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battery safety

  1. VapingReaper27

    Hohm Tech Run XL 21700

    i have a question! so imma buy a kennedy vindicator i was wondering if Hohm Tech Run XL 21700 will be a good battery for a 21700 mech mod? sorry if this is the wrong place but ive never used a 21700 or a 20700 what would your suggestions be?
  2. D

    Is this build Safe???

    Hi Guys, just a small safety check-up, I plan on running this build at 80w (max 85w) in my Regulated dual 18650 Tesla WYE 200w (Samsung 25r 3.7 2500mah) would the calculation for the regulated current draw 80w/7.4v =10.82A(per battery) be correct? see attached pic for the coil
  3. 3unu(h-80m83r

    Corrosion on battery terminals!

    Hi everyone! I just started squonking (been vaping for about 5 years) so I got the vandy vapes pulse regulated mod with the vandy chip. I've used it for just 1 day and I've been using it with 18650 adaptor. This morning I changed my battery and noticed some white buildup on the negative...
  4. M

    The Ultimate Battery Safety Infographic

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the battery safety infographic I made for all the vapers out there! I aimed to be as in-depth as possible, as well as make it super engaging and interesting! I definitely learned a lot making it—I hope you pick up some useful tips as well! Here's the link...
  5. Son Guardian

    Fused Clapton (Twist)

    28AWG*2+32AWG A1 3MM ID Dual Coil Build (5/6 wraps)0.45 ohm, comes out to .25 to .27 on my Alien Smok 220W Reg Mod When I do the Math, I’m getting 50 Watts as my max, using two Efast 18650 35 Amp 3.7V batteries. Is this true? Can someone help me here?
  6. M

    Kanger Dripbox and battery saftey

    I just got a Kanger Dripbox 160 today and im really exited to use it. The only other mod I have owned is the smok g priv and I know almost nothing about RDAs. My question is how do I know im not over charging my batteries. Im using the pre installed coil in the RDA but im not sure how many watts...
  7. J

    single battery devices

    Hello, i have a single battery Istick pico mod and mostly using a lg he2 18650 25 amp 2500 mah. I also have a Coil master 251 tab ohm meter,which is also single battery, i mostly use a lg with a brown wrapper that's really all i know about it, it might be a h2.. but the point is some times...
  8. N

    Help with Smok Alien 220w kit, v8-t8 coils and amp question

    Hi all, Just looking for some reassurance that I'm vaping safely with my Smok Alien 220w mod + v8-t8 coil. I've bought the Smok Alien 220w kit a few months ago and have been vaping with it without too much drama (except some leaking and spit back issues) using the Q2 (0.4ohm) coils. Yesterday...
  9. MWhitehurst542

    LG HG2 battery minor scratch. Can I still use it?

    I ordered a pair of LG HG2 batteries for my Alien and while trying to open the box with my keys since they were so difficult to open, I nicked one around the top. I've read if there were any scratches exposing metal then they aren't safe to use but it's minor. What would you all suggest? I'm...
  10. B

    Safe Batteries?

    I just got my first mech mod and I'm a little worried about battery safety, I got the limitless mech mod and a Goon RDA. I was going to put in some alien clapton coils that would come out to about a .22 ohm. Are LG HG2 acceptable for this build? If not can you advise some good one? Thank you for...
  11. Synphul

    Another Bad Vape News Story

    I don't know the full situation of how this made it to the news but it's sad that people like this feel the need to blast the dangers of ecigs again. I think part of the blame lies on the folks who are in the story, not only for their obvious neglect of common sense with vape safety but for...
  12. MSalmanKhan

    Need help, new coil, battery safety information needed

    Hello, I have a 3 battery regulated mod (Smok Koopor Primus 300W) with TFV8 RBA section. I'm going to use 2 coils in the RBA. The resistance of one coil is 0.23 ohms so two coils will give 0.11 ohms. I'll be using 3 Samsung 25INR 20a batteries with this build. Battery specs are...
  13. inspects

    New Sanyo 20700 Batteries

  14. LivingSacrifice5

    WTF?! Which is it?

    Alright, I have read in numerous forums and such, that on a regulated mod, you look at the specs to see the lowest resistance and highest resistance, then as long as you are in the correct range, your good. The mod is "regulated" and has all the safety features, so your batteries don't matter...
  15. damndirtyvapes

    Blew a battery... what about the second of the pair?

    Basically, a battery of mine seems to have become no good. I do vape very low with these batteries (around .12-.14) but they definitely have appropriate specs, and I only use in my parallel mech in this case. Everything seemed OK while vaping but when I went to put the batteries in the charger...
  16. okaycarmen

    Married batteries , new mod?

    I have had two sets of married Samsung 25r batteries that I would rotate in my minikin RDA. Can I use one set of batteries now in my noisy cricket meaning I would be using it from a regulate parallel device to a series unregulated device. Would that be safe to do considering the batteries are...
  17. Tempro

    battery charging

    I got myself a lg he4 20a 18650 battery. I also got a power bank ehich can charge things with 1 and 2 A. Is that safe to use? I connect the power bankto the kbox mini 75tc. I got the normal charger which charges az 500mah. Is the 1-2 A to high?
  18. mikeyboy74

    Eleaf iStick 40 TCW, safe with 1.7 ohm, or........

    I've been using an iStick 40w, mainly in power mode, with a kanger subtank mini as a stealth work vape. Just screwed in a new 0.2 ohm kanthal coil, which read 0.17 on the mod. Previously, I've only used 0.5 ohm and occasionally higher. The device is listed for 0.15 min resistance in power mode...
  19. DilFisher

    Married 18650s - One charging faster than other

    I apologize ahead of time if this is already covered in a previous post, but it is 3 a.m. On the dot, im tired and would like this to have a reply before I wake up, and throw these in my noisy cricket, head off to work, and potentially be at risk I use an intellicharger i4 and have a set of...

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