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Wellon Transformer Kit Review from TiaVapes
Check out the Wellon Transformer Kit Video Review from TiaVapes, to see this mystical effect.Get detail from Wellon official site: WWW.WELLONTECH.COM

Air Flow in the Middle

Unique symmetric air flow in the midd of double-deck glass chamber design, makes Transformer tank a 0 leakage device. It have changed the landscape of the vaping industry, taking your vaping experience to the next level.
Manually control the airflow, adjust the amount of taste and vapor created according to your own liking.

You also can find this video at our official website, the link is

Follow below links, find the Vape device mention in this video,
1, Wellon Transformer Mod: http://www.wellontech.com/product/transformer-mod/
2, Wellon Transformer Tank: http://www.wellontech.com/product/transformer-tank/
3, Wellon Transformer Kit: http://www.wellontech.com/product/transformer-kit/

Wellon provide best vapor cigarettes, E-cig batteries & E-cig accessories to worldwide customers.
Wellon leading China healthy electronic cigarette industry.

Wellon Vape official website: WWW.WELLONTECH.COM

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