1. EasyPuff Vape

    Vaping Trade Association of New Zealand

    A highly focused Vaping Trade Association of New Zealand (VTANZ) has been launched determined to vigorously fight any efforts to kill-off hundreds of New Zealand businesses and thousands of livelihoods now associated with the local vape industry A collection of the biggest names in the vaping...
  2. Countrypami

    VTA Files Lawsuit Against New York Department Of Health And Public Health

    VAPOR TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL TO STOP ILL-CONSIDERED FLAVOR BAN Washington, D.C., September 25, 2019—The Vapor Technology Association (VTA), the industry’s national trade association, Benevolent...
  3. Countrypami

    VTA Calls On Regulators & Legislators To Take Serious Action

  4. Irked Particle

    My letter to Ohio Senator about possible vape ban or other restrictions

    I just sent this letter to one of my senators in Ohio, Sherrod Brown. I also posted it to FB. If you find any if this useful, please feel free to utilize some of it for your own letters to lawmakers in your state, or federal officials. --- For years, nothing I tried helped me to quit. Not the...
  5. Irked Particle

    Fake News: 84% of e-cigs in one Utah county contain opioids

    Here is a link to the petition to sign at Please share everywhere; we need 100,000 signatures in 30 days. And remember to confirm your email for your signature to count! ---...
  6. Countrypami

    4th Annual GSFA Auction hosted by Higgy Cigs - August 17/18 + 24/25

    It's the 4th Annual GSFA Auction hosted by HiggyCigs! All proceeds go to the Georgia Smoke Free Association We've got Full Kits, Mods, Tanks, Attys, Driptips, E-liquid, Swag and more! Some new, some vintage, and all AWESOME! Over $45,000 in merchandise to be auctioned off! Auction Times...
  7. Steamist_Adrian

    Truth Initiative Accidentally posted a study on Nicotine Harm Reduction

    Hey folks. Looks like the geniuses behind the "puppet videos" commissioned and published a whitepaper that contradicted most of their claims regarding the dangers of nicotine. They've since removed it, but it's available HERE. I originally found this via a Reddit post which can be found HERE...
  8. Heather's Heavenly Vapes

    FREE Vape Advocacy Guide from HHV

    HHV compiled a free guide listing who you can follow and how you can help in the battle over vaping. The attacks on vaping have escalated. You need to be involved! This guide is a good starting point for finding who is already engaged giving news, links and responding on Twitter where a lot of...
  9. Countrypami

    3rd Annual GSFA Auction Live Stream on VU Live July 8th.

    It's the 3rd Annual GSFA Auction by HiggyCigs! We've got Mods, Tanks, Attys, Driptips, E-liquid, Swag and more! Some new, some vintage, and all AWESOME! Over $30,000 in merchandise to be auctioned off! June 24th 2pm - 10pm Est June 30th 2pm - 10pm Est July 1st 2pm - 10pm Est July 8th 2pm -...
  10. Countrypami

    3rd Annual GSFA Auction Live Stream on VU Live July 8th.

    It's the 3rd Annual GSFA Auction by HiggyCigs! We've got Mods, Tanks, Attys, Driptips, E-liquid, Swag and more! Some new, some vintage, and all AWESOME! Over $30,000 in merchandise to be auctioned off! June 24th 2pm - 10pm Est June 30th 2pm - 10pm Est July 1st 2pm - 10pm Est July 8th 2pm -...
  11. Ms. Trixy

    Video: Pjs. Ready for bed. BUT...

  12. Ms. Trixy

    CigStar Greek Temple Mod. Have the Gods Spoken?

    This CigStar Greek Temple is solid, full of features and was inspired by the Greek Gods. At 230w, including C-T mode, impressive V80 chipset, easy programing and an amazingly vibrant screen this is a must have for your collection. Personally, I love this mod. It's got the identical feel of...
  13. Bill

    August 8th dot org

    Modernize the Predicate Date for Vapor Products! Budget negotiations are happening right now and we only have a short time to make an impression. This is the time to reach out to Congress and urge them to support us. By March 22nd, Congress will need to come up with a plan to fund a massive...
  14. Bill

    20% Entire Shopping Cart!

    Monday Special, 20% off the entire store! Tattoo Vape Premium E-Juice, Detroit Rock Candy, Blue Moon Hemp, hats, t-shirts and much much more. Act fast! Today we are providing a storewide discount. 20% off your whole order Use coupon code TTV20Monday In checkout. #teamttv #tattoo #vape...
  15. digibomb

    Vaping etiquette - yes we are talking about this again!

    With so many new regulations and bans, vaping etiquette is at the forefront again. So, I wrote a little post on it curious on your thoughts?
  16. digibomb

    Calling on Canadian vendors and vapers for opinions on Bill S-5!

    I'm writing a post for my blog "Big Vapers" ( on Bill S-5 and I'm looking to gather some opinions, feedback, etc from both shop owners, staff and the vaping community at large as to what their thoughts our on this. Before you answer any of the below questions...
  17. r055co

    Judicial Watch Sues!

    Now this is bound to get VERY interesting! Judicial Watch Sues over Records on Obama E-Cig Regs
  18. r055co

    Another "sudo" Hit Piece Needs Responding Too

    My favorite B&M was interviewed by a AP Reporter, it's a hack job at best. They went into full details about the actually legitimate peer reviewed study's, backing by the Royal Collage of Physicians, etc. etc. But this reporter left out so much then also hyped the debunked Diacetyl/Popcorn...
  19. r055co

    Well Something Positive

    Well Vapers put Ron Johnson up enough to win his seat and he's paying the Vaping Community back. While I continue to remain skeptical this is a very positive sign. Not the bandaid which really does nothing Cole/Bishop Amendment but the full repeal of the FDA reg's.
  20. r055co

    This Needs To Be Signed

    This is going to be dropped on Trumps Desk, if he does anything who knows. But this will bring more attention to this and hopefully something positive will happen. I remain very sceptical that this will amount to anything but I certainly am not going to lay down while they Shit on Me and call...
  21. Ms. Trixy

    A HUGE win for Indiana!!!
  22. I

    Vape Advocacy and apparel brand!

    Hey everyone, we're a new apparel and advocacy brand dedicated to donating 5% of proceeds to the fight for vaping. If you could check us out, our website is: We're dedicated to growing and increasing that percentage as time goes on. As of now, we need the help of the vaping...
  23. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Issues Press Release About the Reality of the FDA Regs.

    Click on the link below to read the Press Release: Watch the video below as our Managing Director announces the reality of the situation:
  24. skullyoneleg

    Hello Vape Advocates!

    I hope everyone is having a great week, and getting healthier by the second thanks to our Vaping Revolution! Just a quick intro to share some blah blah blah's about meself: My name is Carla, but everyone calls me Skully. I was tagged with this nickname because while in basic training for the...
  25. tljenson

    E-Liquid that Supports Advocacy

    Does anyone have a list of e-juice companies that donate to advocacy? I'd like to spend my e-liquid budget on those companies. If nobody has such a list maybe we could make one. Hall Of Fame(Joint line from Kilo/Ruthless/Cosmic Fog) Advocacy Line by BRV Liquids. Active Collection by Banzai...
  26. northlandvapor


    HAND WRITE a letter to your representatives. Tell them what you think about recent legislation surrounding vaping, eliquid, and how it impacts your life. Find your more info here. TAKE A PICTURE/VIDEO of your letter and post it below. Use #advocacyhandcheck and #northlandvapor in your post to be...
  27. Steve White Cloud

    Free Webinar with CASAA's Julie Woessner and Scott Ballin

    Our next free webinar is this Thursday, Feb 4th at 2 pm est. If you can't make it that day don't worry everyone who registers will be sent a link to the video and audio. The webinar features CASAA's executive director, Julie Woessner and 40+ year public health consultant Scott Ballin. Register...

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