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Unknown 18650 brand

I went to my local smoke shop and asked for some 18650s for my new smok alien 220w and he handed me then and I gave him $30 cad and went on my way. But when I got home and searched up the brand I couldn’t find it it was a safe battery or not. It’s a bestkallint 2500mah and it’s rated at 35amps, I’m sure it’s probably only 20amps at mos but I was wondering if it would be safe to use in a regulated mod.



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Would you trust them?
I really don’t want any explosions but also don’t want to be out $30

Honestly NO, but I have not done enough research to really say that. There are so many factors to determine if they would be safe for you to use like how many watts are you going to use them at and what kind of MOD for starters. I do not want to tell you not to use them since I do not know enough about them to actually make an EDUCATED opinion on them. I have an MXJo battery here that I heard was garbage but I bought it from my well respected B&M Vape Shop and it is one outstanding Cell that Mooch has rated as very good. Many like to offer opinions but they do not have enough info to back up their statements and I don't want to fall into that category. Good Luck~!


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It's a regulated mod so give it a shot.

Make sure you check to see if they get hot after a little while.

If they are stop using them.

I think they are just going to end up not lasting very long between charges.


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Looks like a efest with a different name. I can't stand the fact the shops sell this crap. Should ask what batteries are in their mod when purchasing. Damn just be careful

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Looks like a efest with a different name. I can't stand the fact the shops sell this crap. Should ask what batteries are in their mod when purchasing. Damn just be careful
Everything I found on these is pointing to this, Some say it is a re wrap of a efest battery. No test are found from some reviews they don't last very long and I saw one that said don't use over 40 W. However I could not find one official test of these. I would use them but keep it low and order some good batteries asap.


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Those are just your typical crap generics of the "ultrafire" sorts. They've been tested at far less capacity than labeled. I mean they may work ok for a bit, just not last long. Definitely not worth the $30 price tag.

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Hey! Wally World sells them so they must be good?

But maybe not, when I click on the link electronic mosquito repellers comes up :)


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OP got ripped off. Buy genuine Samsung, LG, or Sony cells so you actually know what the cell is capable of.

Efest is generally regarded as a company that sells re-wraps with grossly inflated ratings on the label. These are efest knock-offs, so god only knows what is really under that wrapper. Probably nothing good though.

They may be safe enough to use in a regulated mod at lower power levels, but if they start to get hot (especially when the battery indicator shows they're getting low) I'd dump them or pick up an 18650 flashlight to use them in. Chances are though they'll just sag like mad, leading to "low battery" messages long before you'd expect.

The biggest concern is that since we have no idea what is under the wrap and cannot trust the label, we have no idea of where the "danger zone" might be and no idea of how they will react should they happen to fail. They could pee a little electrolyte solution, or they could grenade if they're a mislabeled ICR.

Maybe chalk it up as a loss and send them to Mooch so he can test them and add them to the database, for everyone's benefit.
Thanks for all your replies and I am going to recycle them and order some lg hg2’s just cause I wanna play it safe and not end up on the news for an exploding vape ;)

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