throw a simple round wire build in to see what happens with it. I think I'm just looking for a faster ramp up so that might fix my issue.


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I use mostly parallels in my mechs. I just try not to build too low. I do kind of push the envelope though. Although not to the extreme. Usually .15'ish @28 amps. The point is I have done it for a while and am comfortable doing so. Good bats required.


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Little late here but I’ve noticed my Bonza mech doesn’t hit nearly as hard as my other tube mechs so I pretty much use it as a stacked mech and run a .8 build in an rta...I use 30t’s too.


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remove a wrap off your coil (4 vs 5), should come up @ around .11

yeah too much mass for those kanthal cores (try using SS or N80/90)

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