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Why Choose E-cigarette Wholesale Service from Wellon


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Attractive margins for retailers
Wellon E-cigarette Wholesale Product range that appeals to all target markets, from budget to high end.
Due to Wellon is a DESIGNER E-CIG COMPANY, we will release more top vape pen in the future.
Then, Superb point of sale material.

E-cigarette Wholesale Quality Guarantee
Wellon promise to offer you the best quality as we can.
Our products, with the original invention patents and certifications of CE, FCC and RoHS, are exported up to 50 countries all over the world.
We believe that high quality will make us go further.

E-cigarette Wholesale Patent Technology
Wellon is a DESIGNER E-CIG COMPANY. Emphasize on the innovation and creativity of our products, each device are unique with patented design. It’s not just a product, it is a life style.

E-cigarette Wholesale Certificate
All of Wellon products are with the CE, ROHS, FCC certificates, so quality are guaranteed. Learn More Wellon E-cigarette Certifications.
Conforms to all regulatory requirements for the safe and legal sale of electronic cigarette products.
Hardware tested in China labs and fully compliant with all US and EU regulations.

E-cigarette Wholesale Professional service
At Wellon, we make the safety and satisfaction of our customers our top priority.
We are always here to help you and be your ultimate vape resources.
Support and expertise of a dedicated wholesale team
Best of all, any problems you have you can just contact to our China-based sales & support teams.

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Why Choose E-cigarette Wholesale Service from Wellon
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