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  1. Dinner Lady

    Get 20% off your first Dinner Lady Order

    Hey Guys, Just to let you know we have up to 40% off at! - Some real steals! Link: Ends 30/12!
  2. laura96435

    Vendor request---Newvaping

    Hello Admin, this is Laura from New Vaping is the most fascinating UK vape store that offers an unparalleled selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, nicotine salts, vape juices and accessories with the best prices and service since 2007. We would like to have our own vendor...
  3. M

    Get an Additional 15% off our Top Three Cake Flavors

    Getting great vape flavors is a piece of cake! Get an additional 15% our top three cake flavors. Use coupon code "CAKEDAY" at checkout, and check out our article below!
  4. WiseGuysVapes

    Wise Guys Vapes - Vendor Request Form

    Hello! We at WiseGuysVapes would like to request to be an authorized vendor for Vaping Underground. Our site is Thanks!
  5. Caterpillar

    Hi there! Worried about DIY Flavor vendors

    Hi so I am starting my Diy vape juice project to safe money, I am still doing research as to what is safe and found that non- water soluble (able to be dissolved) Flavors are hazardous to vape, (such as popcorn lung) like oil based, and some vendors re-label other company products and even a...
  6. Magic Coils

    IMagic Coils (Ukraine). Looking for vape-shops for cooperation.

    We present to your attention the "Handmade" coils from the Ukrainian manufacturer - Magic Coils. We successfully deliver our coils to the vape shops in Ukraine, and now we are looking for the vape shops in the US for cooperation. Why are our spirals the best? handemade, due to which high...
  7. E

    vapoureyes is fantastic

    after posting my very negative review of an online vendor i feel better knowing that there are online companies that are still awesome. purchased an ijoy zenith from after a few weeks it fired on its own then wouldnt turn on :/ filled out the form for a return on vapoureyes and...
  8. r055co

    Scam Alert! GC eCigs

    Lowlife asshole scum online Vendor selling a $30 clone for $150
  9. AlexDTA

    Where can I buy a TFV8 glass replacement

    Hey everyone I Ben looking all over the web and can't find anything could anyone help me find were to buy a TFV8 glass replacement for the big baby beast? Thank you
  10. Paratech

    VU advertisements

    As we all know there are ads all over the forum. It pays the bills. How often does anyone look at these? Ever click on any? One caught my attention so I had to check it out. Non-Tobacco Nicotine. The history alone was surprising. The fact that they took the time to...
  11. Paratech

    Vendors that ship from USA

    This is a compilation of vendors that ship from the USA. Unfortunately I have had to convert this to a google doc due to the 100000 character limitation per post. (changing the font color counts as characters as well)...
  12. vapefu

    [ Save 5% OFF use code: VU_LOVE ] Contract Premium e-liquid Contract Killa by BMW E-Juice

    Contract Killa by BMW E-Juice A CREAM INFUSED CINNAMON SUGAR CONFECTION. PG/VG Ratio: 20/80 Made in USA $19.97 -$5.00 Nicotine Level : 0 mg 3 mg 6 mg 9 mg Bottle Size : 30ml USE CODE: VU_LOVE to SAVE 5% OFF
  13. KingClouds


    Hey everyone! So im looking for a good coil vendor, cheap prices but good quality. Oh and is there any places out there like zamplebox, but instead of juice, they send like coils, cotton, and stuff. Thanks!
  14. ronniecashvapes

    Drop by.. HELP me become one of the Big Guys...

    Hello, my name is Ronnie Cash! i have a review channel on youtube; ive been a vaper for over 7 years... i always give my honest opinion ans will keep posting ....please like, share, subscribe... drop by and say hi...
  15. southern_heat

    Gearbest horrible online ordering experience !!!!

    (So not sure if this is the correct place to put the topic but I just want everyone to know how bad they are and never order from them). So I placed an order on the 12th or 13th of this month from GEARBEST.COM. Mind you all this was for a pre-order item. A day later I ordered some other vape...
  16. M

    Wholesale/Distributor help?

    I have only been browsing google to find wholesalers and distributors and I am starting to run out of options. I need to make sure that they don't sell retail online as a strictly wholesale only site. Ideas, Thoughts?
  17. M


    I work for a juice company and find myself searching through google way too often for wholesalers and distributors that do not offer retail online. Anything helps, thanks!
  18. Lambreau21

    So I was searching around for the best deal on my Subox Mini Kit and came across and they had a great deal that guaranteed fast FREE shipping and from the US. I reviewed a couple sites to see the credibility of the site and found mixed reviews. I decided to take the chance with...
  19. Lambreau21

    How much do you worry about counterfeit items online?

    I just picked up a Subox Mini and have been extremely pleased with it. I then came across a few posts on cloned vapes and a popular one was the Kanger Subox Mini. I dug a little deeper to find that these clones are made very well down to the packaging and everything so most people cant tell...

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