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I like those as well. Let me think on it, I'll pm ya. My guess is if you let me get a little more time out of them, I'll be ready for something new.

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hey, thats sounds great, no hurry.

some would say those would look funky on a Unicorn Poo. but i really dig the purple and amber is about my favorite color.


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What coils do yall use in your stacked mods? Seems like everything I put in, besides regular round, hits way too hard to even use lol
Go higher. I normally use 0.8 in series. I know some go lower but for me that's plenty. I will see if I can make one of the sets of coils I'm gonna send you a higher ohm for you to try. Those won't be fused claptons though :) Just normal claptons. I might be able to get a pair high enough.


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.48 is alright. Still a tad hard but it's not too terrible. Just wondering what everyone else was using. Compared to my single battery setups its insane
The key is not running out of juice. I need a lot of air and take shorter vapes, and juice the hell out of the coils. My stack is a Deathwish Modz Baphomet (see my avatar) with the Unholy V2 RDA running JBoi Ni80 alien series coils. They ohm at 0.32 and hit like hell, but if I juice it up and keep the hits to about 2 seconds it's fantastic. But don't let it run dry; as long as you're burning juice it's great. YMMV. And yeah, they need a cleaning.
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