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  1. F

    Cylindrical 2 cell mods

    Many years ago I had a couple mods that were cylindrical and held 2 18650s watts I think Simple digital display showed mode and setting 2 button operation. I really had enjoyed the style because of the available belt solutions for cases and clips at uniform stores Best rig ever to use while...
  2. littlebrovapes


  3. 3Avape Official

    $10.99 Smok Procolor Mod 225W

    Product Introduction The Smok ProColor Kit includes a ProColor TC Mod and a TFV8 Big Baby Tank. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the ProColor TC Box Mod is able to reach a maximum output power of 225W. The newly-designed shield-shaped display provides a functional interface for you. The...
  4. Enpsyclopedia

    WTS- Rogue Mods brass wolf

    Selling my Rogue Mods brass wolf with the LE shark button. $250 takes it with free shipping inside U.S. International shipping will be on the buyer.
  5. Jane_Qiu

    $33.9 Wellon Beyond AIO 18650 Kit/$7.99 C2MNT V2 RDA

    $33.9 Wellon Beyond AIO 18650 35W VW Box Mod Pod System Starter Kit 2ml Features Material: Zinc Alloy + PCTG Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Battery (Not included) Power Output: 5~35W Pod Capacity: 2ml Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm SS316 Mesh Overtime Protection Over temperature Protection Output...
  6. Irked Particle

    Vaporesso Gen Appreciation Thread

    Hey all! I wasn't sure where to post this as it's really just me rambling about how much I love the Vaporesso Gen. I had seen some reviews for the Gen online which intrigued me about it especially when reviewers mentioned Pulse mode, & particularly the feel of the mod. After some searching...
  7. E

    18650 battery NON vape question.

    So from my research anything over 3000mah 30 amp max discharge is overrated fake etc. BUT I'm looking for the highest genuine mah 18650 and I only need a 1 amp max continuous discharge current. It's for a cheap 2 dollar usb powerbank cell phone charger that I misread the description of from...
  8. 3Avape Official

    IJOY Avenger 270 234W Voice Control TC Mod $25.99

    Product introduction The IJOY Avenger 270 Mod is the first artificial intelligent vape device with voice control. Powered by dual 20700/ 18650 batteries for long lasting endurance, the Avenger 270 is able to reach up to a maximum output power of 234W. What’s more, the Avenger 270 Mod supports...
  9. Krusty

    Smok majesty battery issue

    Hello I was given a smok majesty mod from a friends as it didnt work anymore, when i got it both 18650s read 0.3 v so i got new ones , they are currently at 4.05v but the mod shows they are dead , it fires normally etc , but when i plug a usb cable in they cust show 14 and 16% ... any ideas?
  10. Focalecig

    Atto 18350/18650 Mechanical Mod
  11. cloumix

    [In Stock]Silicone Case for Dual 18650 Batteries

    Made of high-quality silicone rubber, the Silicone Case is designed to hold dual 18650 batteries. It can protect your 20700 batteries and it is easy to carry. Just get it for your 18650. Product Name: Silicone Case for Dual 18650 Batteries Type: Silicone Case Color: White, Black...
  12. Evilcrickett

    Help battery ID

    Sorry for such a stupid question but I definitely need help. I went to rewrap some of my married batteries. I had 2 different sets with 2 different mah. I already removed the old wrap... Now how can identify wich batteries all match? Thanks in advance.
  13. a dude

    Is this safe to vape on?

    So on my mod (Minikin v2) the battery spring was loose and the mod wouldn't start beacuse of that. I solved the problem by putting some white adhesive gum (a thing like Blu Tack) on the top side of the battery slot that were loose (see picture). The adhesive it self do not touch anything vital...
  14. r055co

    Heavens Gifts Selling iJoy Fakes

    Alert from Mooch "Fake/unauthorized iJoy 18650’s" "Heavent Gifts is selling these but iJoy marketing has confirmed that they are not from iJoy as they do not sell any 18650’s now. The 2200mAh one tested out as a terrible 7A-10A battery. I will be posting about these everywhere later today. "...
  15. Lukasblock05

    Unknown 18650 brand

    I went to my local smoke shop and asked for some 18650s for my new smok alien 220w and he handed me then and I gave him $30 cad and went on my way. But when I got home and searched up the brand I couldn’t find it it was a safe battery or not. It’s a bestkallint 2500mah and it’s rated at 35amps...
  16. yomajesty

    Battery Amperage for Wismec RX200S Mod?

    Hi, I have a Wismec RX200S mod on the way, and it takes 3 18360 batteries. Their website says to use batteries that have at least a 25A discharge if I understand them correctly. Will my current batteries work? I have: 3 LG INR18650-MJ1: 3500 mAH, 10A Max Continuous Discharge. 3 Efest IRM...
  17. Ms. Trixy

    18650 Knock-Offs LG-HG2 Browns from Mod Envy/eBay Deal-April

    The eBay seller is chitown_discounts. Item #323346927513 @Mooch #battery mooch #mooch On Mod Envy's life stream on April 13th, 2018 Joe found a great battery deal on eBay. A vendor was selling groups of 4 Browns for a ridiculous price of $17.99 for 4 batteries. I ordered 7 sets of 4. It...
  18. CapVanillaCustard

    Smoant Charon Mini Review

    Smoant Charon Mini Review - Full Photo Album Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to use Smoant's giveaway of the new Charon Mini a few weeks ago. It comes in black, red, rainbow and gold frames. I have the black frame version. You can find more information at Smoant's website It's your standard...
  19. A

    Batteries and amps question

    My ohms is .12 requiring 35 amps. My mod takes two 18650s I have samsung 25r 2500mah 20amp. With both of these in my mod is it safely giving 35 amps?
  20. L

    Efan c2 charger with lg 18650

    Hello everyone! I got a dumb question from a newbi in vaping. I recently bought a smok alien 220w mod with LG 18650 gh2 batteries and a efan c2 usb charger for those. Problem is the charger seems wack, i had some problems with the one i bought and got a return, but the new one is still having a...
  21. B

    Battery Wraps

    Does anyone know how to print on 18650 style shrink wrap? Would it be easier to try it by the roll or individually cut? I've hit google and youtube to no luck. Even asked Amazon sellers and posted product questions. I'd like something more professional looking that just paper cutouts. Thanks!
  22. SpectoVia

    WTB/WTTF - ABS Mini Mod

    I can’t convincingly justify why I feel like I want one of these.....but I do. I would like to buy or trade for one of the these minis...ABS Mini 18650 Mechanical Box Mod Specializing in trades for coffee cups, reptilian taxidermy, and Kyrgyzstanian Foreign Policy White Papers. Барып...
  23. SpectoVia

    1 free 18650 battery and 1 free 18350 battery ***not for vaping***

    I recently got a mod kit that had these two batteries included. These batteries, of an unknown manufacturer, do not meet the requirements of The Mooch Laws of Battery Acceptability. A reply on another thread said they are more suited to toys or flashlights. I have no use for these and hate...
  24. MF_Vape

    Tesla Wye 200W Box Mod Review - Super Light Dual 18650 Mod

    This is my review of the Tesla Wye 200W box mod. I purchased this mod July 2017 for £49.99 from a UK vendor and have given it a thorough testing. Note that it does actually come with a manual but I have mislaid it. Super lightweight, ABS polycarbonate construction utilising two high drain 18650...
  25. grandsouls

    Did I ruin my batteries? Boxdrip 160

    I just bot a brand new kanger dripbox 160 today along with 2 li-ion 18650 batteries (ones pictured) I first didn’t realize or know (guy who sold it to me said no it comes with a USB charger you don’t need battery chargers.) until I read up on this, USB charging is bad. Of course after draining...
  26. B

    Are my Sony VTC5a authentic?

    Just wanting to be somewhat sure before I go ahead and throw it in my mod, thanks everyone
  27. Everzon

    Do you want to charge 8 batteries at the same time?

    Hello everyone. Today we want to introduce a new charger Nitecore I8 Intellicharger 8-Slot Let's have a look first It looks so cool , right? Nitecore I8 Charger is a universal, intellicharger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries. It monitors and charges each of the...
  28. cloudvape

    How to do an 18650 battery wrap tutorial

    Hi guys, When I wrapped my 18650 batteries, I felt like making a video of it will be useful so here it is. Remember to be safe and keep your batteries safe at all times. Happy vaping!
  29. J

    VTC4 vs VTC5

    ok so I vape high watts (like 80w-200w anywhere in that range but on average probably 100w) and I hear that the sony VTC4 is THE best batteries for that and for a long time, but unnoticed now they have the vtc5, is it better? Worse? Should it be used lower? Can it handle high watts as well...
  30. J

    Will this battery work

    So I usually use the "high end" 18650 battery's from vape shops that are made just for vaping, but I recently ordered a new charger and found one that came with 2 Yliyaya li-ion 18650 batteries, is anyone familiar with this brand and knows if it is a good and safe battery to use in my vape, I...
  31. Synphul

    A Quick Shout to IMR Batteries

    I'm sure this is nothing new to long time customers or people who have dealt with IMR in the past. However my first experience with IMR has been a positive one. Originally I ordered 3 batteries from them along with some other things, 2 for myself and 1 spare for my mom since her mod's a single...
  32. Next Day Batteries

    Next Day Batteries- Introduction!

    Hi guys, thanks for welcoming me on to the forum, my name is Josh and I am the founder of Next Day Batteries. You probably have already heard about us but if you haven't we are the latest and now leading online 18650 battery retailer. Please visit our website
  33. Next Day Batteries

    Next Day Batteries - Introduction!

    Hi guys, thanks for welcoming me on to the forum, my name is Josh and I am the founder of Next Day Batteries. You probably have already heard about us but if you haven't we are the latest and now leading online 18650 battery retailer. Please visit our website
  34. Synphul

    Batteries and charger

    My google-fu must be weak today. Seems I saw some mention somewhere (that narrows it down) about charging batteries together. Obviously married batteries as in 2x 18650's used in the same mod, discharged together, charged together etc. Are there any issues with charging mismatched groups of...
  35. Ms. Trixy

    Battery Mooch LIVE STREAM this Thursday

    Mooch will be LIVE STREAMING with Tony of Vapor Trails this Thursday, 4/27 at 7pm EST. Here's a short video from Tony:
  36. Mikhail Naumov

    Post your BIG ass unregulated mods.

    Title says all, huge ass unregulated mods, custom or not, post them here. Just made this fucker, 26650 parallel series:
  37. D

    Mixing 1850's

    so I lost my reaulueax rx 200 a while back and I just found it digging through junk in my closet, I don't have 3 matching 18650's but I do have 2 imren 40 amp 3200 mah batteries and 1 Sony battery that work, I just want to see if the reauleaux still works so I can buy new batteries, I'm not...
  38. Lulz

    Battery Charger

    Hello, Greetings, I want to buy a 18650 battery charger but they are really hard to find in my country and pretty expensive as well. But I found this little circuit board that claims to charge 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a input. And it is dirt cheap at less than 1 USD including shipping.I want...
  39. WeekendOhms

    WTB- Coppper/Brass mech

    I am looking for a copper or possibly brass mechanical mod please let me know if your selling one! I don't want clones. thanks in advance, Weekend
  40. BPROSEK an apology

    Hi all, As many of you may have seen, I previously posted as to a very dissapointing situation I had with I wanted to take a minute to clear the air and also apologize to Craig and his hard working team at The situation in question pertained to a package that is still...
  41. Zombie13

    Looking for a pocket pal

    Im looking for a good pocket mod like the Tesla stealth mod but with a removable 18650. Could someone please tell me what the hell these things are called i have tried just about every search variation and come up with Jack! I've tried side by side, cage, side car, side tank, hide a tank, hidden...
  42. darthvaper79

    WTS: TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

    I am Selling a TrustFire Multifunctional Charger. It has two independent charging channels for Li-Ion batteries with a separate LED for status for each channel. Red = Charging, Green = Charged. 4.2 volt, 500ma output charges batteries quickly. Works with most any cylindrical Li-Ion 3.7 volt...
  43. MidwestExpress

    FS Brand New VapeForward VaporFlask Classic

    For sale/maybe trade. Brand new black VapeForward Classic. I opened it for Thanksgiving weekend and used it for 50% of a pair of Sammy 25r's. I ended up buying VaporShark Flask so don't need two classic flask mods. This thing has no wear and was only out of the box for a day. Used indoors...
  44. VapeTechnologies

    VapeTechnologies LLC / Madyn3D CNC- PWM Photomania!! (PICS!!)

    Have lots of photos in lots of different places and figured this would be a good place to herd some together for a little collection exclusive to Vaping Underground! Please note, this is not a for sale post or even a promotion post. This is simply a collection of photos from over the years. In...
  45. G

    Help with battery for Smok Alien kit

    So as of lately I was thinking about buying the Smok alien kit which is a big step for me since I only had AIO kits and they werent as strong as this one. 1 thing I'm not exaclty sure about is cells or should I say batteries. So any cell which supports 18650 batteries should be good for it right ?
  46. E

    Marrying 18650s that have one charge/discharge and Mod help please :)

    Hello :) I'm planning on changing my hardware and really thought it would be best to ask about this... Please bare with me as this is as much a brainstorm as it is a request for help ;) I've posted this on one other forum, but I would really welcome the input of this forum also, as it has been...
  47. C

    New Sony VTC5A 18650 2600mAh 25Amp?

    Not exactly sure if these are new new to the market, but i recieved an email from today for new arrival products. In their websites product description: Brand: Sony Energy Model: US18650VTC5A Size: 18650 Chemistry: NMC Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.6V Discharge...
  48. VapoorMan

    Is this okay?

    I made a charger with tp4056 for each cell, charge at 1A, is this safe?
  49. stevenbuker12


    I am in the market for s new mechanical mod and am stuck. Very stuck. I'm between a SWITCH MOD AND CAP KIT, A RIG V2, SUBZERO SHORTY COMBO, and a BROADSIDE. Someone please help because I want to get it tomorrow, I'm leaning towards a broadside because it's made by or with the Hotwires guys so it...
  50. rtapawan

    congrats XTAR Vaping360 chooses Star batteries. An award was given to the company Star. Fine quality makers of ecig batts and chargers.

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