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The Official #HandCheck Thread


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Was looking for an image in old files, accidentally found this miss 2016.


Still have all of it. I just can't do the tight MTL draw of the Erlkonigin RTA anymore..but man they were great at the time.

I vape that actual SS316 steel Veritas RDA on that same Heatvape Invader Mini every day...don't do the big metal 'castle' style DT anymore tho.. :)
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Very nice, wish I could give it 2 thumbs up.
Thanks. It's gotten a better trigger and a couple other changes since then too. The most misrepresented and misunderstood inanimate object in American history. SOOOO much fun that has absolutely nothing to do with hurting anybody.

On another note, I've been using the Swag II as my main around town mod because I've had three Ijoy VPCs all die in the same catastrophic fashion. Shorted usb port. As in hard short and battery flaming hot (audible sizzling) in seconds forcing me to yank the cable.. My all time fav pocket mod, but the chintz-o-matic usb port they use tragically shortens it's life.

All was not lost though because I took the battery sled out of one of them and put it in a 7 dollar bluetooth speaker I got from 5 below to use with my phone.

It came with some pathetic 100 mah postage stamp size li-ion battery in it that barely lasted an hour.

I rigged up the the sled out of the VPC to work in the speaker with a VapCell 18350.

Now it runs for several hours before it needs charging.

The little control board doesn't know the difference. As long as it gets the voltage and chemistry it was designed for, the capacity doesn't matter. It runs and charges just fine. :cool:

How did I get on all that? Oh yeah, salvaging parts from dead Ijoy VPCs lol.
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