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I am a Mixologist looking to sell my own concoctions of eliquid. you can PM me pretty much any flavor you want and i will let you know if i have it in stock. I charge $8 for a 60 ML bottle and for every extra bottle you buy its about $0.50 cheaper per bottle
60 mL bottle prices (to make things easier)
1 Bottle $8
And after that it follows the $5 flow that I have set up. To be honest its cheaper than most B&M stores and I would love to open my own B&M store if the money gets good enough. However with the FDA regulations coming up I think it would be best to just save my money for now. I am a vaper myself and I test 100% of the mixes I make. I can send you a list of all my flavors and a few mixes I've made and we can talk about shipment. if you're close enough we could just meet in person and handle the transaction that way from out of my home. if not I think i would split the shipping cost 50/50 depending on how much you buy. I'm thinking 8 bottle or more would net you free shipping. However NOT all my sales are final if you don't like a flavor I would be happy to send you a different one. I wont give out refunds though, only replacements and I don't see anyone doing that now or in the future.
Hit me up on facebook too
Anthony Smith
above is a link to my facebook page


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