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  1. VapingReaper27

    does evcigarettes have authentic mechs? someone please help me!

    does have authentic mech mods? i saw a vindicator... im about to pull the trigger but im worried its a clone and i WILL not pay that much just to get burned! i was going to order one from kennedy enterprises but would really like to order some batteries and wire with it since i...
  2. RhwsGG

    VapeWild - BEST E-Juice Vendor Review

    Hey everyone, So, I've been ordering my E-Juice from a vendor that I randomly stumbled upon, one that I'm sure many of you already know about. This review is for those who do not already know, or haven't yet had any experience with VapeWild. First of all, it is incredibly cheap to order...
  3. SpectoVia

    Authorized VU Vendor List

    Can we get a clean-up on aisle 6? A few suggestions for the vendor list..... I think the Authorized VU Vendors section is in need of some reorganization and/or cleansing. On some of the links, there has been no activity for 6+ months. One link has had no activity since August 2014. Maybe part...
  4. T Vape Friday: Beginning at Midnight! 11/10/17

    PSA Vape Shop Owners: Vape Friday begins at midnight! This is a day of HUGE savings, just for you. What is Vape Friday? Well, with this sale, we're ensuring that you save big on your orders and have stock FOR Black Friday, rather than waiting to give you a deal ON Black Friday (which is not to...
  5. Synphul

    Vape Vendors that listen

    Just wanted to give a quick shout out to VapeWild for listening to their customers. They're mainly an online ejuice vendor so their hardware offerings aren't as diverse as other places. From what I've seen mod choices from ejuice companies are pretty limited and usually lower end mainstream...
  6. W

    HEEEEEELP - DIY "emergency"!! :D

    Hi all, I'll try to make this narrative as SHORT as possible - I've been mixing my own juice for just about 3 years now, and not had ANY "store-bought" juice in all that time, and after I recently vaped a couple of flavors from different juice companies, I've discovered that my DIY juice has...
  7. Letitia9

    Vendor New Posts, getting annoyed.

    Am I the only one annoyed at the all the vendor's clogging up New Posts? I have to go through several pages to find actual conversations. I know VU needs the vendors, but can't they have a separate space for new posts?
  8. submerger

    RDAs are becoming harder to find?

    I like RDAs, tinkering with different builds, and it's fun as a hobby. As of recently, it is becoming harder to find gear and supplies both online and in local shops. When I ask "what happened" the general response is that most people want complete kits or don’t drip anymore. I can...
  9. SignMan

    Hey everyone! If your looking for an online shop with authentic products is worth checking out. Very competitive pricing on all the latest stuff and a US warehouse with some great gear. Most online shops over seas that have a US warehouse do not keep them stocked with anything good...
  10. yomajesty

    Tasty Vapor ( Cards Me After I Pay Them?!!!

    I'm 41. I ordered from Tasty Vapor in Oakland, CA. The day after payment, they send an email demanding a photo of my photo ID with the shipping address on it. Is that even a thing? I'm probably going to flip them the bird.
  11. GhostVape22

    Looking for juices to review!

    Started a review blog on Instagram a while back and in order to grow I need more juices to review! If you know of vendors/juices that would help me out please post below! Also check me out @GhostVape22
  12. Paratech

    VU advertisements

    As we all know there are ads all over the forum. It pays the bills. How often does anyone look at these? Ever click on any? One caught my attention so I had to check it out. Non-Tobacco Nicotine. The history alone was surprising. The fact that they took the time to...
  13. M

    Wholesale/Distributor help?

    I have only been browsing google to find wholesalers and distributors and I am starting to run out of options. I need to make sure that they don't sell retail online as a strictly wholesale only site. Ideas, Thoughts?
  14. T

    Totally lost with vaping..

    So.. A bit personal here, but I've basically smoked a couple packs a day since I was 15 (16 years ago!), and I recently quit cold-turkey-style after an oral cancer scare (that isn't even done yet..).. Trying to replace my ancient cig habit with vaping, but.. this is more overwhelming than...
  15. Poppa (K)

    Canadian vendors

    hi there, with the dollar in the toilet; what are everyone's favourite Canadian online vendors? i'm talking for everything vaping related. thnx
  16. carley816

    Anyone ordered from Legit?

    This website seems almost "too good to be true", so I'm wondering if its actually legit. Anyone ordered from here before? Did you use your debit/credit card with no issues? Thanks!

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