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  1. Shenzhen XTAR

    Battery FAQs

    Here we list some frequent questions of the batteries and share our answers below. Q1. Is it a good idea to mix old and new batteries to power your electronics? A: No. As batteries discharge, the internal resistance increases. This will limit current flow from the new battery since most...
  2. L

    So many choices! Which batteries to get for the Geekvape Aegis x?

    I just ordered the Geekvape Aegis X and I have no clue which batteries to get. Safety and performance are both important to me. I want some that will be safe but will also last. I have used 4 or 5 different Vapes and am currently using the Smok Novo 2. I first started to get off of cigarettes...
  3. J

    Help me set up my Mech please

    Hi Y'all, I have recently bought an Ultroner Omegacoil mech mod, I have a Bonza 1.5 RDA to accompany it, I am running Demon Killer Framed Clapton coils which are sitting at 0.26 Ohms per coil, I have 2 coils in my RDA, so if I am right that would be 0.13 Ohms in total. I am now struggling to...
  4. S

    Liito Kala Official Store at Aliexpress is authentic?

    I've found the "Liito Kala Official Store" at Aliexpress: Anyone does know if that story is authentic and they sell original Liito Kala batteries? I like these 21700 form factor batteries...
  5. inspects

    Are these for real?

    The 18650 20 amp Holmlife battery. Or some rewrapped garbage?
  6. JuiceChris

    Vape School: 9 Vape Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know

    Perhaps you'll find a pack of batteries in your stocking this holiday, or you receive get a gift card for a shop and you want to stock up on batteries for the coming year. As you well know, vape batteries are a common item in the toolkit of people who use vape mods. From its appearance, a vape...
  7. SpectoVia

    Can somebody get Samsung Batteries R&D on the line.....

    isn't it about time for battery technology to take, at least, a baby step?
  8. Bl4ckKat

    Vapcell Vape Review - 18650 and 21700 Batteries

    Batteries! Something we all need if you’re a serious vaper. Vapcell make some great batteries that are highly rated by Battery Mooch. In this review I’ll be taking a look at Vapcell’s new INR18650 2800mAh 25A batteries (red) and the INR21700 3100mAh 35a (purple). Disclaimer: I am not an expert...
  9. N

    Help please!!!!

    So im still fairly new at vaping and was wondering when should i charge my batteries? Like is there a wrong time to charge them? Should i wait until there completely dead.or??? And advice would be much appreciated! I have two Samsung R25 batteries Mod is smok morph 219
  10. V

    Doubt about batteries

    Hey guys, how are you? Could you please tell me which is the best battery for vaping? I've searched a lot but i dont know which one is the best option to go. Many of my friends told me that the Sony VTC5A was pretty good. What about the VTC6 one? My mod needs 2 batteries. Any suggestions? What...
  11. V

    Charging in the mod (USB - phone charger) OR external charger

    Hey guys, how are you? I dont know what to do, i just bought two 18650 3000 mAh Sony batteries but i dont know how should i charge them. I guess the internal battery charging circuitry in a mod is best used only for emergency uses but i am not 100% sure about it. Anyway, is it possible to use a...
  12. C

    Need Advice! Is it safe to use a D-cell spring?

    So for the second time I bought my wife the teslacigs punk 85W mod, and for the second time the pin connecting the battery got jammed and won’t come back out no matter what I try. Is it safe to put a D-cell battery spring in the negative side to stretch the battery up to make the positive...

    Battery Safety Warning & Tips - VproCity Vaping Blog

    Battery Safety Warning & Tips: Please read the information below before purchasing your first 18650 external battery Mod, Device or Kit. Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries are potentially hazardous when used incorrectly. 18650 batteries can present a serious FIRE HAZARD if damaged, as...
  14. godhelpme

    Dual 18650s vs Single 21700

    I am not that informed when it comes to batteries as I've only had one mod (that had a freak accident). I am between two mods now, one of which is a dual 18650 and the other a single 18650, 20700, or 21700. The ohm resistances would be anywhere from .2 to 1.5. Occasional Sub-Ohm and RDA, but MTL...
  15. cloumix

    [In Stock]Silicone Case for Dual 18650 Batteries

    Made of high-quality silicone rubber, the Silicone Case is designed to hold dual 18650 batteries. It can protect your 20700 batteries and it is easy to carry. Just get it for your 18650. Product Name: Silicone Case for Dual 18650 Batteries Type: Silicone Case Color: White, Black...
  16. D

    Nitecore i2 NEW charger questions for 3.7 v batteries

    Before anyone commits to the old adage, RTFM. I have, and while it covered the topic I am asking about it did not do it well... I am waiting on my star but for now this is all i have and I have read that you can select with the c and v buttons respectively to select the charging limit. I.e...
  17. Lukasblock05

    Unknown 18650 brand

    I went to my local smoke shop and asked for some 18650s for my new smok alien 220w and he handed me then and I gave him $30 cad and went on my way. But when I got home and searched up the brand I couldn’t find it it was a safe battery or not. It’s a bestkallint 2500mah and it’s rated at 35amps...
  18. yomajesty

    Battery Amperage for Wismec RX200S Mod?

    Hi, I have a Wismec RX200S mod on the way, and it takes 3 18360 batteries. Their website says to use batteries that have at least a 25A discharge if I understand them correctly. Will my current batteries work? I have: 3 LG INR18650-MJ1: 3500 mAH, 10A Max Continuous Discharge. 3 Efest IRM...
  19. Tim12345

    Batteries are acting weird

    ive had a SMOK AL85 for about two years and have had a portable charger that’s worked fine for a few months now. Both batteries simultaneously started taking forever to charge and the AL85 is saying that I need a battery change even though it shows that the battery is half full on the screen...
  20. S

    WTS an Ijoy Captain PD270, with batteries and tank

    Mod is great, display is a little weird but batteries fire regularly. Have not had the mod act unnatural when idle or off. Batteries need rewrapping but have been covered with electrical tape. Tank is a Smok TFV12 prince , and comes with original box, backup coil and cotton, and the extra...
  21. A

    Batteries and amps question

    My ohms is .12 requiring 35 amps. My mod takes two 18650s I have samsung 25r 2500mah 20amp. With both of these in my mod is it safely giving 35 amps?


    :vu: **ENDED** Gone for now, thanks. The last of my vape gear. :wave: OFFERS ACCEPTED :wave: -Sigelei Fuchai 213W-plus regulated mod. Box, docs, USB cord and rubber sleeve. Fantastic condition. SOLD -Uwell...
  23. bigash000

    Wismec RX 2/3 - the lid no longer closes the circuit

    Hello! It is my first time posting so if there's a better category for this issue, plese let me know. My Wismec suddenly is no longer working after fixing the lid in place. It does however work if I put the lid slightly below, so that the metal connectors touch eachother in a specific way. Any...
  24. M

    Battery Recommendation

    I have a smok x priv with the prince rba. The coils I put on are running at .12 ohm. Are Samsung 25r batteries safe at that ohm?
  25. B

    Battery Wraps

    Does anyone know how to print on 18650 style shrink wrap? Would it be easier to try it by the roll or individually cut? I've hit google and youtube to no luck. Even asked Amazon sellers and posted product questions. I'd like something more professional looking that just paper cutouts. Thanks!
  26. SpectoVia

    Rate my battery.....bro

    When I made the switch to 18650 mods, I paid attention to Mooch and only got batteries from his recommended sites. I just got this K-101 mod kit and unexpectedly found that it had an 18650 and 18350 battery included. I have no idea of who the manufacturer is. I could mentally “risk/benefit”...
  27. Four_Gamerz

    Four Battery Series

    In a parallel circuit your batteries will double amperage and mah, while your voltage stays the same, and in a series circuit your batteries will double voltage, while your amps and mah will stay the same. Ive done some research and cannot seem to figure out what the results of a four battery...
  28. P

    Battery Imbalance - New to Vaping

    Hi, I have a Sigelei Kaos Spectrum that has two MXJO IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 35A batteries. I can't use the mod because it says, "The battery is imbalance". Then the two voltage signs on the right start blinking. One battery has 3.39 V and the other has 4.29 V. I am new to vaping and confused...
  29. P

    Need Help - Battery Imbalance with MXJO IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 35A

    I am planning on buying an external battery charger, but my batteries currently have a power imbalance. I was just wondering if I were to buy a battery charger, could I charge both batteries to a balanced state? Or should I proceed differently? PS: I am also looking for a cheap external...
  30. K

    Safest Battery Options For T-Priv?

    I have done much research before I posted this, because I understand related questions have been asked millions of times. So let me thank you in advance for taking the time to answer. :) I’m not new to vaping, however I’m new to understanding and getting into battery saftey. I’ve always had...
  31. kymbrolie525


    Hi friends! I'm new to this forum so hello. I had to search for you guys cause I'm in BIG trouble. Ughhh! I've been vaping for over 2 years now, walked away from the Marlboro and straight into E-cig land and I love it. I've had my SMOK Stick V8 for about 5 months or so, couldn't be happier...
  32. C

    ??Battery or Mod Damaged??

    Hello! first post homies so bare with me. So my old mod was having trouble reading my batteries (reuleaux rx200) figured the connections were shot so i ordered a new one. The batteries were sitting fully charged for about five days until my new mod arrived (reuleaux rx gen 3). they then read...
  33. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Inc - FATPACK Sale Ends Tonight! Get your Eliquid while supplies last!

    Vape Craft Inc's FATPACK Sale is back! Get Yours Today! 5 x 120mL's as low as $60! Coupon Code: FATPACK Sale Ends Wednesday Nov 8th @ 11:59PM(PST) Not interested in juice? Get 5% Off with Code: "5OFF" on great products from Kangertech, LG Batteries, MOVKIN...
  34. Youngvapor

    What kind of battery is this ?

    So. For a long time ago i bought vtc4 batteries from fasttech. Now again i bought some vtc4 batteries but wtf. What is this pink wrap on top of it ? Very strange because it is the same page i bought my previous batteries, and they did not have pink wrap!
  35. T

    t-priv and rda and batteries help !! please

    ok gonna sound really stupid here but just looking for some help so I have had a v8 big baby beast stick from smok for about a month now and i want to move on so i have recently bought the t-priv mod (red) and want to know what batteries to get and are all batteries rechargeable? I also did...
  36. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Weekend Sale Part.2! Get Two 120mL Bottles of Vape Craft line ejuice $24! Free Shipping..

    Get This 2X120mL E-Juice Deal for $24 with these Vape Craft bottles here. Use Code: "2FOR24" Or Get 20% off any 120mL eliquid here Code: "2FOR24" Gets you these savings. Happy Vaping! Want some inexpensive hardware? Get 5% off site wide products using code: "5OFF" Popular products are from...
  37. 3unu(h-80m83r

    Dipped mod in water

    Hey everyone! Just dipped my mod in a little water on accident. (put in cup instead of next to cup while gaming) took it out immediately, took batteries out immediately. There was a small amount of water inside the bottom battery door, but I shook it dry and wiped it out. It's not acting weird...
  38. W

    Batteries for mod

    So recently i got the money to upgrade to a mod set up that uses batteries and when my order came in I noticed that the batteries werent the same, i ordered 2 sets of 2 of the same ones from the website, the difference isnt in the volts or amperage but the mAh and i was wondering if anything bad...
  39. G

    Nervous About my batteries

    Recently bought a steampunkj 120 nano off of a friend. Did not come with batteries. I was curious if i got fucked over or not and wanted to see if it turned on. Surely it didnt without batteries obviously. Now the thing is i put my 2 53165 batteries in. I tried hitting the on switch a couple...
  40. SpectoVia

    I look forward to Mooch's review of these in the future

    Zinc-Air Batteries Research Could be a Game-Changer for Consumer Tech You know these will be configured into a mod as soon as possible.
  41. T

    Is there negative side effects of having batteries drawn at max drain?

    I was hoping to make a crazy low ohm (Around 0.1-0.15) cloud chasing build with 22g kanthal a1, but the max wattage I would be able to use would be 127 which is my sweet spot. I'm just wondering if there can be any negative side effects to my batteries if I have it constantly pushing out 35a. My...
  42. F

    Can I run dual Samsung 25rs at super low ohm?

    I've tried reading many battery articles across the web, and see stuff like continuous capacity, amps, capacity, safety, etc. But I don't feel like I really understand it in practice. So I'll just come out and ask: I'm using two Samsung 25r batteries in a Predator mod. I use an RTA with...
  43. cloudvape

    How to do an 18650 battery wrap tutorial

    Hi guys, When I wrapped my 18650 batteries, I felt like making a video of it will be useful so here it is. Remember to be safe and keep your batteries safe at all times. Happy vaping!
  44. Vapp

    Identify Batteries

    I opened a old laptop battery and found 2 alive 18650 sony batteries They are SE18650GR And the first letters underneath are T 7C Does anyone know their specs? And are they safe to vape?
  45. J

    VTC4 vs VTC5

    ok so I vape high watts (like 80w-200w anywhere in that range but on average probably 100w) and I hear that the sony VTC4 is THE best batteries for that and for a long time, but unnoticed now they have the vtc5, is it better? Worse? Should it be used lower? Can it handle high watts as well...
  46. J

    Will this battery work

    So I usually use the "high end" 18650 battery's from vape shops that are made just for vaping, but I recently ordered a new charger and found one that came with 2 Yliyaya li-ion 18650 batteries, is anyone familiar with this brand and knows if it is a good and safe battery to use in my vape, I...
  47. B

    Wismec RX2/3 and button top HG2

    I would like to buy an RX2/3, and I'm looking for batteries for it. I found the site, and they have Samsung 25rs, but it's cheaper with button top. Would they fit in the RX2/3 or I need to spend extra money for the flat top? (the button tops are genuine, but with a button top...
  48. SpectoVia

    SmokeTip vw

    I had been using SmokeTip cigalikes and was pleased enough with the company that I gave their vaping kit a try. I was able to determine the kind of tanks and coils they used (Amigo) and they have been awesome; for me at least. The question I have for this thread is: Does anybody know what...
  49. Jon@LiionWholesale

    Regulated Mod Amp Draw Calculator

    Hey guys, I was looking through some threads and I noticed that the calculator we recently added to our site would be helpful in answering a bunch of the posts about what battery to get. I thought I'd post it up if you need a quick simple calculator that gives the amp rating needed for your...
  50. PwnStar51

    4 Battery mods and different mAh/currents

    Hey all, I recently got a Snowwolf 365 and got 4 batteries at that time. 3 of them a E-SYB 18650 3.7V 3500mAh with a 30A discharge current, and one is an E-SYB 18650 3.7V 2800mAh with a 49A discharge current. My question is; is it safe to use all 4 together or would that damage my mod myself in...

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