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  1. R

    Unable to Find Battery Charger For Fey Fresh Vape Pen

    Hi, I have a vape pen with a special charging port. It looks like the head of the vape pen is male and it needs a female charger. I have included screenshots below. I can not find the charger for it. I would really appreciate it if someone can point me to a site where I can buy some...
  2. W

    What is the Best Modern Charger?

    I just decided to get back into Vaping, but I have an issue. I think some of my 18650 cells are damaged. They have been in indoor, room temperature storage for nearly 2 years. My preferred cells are Sony VTC5A's for their brilliant balance of good capacity (2600mAH) and power output for...
  3. I


    Hello, I have closed my shop and looking to liquidate my inventory to a shop looking for a great deal. I am currently accepting $35,000 for over $80,000 in inventory (low estimate wholesale value). The retail value is well over $250,000 to someone with the means to distribute. I have included...

    Vape Blog | 7 Actions to Extend Your Vape Device's Battery Life

    Once upon a time, most battery-powered consumer devices required six or even eight AA, C or D-sized batteries that wouldn’t last terribly long. It seemed like you had to change the batteries every hour or two! Not only was this expensive, but it was also incredibly wasteful too. Batteries like...
  5. Manic Miner

    2A charger for my 20700s and 21700s ordered! There's a EU version too. Vaping Bogan has a review for it.

    XTAR VC2S Dual Battery Charger Review

  7. D

    help with max voltage charge point on Nitecore NEW i2 charger?

    i apologize as this is a repost from a different forum section but i am currently in the process of figuring out how to delete it. Before anyone commits to the old adage, RTFM. I have, and while it covered the topic I am asking about it did not do it well... I am waiting on my star but for now...
  8. D

    Nitecore i2 NEW charger questions for 3.7 v batteries

    Before anyone commits to the old adage, RTFM. I have, and while it covered the topic I am asking about it did not do it well... I am waiting on my star but for now this is all i have and I have read that you can select with the c and v buttons respectively to select the charging limit. I.e...
  9. B

    Anyone bought portable charger/case for JUUL

    Bought a Juul and keep running out of batteries or loosing pods. Considering buying this charger.
  10. 3Avape Official

    AUCOOMA Universal Q4 Intelligent Charger $12.75

    Product introduction The Aucooma Q4 is a universal intelligent charger compatible with almost all rechargeable batteries on the market, thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The Q4 is able to automatically indentify Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries and apply an appropriate charging...
  11. 3Avape Official

    Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 4-Slot Smart Charger $37.1

    Product introduction The Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 charger integrates the minus delta voltage for NiCd or NiMh battery charging termination, and for Li-ion batteries charging to 4.2V with pre-selected constant current. (3.7 Li-FeO4 and 4.35 type high voltage batteries charging mode can be selected...
  12. HealthCabin

    Accessory Collection-Bottle for VandyVape Pulse 80W Mod, Demon Killer Cutter Pliers Clearance

    Vape Necessities Efest Lush Q4 Charger KNOW MORE Nitecore SC4 6A Quick Charger KNOW MORE
  13. D

    Battery leaked? Charger broken? Help.

    Hi! Im new here and i just want your professional view in this matter... Thanks. The battery on the link below is it still usable? Because i vape on it not knowing that theres the stuff on the top. The charger also, theres this dark yellow thing its like a metal gunk or somthing. I notice it...
  14. E


    Hey guys! I'm trying to get rid of this stuff and was wondering if anyone was looking to buy. It comes with the charger and stuff and its only been used once. Here's a link if you're interested:
  15. P

    Need Help - Battery Imbalance with MXJO IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 35A

    I am planning on buying an external battery charger, but my batteries currently have a power imbalance. I was just wondering if I were to buy a battery charger, could I charge both batteries to a balanced state? Or should I proceed differently? PS: I am also looking for a cheap external...
  16. Shenzhen XTAR

    ENDED - XTAR Crazy November(Part 4)--Over 4 Slim DISCOUNT & Black Friday Sales Promos

    Hi guys, we’re back. With the celebration of Halloween and Thanksgiving, we’re bringing it on for the whole month :p Make it wild! Part 1: (ENDED:cheers:, Part 3 begins now, please check below) Halloween Giveaway A famous festival with grand traditions--fancy supernatural costumes...
  17. mjag

    Hohm Tech HOHM BASE the world's first oscillating charger review

    Just to be clear the Hohm Base I am reviewing was purchased, it was not given to me or was I compensated in any way for this review. It is just a phenomenal charger and now that it is back in stock at I thought I would share my experience. I was actually talked into this charger...
  18. Shenzhen XTAR

    ENDED - Most Portable 4-slot Charger You’ve ever seen! XTAR charger giveaway - 6/5

    We always have to make difficult decisions between performance and portability, choosing one means sacrificing another. However, what we’re showing you today is bringing you both. Our new XTAR MC4 Intelligent Li-ion Battery Charger would be the most portable 4-slot charger you’ve ever seen...
  19. L

    Which charger/batteries/mod?

    Sorry if these questions have been asked before, I looked around pretty hard before I posted and couldn't find them. First off, what battery charger in the $20-$25 range is a good one? I have looked into many but don't exactly know what I am looking for. Also, j have a wismec 2/3 and I am having...
  20. Lulz

    Battery Charger

    Hello, Greetings, I want to buy a 18650 battery charger but they are really hard to find in my country and pretty expensive as well. But I found this little circuit board that claims to charge 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a input. And it is dirt cheap at less than 1 USD including shipping.I want...
  21. Everzon

    1 Year Warranty on Golisi O2 Intelligent Charger.

    Golisi O2 charger, which is of the new generation, faster and safer. The yellow charging status indicator lights could visibly indicate battery status and charging progress while an intelligent automatic power-off function terminates current when charging is completed. Specifications: Input...
  22. darthvaper79

    WTS: TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

    I am Selling a TrustFire Multifunctional Charger. It has two independent charging channels for Li-Ion batteries with a separate LED for status for each channel. Red = Charging, Green = Charged. 4.2 volt, 500ma output charges batteries quickly. Works with most any cylindrical Li-Ion 3.7 volt...
  23. VapoorMan

    Is this okay?

    I made a charger with tp4056 for each cell, charge at 1A, is this safe?
  24. KingClouds


    OKAY, so i have an ijust 2 and it only came with the usb cable to charge, what should I use as the wall adapter?
  25. Shenzhen XTAR

    XTAR ROCKET SV2 Battery Charger

    Video: For more info please visit: is external) Thank you!
  26. Shenzhen XTAR


    ROCKET SV2 is coming soon! It is the first Li-ion & Ni-MH charger with the unprecedented charging speed compatible with 32650 and D size batteries. EASY TO ENTER: 1. Write down or post the pictures of your coolest/rock moments. This contest is international! And will run from April 25th until...
  27. VaporJoe

    Can you say vape for years lol?

    Take this to a vape meet.. I dont think you will need batteries for the entire trip! LOL
  28. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Efest LUC V4 LCD Universal Car Charger $24.95 Shipping $1.99 or Free

    Only $1.99 for shipping or free shipping if you purchase any other item. Item on sale and Grand Rapids E-Liquid ONLY 24.95 and SAME DAY SHIPPING from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pssttt.... Use code flash50 for 50% off our e-liquids. Charge your batteries faster than ever...
  29. JohnDoses

    ***SOLD*** WTS/WTT- Sigelei 150, batteries, Cubis tank, charger and juice

    Deal of all deals! $60 for everything. Sigelei 150w- used daily so it does show signs of use around the 510 and on the bottom, also comes with black silicon sleeve. Other than that this mod is a workhorse and will last for all eternity as far as I'm concerned. No issues other than cosmetically...

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