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  1. A

    E-liquids store shipping worldwide ?

    Hello There I used to buy e-liquids From '' FastTech '' , but unfortunately they recently stopped liquids shipping to my country , so i'm looking for a similar alternative site that sell e-liquids and ship worldwide as well . Thank you ♥

    Hello friends! FastTech will share news about products, vape industry and fasttech site etc. here, feel free to comment or suggest, hope you guys have fun! Today's new arrival I would like to recommend VOOPOO VINCI Pod System(5 Coil Version). Voopoo introduces Vinci to us again for the rainbow...
  3. and Promotions

    Hi guys! FastTech newly come to VU forum and bring a good news to everyone! We offer a 15% off site-wide coupon code to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year! Let's check the details together: Date: 24 Jan 2020 00:00 am - 26 Jan 2020 23:59 pm (UTC-6) Offer: Site-wide 15% off Code: CNYRAT15...

    Vendor request- FastTech

    Hello @SMOKIE , this is Selina from FastTech. FastTech has been many vapers' old friend from several years ago, we would like to have a vendor forum to share good news to VU members. We should have put a VU banner on our main page but there is a restriction about our site, so I suggest that we...
  5. sniff57

    Fasttech newbie. Is it really "Authentic"

    I've ordered some Aspire atomizers from Fasttech. I picked the ones claiming to be "authentic". What are the odds that they actually will be? I have never ordered from Fasttech before so advice would be appreciated.
  6. placemace

    Chinese new year on Fasttech!

    Hey everybody! Do you know that 4-10 february is time for -15% sales on Fasttech? Happy chinese new year!
  7. Parrish

    Shipping With Fasttech: Registered Airmail Any Good?

    Just like the title says, has anybody tried shipping with: • Registered Airmail by TNT-PostNL • Registered Airmail by Singapore Post If so, how long did it take? How did it go? Is it worth it? I’m from Canada and I’m planning to buy a few pod systems there, but those are the only shipping...
  8. D

    Fasttech sent me a wrong product

    Hey guys, I ordered vape products from fastfreddy (this is my second transaction from them and the first one had no problems) but it was held at Customs. So I went there to claim the package, but when the Custom's officer opened the package, it wasn't the items I ordered. What's inside the box...
  9. SpectoVia

    Calling all Mod Scholars.....

    I purchased an EHPRO MOD 101 from FT. It arrived DOA. blah, blah, blah yadda, yadda, yadda Just got a replacement. Check before and after photos Do you think the new one might be a clone? Or did EHPro just do a radical presentation box redesign? Maybe different packaging for different regional...
  10. F

    never buy fasttech "hangda" e liquid

    so i bought some hangda e juice, both mixed fruit and fruit punch after vaping this shit for awhile it just tastes like metal its this juice^^
  11. F

    Fasttech/Gearbest cheap juice is it any good ? (Review)

    Heres a quick review of some gearbest liquid !!:)
  12. Ms. Trixy

    Sigelei - ***WARNING*** Unauthorized Sigelei Vendors! ***

    I realize half of you hate Sigelei and some of you have no issues with them. In any case: I had to call Sigelei today about a mod issue. There is actually a location in California! She was amazing and offered a very reasonable resolution to my problem. 90 Day Warranty on hardware. Here is...
  13. C

    In need of help buying cheap pre-built coils

    Hello all! Anyone there know a vendor or a site that sells these spec of coils for cheap? 28gx2/36g 0.21 or 0.22 ohms per coil Stainless Steel Fused Clapton for 10 packs or so. Im aiming to buy it for $5 or less. If they offer Paypal, that would be awesome. Im planning to get cheap coils because...
  14. F

    Good deals !

    Hello, here is my page on facebook with good deals ! Come and see by yourself Have a nice day :)
  15. B

    Best $30 Mod (FastTech)?

    I have a $30 credit for FastTech. What's the best variable wattage mod I can get from there?
  16. VapeMate

    My first FastTech experience

    Hey mates, today i want to share my first FT experience with you, actually with beginners or those who haven't used FT services yet. finally i got received the last shipment of my first order. i can say, it's been a great place to buy from, really cheap prices, but there are some cons i cannot...
  17. VapeMate

    New Vaper Shopping List

    Hey guys i need a full shopping list from FastTech(w/ links plz) Everything to start and keep on vaping for a long time, i mean durable stuff Mod,atty,battery,charger,wick,wire, and anything else that is necessary for vaping and rebuilding please let it be cheap enough for a starter Thanks in...
  18. Ms. Trixy

    *CAUTION*: S Body Elfin DNA40 - probable knock offs.

    I want to get the pink S Body Elvin DNA40. Everywhere I look I see DNA40 mentioned as the primary feature other than the small size. However, FastTech has it listed for $48 and has NO mention of the DNA chip in it's description. Why is that? I was wondering if some are DNA and some are...
  19. Vape Syndicate

    Fasttech Company Review ~ Vape Syndicate

  20. R

    Shipment / buying from fasttech / first order , SG

    I've recently started vaping , using my friend's device and wanted to order my first vape device (kangertech subox nano ) from fasttech shipping to Singapore. Any advice on what i should or should not do when ordering from fasttech and shipping to SG? Seeking help from SGVAPERS~~
  21. Sexvaselin

    Box Mods

    Hello, so my situation is that i'm going to the military and need a box mod that i can charge with an usb. I'm thinking of the Simeiyue SMY 170 TC... Or do you guys got something better? I would like a high wattage mod.
  22. BreeZyCloudZ

    Fasttech: A strange request?

    So i recently ordered from fasttech, if anyone is familiar with them, they mostly sell alot of clone stuff for super cheap. I ordered a unreg box mod, like 15 bucks. Its my first one, just wanted a cheapo to mess around with. This is also the first time Ive ordered from them. I placed my order...

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