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Redheaded Stepchildren


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Serious question.
Have any of you been on the receiving end of a Wolverine anal raping frenzy?
Its not as fun as it sounds.

Stoopid hawkeyes….


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I’m sorry but you did just make me laugh, hubby too. 🤣
seriously, so sorry 🙁
It’s all good. Iowa played on borrowed time all season.
I like when we win, hate when we lose but it doesn’t ruin my week when we lose. I know way to many people that take it way to seriously.
Hopefully we play better in our bowl game.

You guys wouldn’t be laughing if you had a Wolverine breathing heavy and drooling on the small of your back for 3 hours.


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Do you have a g string?

Actually require several. But first is mowing "thong"
heres a funny but true one. over in newcastle uk, if you see a female walking down the road, as a term of endearment you say..hi hinny, no matter what there age. so for 30 yrs i was saying hi hinny to elder ladies and they would wave back and smils and say hi young brian....i have just found out that the word hinny is the proper name for a pregnant donkey!!!!!

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