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  1. Jane_Qiu

    $25.99 Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 24mm RDA

    $25.99 Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 24mm RDA Coupon Code:MAPRABBITV2 Features 510 Squonk pin included Material: Stainless Steel Angled Airflow Design Single / Dual Coil Rabbit Ear Post Deck Top adjustable airflow-slot or honeycomb airflow inlet options Barrel Lock and Slide Feature to Direct Airflow...
  2. HexCloud

    Stripped BTFC grub screws (on fresh install!)

    Just got the BTFC and 3 out of 4 grub screws are stripped. When applying even light tightening the Allen key just spins and spins. Are BTFCs known for very lousy grub screws? I applied very little tightening ...just to snug. If so anyone know of a high quality replacement & grub size?
  3. K

    Help me choose next RDA

    Hi all, I have been struggling on which dripper to get next,I have gone through several in the past couple of years (csmnt,goon 24,goon 25,Strife,Recoil Rebel,Culverin,Mterk v2,DotRda) but have sold most of them since and have settled on my Kennedy 24 and 25 asI feel it has the best overall...
  4. Jane_Qiu

    24.99 Authentic THC Tauren Solo 24mm RDA

    $24.99 Authentic THC Tauren Solo 24mm RDA Coupon Code: MAPSOLOR Features Unique 3D honeycomb airflow system Easy single coil build deck 31-micro air holes for excellent flavor Deep juice well & top / bottom filling The THC Tauren Solo RDA is a great single coil rebuildable drip atomizer...
  5. 3Avape Official

    VapJoy Hayabusa BF RDA $19.5

    Product introduction Hayabusa RDA, with 22mm diameter and a bottom squonk pin, is an innovative item designed by VapJoy Team. The Hayabusa is constructed from 316F grade stainless steel for higher level vaping experience. It is easy to set up coil wires from 26AWG (0.4mm) with detailed design to...
  6. 3Avape Official

    Digiflavor ENTA MTL Squonk RDA $16.2

    Product introduction Digiflavor Enta RDA, with 18mm diameter, was designed in Italy by Giuseppe Pappalardo and Salvatore Agrosì in close collaboration with Digiflavor. Designed for a tight MTL draw especially suitable for tobacco and fruity flavored e-liquids, and nicotine salts e-liquid. The...
  7. cigbuyer


    We started putting together "product previews" for recently announced vaping products and thought you guys might be interested in checking them out. Everyone knows how frequently new products are released, so hopefully it's OK to post them here and the VU community will find them useful. Check...
  8. vivekjc

    RDA compatible with GeekVape Twisted Clapton 26/32ga

    Dear All, I am kinda new to this so please do not judge. I have a Smok R80 Mod Kit with a TFV4 Micro RBA. I have used 28ga kaithal in parallel as well as twisted dual coil builds. Recently I purchased a Twisted Clapton (Kanthal A1) 26ga/32ga wire only to realise that the overall wire gauge is...
  9. C

    Advken's NEW Artha RDA || Creators of the Manta RTA scoring again? || FULL REVIEW || Chronica

    Hey everyone! Here is my review for the Artha RDA by Advken and the Indonesian youtuber Fatrio. Is it worth the money?
  10. C

    RSQ Squonk Box by RigMod & Hotcig Full Review

    Hi everyone, here is my first ever youtube review and it is for the RSQ Squonk Box, by RigMod and Hotcig. Hope you like it
  11. B

    Favorite RDAs for DIY taste testing?

    Hi! I was wondering what RDAs people favor for test their blends? Over the years I have tried a number or RDAs. Two or three from the IGO series, 454 Big Block, Royal Hunter Mini, Sapor, 13 Heavens 9 Hells, Narda, and the two post DotCom. I am currently using the DotCom two post rda.. It is...
  12. yisus

    I just lost this screw.

    i know thats its just a pick of the subdrip from kanger but the dumbass me lost of the those screws and they are so particular that i havent been able to find replacements anywhere. Any ideas o suggestions? I already bought a new RDA I just dont want to lose the deck.
  13. AioIslikeVapingStone

    Smok GX350 + Skyhook

    So i bought this RDTA and i need a new prebuilt coil from geekvape wich one should i choose? and what settings? -_Settings asked_- Strength xxW Coil Steel, Ni200 or TI And then some kind of steel/Ni/TI 0.00100* I am a beginner dont judge :)
  14. Mikhail Naumov

    Elite Gen V2 28.5mm RDA

    I have never used a device in my life that chucks clouds like this thing. I don't know what it is, or why, but a 3.5mm 12 wrap 26 x 2 w/ 36 gauge 316L SS fused clapton dual coil build at around 250W tossed out a 13 foot cloud. That's HUGE, and I put little to no effort in this build. I just...
  15. Mikhail Naumov

    Nuclear RDA by MCM.

    I just got this thing in the mail and my GOD. It's an AMAZING RDA. It has bottom airflow slots that are routed through the posts beside the coils so you get a natural vortex effect, then it also has side airflow you can shut off or use. You can even turn the drip tip to change the amount of air...
  16. Mikhail Naumov

    Twisted Messes 30mm RDA

    Price point: $50-$70 Diameter: 30mm Airflow type: Dual cyclops slots Deck: Dual block Purpose: Huge builds and cl0udz Configuration: Rebuildable dripping atomizer Coil build type: Dual coil Options: Black & Stainless I just saw this thing, considering how much I adore the Twisted Messes Squared...
  17. TheOfficialjuicebox

    The Official Juice Box!

    Hello fello vapers! If you're reading this then thank you for showing interest in the Official "Juice Box" page of Instagram! This is going to be an online storefront where you can experience a fun, new way to drop some unique "tasting" flavors in your own mods. No longer do you have to go out...
  18. S

    Huge sale on everything at Salk Street Vapor Shoppes Ossington and Bloor Toronto

    We did it! Salk Street Vapor Shoppes has opened its second location at Ossington and Bloor. Doors are officially open. Steps from Ossington Station. 904 Bloor St. West and open until 9pm. Free 30ml Bottle with in-store #handcheck Join our rewards program this week (Buy 4 and 5th is Free) and...
  19. cloudking666

    Conspiracy by Ohm Nation, loving this new RDA

    I've been using this RDA for the past few weeks love it, great draw and easy to build.
  20. Khaoticfury

    bEST sQUONK bOX?

    I took a look at a friend's kanger squonk box and it looks fun! I love the vape from a dripper, just hate the hassle of dripping. That being said, what is the best squonk type device out right now?
  21. Ramsay Bolton

    Wismec Cylin RTA (Designed by JayBo)

    Having a hard time keeping up with all the new vape gear being release just about every single day. :gaah: Wismec Cylin RTA (Designed by JayBo) Product Introduction The Cylin RTA, designed by JayBo, is an auto dripping system which utilizes a removable tank section. The Cylin atomizer can...
  22. OhmzRaw

    HASTUR V2s RDA by Cthulhu

    This is my short mini review/first impressions of the Hastur V2s RDA by Cthulhu Mod (@CthulhuMod) . Lets dive down and look at some of the key features of this RDA and if it's worth the price. The Hastur V2s RDA from Cthulhu mod is a low profile atomizer which features dual velocity styled...
  23. Jminton1985

    Mutation X v3

    Looking to sell or trade my Mutatuin X v3 No issues, just dont use it anymore. 20 bucks shipping included, or trade.
  24. dubcvapor

    ☁ ☁ ☁ M ATTY STYLE RDA CLONE BY TOBECO - $14.99 ☁ ☁ ☁
  25. dubcvapor

    ☁ ☁ ☁ M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco ☁ ☁ ☁ SS or Black for $15.99 (US Seller) M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco (SS or Black) $15.99 The M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco is a 1:1 clone of the M Atty RDA by MEB Mods. This RDA is constructed from 316 stainless steel has adjustable dual and single airflow. The M Atty Style...
  26. V

    Another dripping noob! Assistance with a lot of questions please!

    So I know that diving into RDAs really suddenly when I'm only fairly new to vaping, only three months experience after quitting the stinkies for six months, but I figured seeing as I'm a pretty hands-on crafty girl I'll get into dripping at some point anyway, and pre-built coils are expensive...

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