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Vaping 101: How to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick


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Hi Vapors,

What are you perform vaping tricks on today?

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This thread Wellon want to discuss How to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick topic.

If you have any other way to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick, also comment below.

We will update this thread, to let more vapors know this vape trick.

Keep on vaping.


How to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick

Blow an “O” with a portion of the vapor, and with the rest of it, exhale a concentrated puff through the middle of the “O”.

Go through the previous steps to create your ring, but this time just shoot out one. With the remaining vapor, create a second ring and try to get it right in the center of the first one. The Bull Ring relies on similar principles.

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