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  1. M

    Kangertech subox mini HELP!!!

    So i just bought 2 new kangertech subox minis and they both have the same problem. When there is a battery and the tank is fully in it wont turn on, charge, anything. Then when theres no battery and the the tanks fully in it still wont charge, turn on, anything. The only time it turns on and...
  2. VapeMate

    Building Claptons on DaWhale RDA

    Hello VU Master Builders, I've been trying so hard to build just a simple dual coil on my DaWhale RDA and whatever i do i cannot get it to the right resistance.i thought of some solutions which look more like a workaround which i don't want to do... btw, i'm using this 32g Clapton wire and Subox...
  3. VapeMate

    Can't open Subtank Mini-C top cap

    at last i have received my Authentic KangerTech Subox Mini-C VW APV Box Mod Kit from fasttech this is my first mod kit, and my second vape device it's so handy and beautiful, i've not found a battery for it yet i was exploring the box and reading the manual first, the mod looks second hand to me...
  4. WellDone

    On today's episode of What's Causing My Dry Hits?...

    I just recently started vaping as an alternative to smoking and to be honest it's a little overwhelming. I bought a Kanger Subox Mini-C(VW 7-50W, 0.5 ohm SSOCC Nichrome coil) and some 80 VG strawberry juice with 6mg nicotine. I was absolutely loving my new vape! I went back to the local shop to...
  5. B

    Help with Kangertech Subox Nano

    All, I have a 4 month old Subox Nano that was vaping great at first with a 1.5 coil run at 30W. One day the vape got weaker and was not producing as much. I learned to live with it and excepted it for what it was. Then one day while my Subox was in my pocket, I smelled vape and when I...

    Review: Goodejuice Wild Turkey Tobacco NET

    This is a review of Goodejuice's Wild Turkey Tobacco naturally extracted tobacco flavor ejuice. The juice I'm vaping is 12mg nicotine strength. I'm vaping out of a Kanger Subox Mini, .5 ohm coil (though the subox reads this one at .6), 16.5 watts. Let me begin by saying I have been vaping...

    Vaping for over a year, posting first time!

    Hello, My wife and I are converted smokers. I used to smoke around a pack a day, and then I switched to American Spirit roll-ups. We were still smoking a lot. We started vaping at the end of 2013, and we haven't looked back since! We started running Kangertech Evod pen vapes, but now we are...
  8. Arsenicpop

    Help Looking for new setup.

    As the tittle states, I am looking for a new gear set up. I have 70-80$ USD for my budget. Looking for a regulated device and tank combo that will give me a bang for my buck. Right now I am using my Kanger Subox and Subtank Mini combo. I've pretty much been using this thing exclusively since it...
  9. thedripsupplyco

    Kangertech subox mini $70 !

    KANGERTECH SUBOX MINI KIT 50W - $70 SIGELEI 75W TC - $75 SIGELEI 150W TC- $130 available on our website.
  10. Ednomse

    Subox RBA issue

    Having some issue with the RBA inner tubings. There is a link to the photo, it look kinda like a transparent tubing/string near the drip tip suction hole, at the top part of the RBA section. It seem out of place, will it be an issue if I pull it out/removed it? Or should i just leave it there...
  11. Cudge82

    Subox mini with smok tfv4 compatible with rba deck?

    I'm just wondering if 50watts will be enough to get good flavour from a smok tfv4 with the single or dual coil rba? It comes with a 0.8 coil already on it but I don't mind building another. Most of the reviews are just people using the pre build coils at 80watts etc. I really like the tank but...
  12. pearlzeng

    ENDED Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit Giveaway. Ends 10/29/2015

    This Contest Will Select Two Lucky Winner To Get Authentic Kanger Subox Mini Black Starter Kit---http://******/6QRnwY Time out~!!! And Congratulation #46 @N8dogg and #245 @BigNasty~~!! You are lucky winners~!!! Please contact me within 48 hours. Only Two Rules: ;);)Show something you find...
  13. ajmboarding

    Kanger Subox Nano Kit Review & Giveaway

    Want more entries for a better chance at winning? Also Check out my Blog to keep up to date on all my reviews and giveaways.
  14. ajmboarding

    ENDED - Kanger Subox Nano Giveaway - 10/15

    Hey everyone! I got another giveaway this week. This time i'm doing a Kanger Subox Nano Kit! Check out how to enter in my video below! And yes, it will be a brand new one, not the one used in the video! Want more entries for a better chance at winning...

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