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ms. trixy

  1. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD - 250W Wismec Luxotic NC Kit ~ Brand New

    Resin is a deep Merlot red w/ hues of pearlized color. Includes Guillotine v2 RDA and matching drip tip. Dual 18650/20700. New, Sealed. $35.00 $30.00 Shipped to U.S. only. PayPal Friends & Family or you pay fees.
  2. Looper51

    Positive feedback for Ms Trixy...

    Anyone ever have an ounce of doubt about buying something from her don't even sweat it. She's Awesome!!! Always comes through,super fast shipping and everything was packed safely and neatly... Thank you.
  3. Noshaz

    Feedback for Ms Trixy

    Couldn't be more happy, awesome seller, awesome mod. TY Ms Trixy
  4. Ms. Trixy

    Feedback for Vape_Sanctum - Ocular C

    @Vape_Sanctum You're a no nonsense, quick to deal with guy. Love that! And, you are extremely pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend members to transact in confidence with you. A+, 100%. :tunez: :vino:
  5. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! - SURA 70W MD Regulated, Engraved Tube Mod & 21 Grams Sea of Souls Engraved RTA - SOLD!

    I finally got my pretty, regulated, Modtech SURA purple etched 70W tube mod. 2 weeks! The 21 Grams Sea of Souls 25mm/5ml RTA fits perfectly on top. My photos don't do the beauty of this justice. With both the mod and RTA engraved, it's stunning. No matter how I turn it, it sparkles. :cry: Too...
  6. Ms. Trixy

    Feedback for AJVapes - Trade

    Wonderful! Beautiful! Thank you for brightening my day @ajvapes ! I'm so delighted. :)
  7. Ms. Trixy

    Feedback for Big Rick, again! Tempests.

    @Bigrick Glad you and the wife keep backups! My pleasure!
  8. hawkwind5usa

    Feedback for Ms. Trixy

    Thank you Ms. Trixy ! Pictures didn't do the stuff I bought from you justice. All were either new or like new condition.
  9. Ms. Trixy

    DUPLICATE Feedback Thread - Plz Close

    Duplicate feedback thread. Plz close.
  10. Ms. Trixy

    DUPLICATE Feedback for Whiskey - DELETE/CLOSE

    Duplicate post. Please delete/close.
  11. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! - Original Geekvape AEGIS 100W Kit with Shield Tank - NEW

    SOLD! 4.17 20% OFF APRIL 17-19th MEGA SALE - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Ask questions in thread. PM me when serious. Original Geekvape AEGIS 100W KIT with Shield Tank This is the Original 100W Kit from when it first came out. 18650/20700/21700 Leopard pattern is more realistic than the later...
  12. Ms. Trixy

    Feedback for Dubya - Trade

    @dubya314 Dub, you're a real stand up guy. And, a man of good taste! Great transaction.
  13. Ms. Trixy

    Feedback for Gadget - DB

    @gadget! The DB looks right at home. Smooth as silk. Thanks!
  14. Ms. Trixy


  15. Ms. Trixy

    TRADED - Looking for a Twisted Messes 24 Pro RDA Sleeve & Top Cap

    I've got this TM and think I'll keep it if I can find a sleeve and top cap. It's currently for sale as shown. I prefer black but open to gold & other colors. If I'm going to keep one dripper, it's this one.
  16. Ms. Trixy

    WTB - Kylin Mini RTA

    I have plenty to trade. See the links below. Would prefer trade but... I'm looking for: Kylin Mini, Black :monkey:
  17. Ms. Trixy


    All gone!
  18. Ms. Trixy

    WTS - Bro Science TC2 Tobacco - 12mg - Vanilla Custard w/Tobacco

    120ML Bottles - 12mg Bro Science TC2 Tobacco 20/80vg - $15 ea. A delightful Vanilla Custard with smooth tobacco finish! Retail: $24.95
  19. Ms. Trixy


  20. Ms. Trixy


  21. Ms. Trixy

    Vaporesso Target PM80 - Consensus on coils?

    Just wondering if there has been a general consensus on the 0.20Ω vs. 0.30Ω Mesh Coils. I'm about to pick up 1 or 3 PM80s and find that the 0.30Ω seems to sell faster than the 0.20Ω. (Damn good reviews on this device!)
  22. Ms. Trixy

    **CLOSED** WTB/T: Looking for Sigelei Fuchai 213 Mod(s)

    Looking for one or two 213 mods in new or decent condition. A burnt orange one would be a huge bonus. I had a custom drip tip made to match. But any color is fine. It's always been my go to house beater using the silicone sleeve. I spilled juice down the two I had. I miss it. I have a new...
  23. Ms. Trixy

    MOVED to MOD Thread!

    Wismec Reuleaux RX200, DNA 200 White/Tiffany Blue and Black/Red MOVED!
  24. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! - COV Tempest 200w Mods - REDUCED = CLOSE PLZ

    ***This thread will remain separate of my MODS thread HERE*** Get one just to get one! AVAILABLE - WHITE ONLY - Brand New ***ALL 22 BLACK ARE SOLD!*** ***$10.00 SHIPPED!*** U.S. Shipping Only *** PayPal F&F Only Mike Vapes shows the Kennedy 24 on it. Since the mod is rounded at the top, the...
  25. Ms. Trixy

    WTB/T Abalone plates for my HotCig R150

    My one of my plates is pulling away from the outter edges pretty bad. Purple/green. Kinda sharp. Looking for new replacements should anyone have some.
  26. Ms. Trixy

    Bumping up Nic for pre-made eliquids

    I am about to buy what was left of Reality from OM Vapors. They only have 3mg/WTA left in a 120ml. How much nic should I add to bring it up to 15mg? 12 or 18 is good if it's simpler. Thank you in advance. :anyone:
  27. Ms. Trixy

    (Pre-Order) Vaporesso Target PM80 - $31.94/$20.79 after Code!

    Awesome Deal at ! Could this be big competition for the VooPoo Vinci and Vinci X? The highly anticipated Vaporesso Target PM80 is on Pre-Order for $31.94. Use Code: PM80 to get it for $20.79. That's $11.15 off! The replacement coils are $7.79 for a 3 pack. The replacement...
  28. Ms. Trixy

    WTT/WTB X Priv: Kit or preferably Mod Only - Prism Blue

    I broke my X Priv Mod in Prism blue. I really like this kit. Mod in Prism Blue or kit in whatever color. Must be new or lightly used. I have a list of things that you may like to see. Or, I my have just what you're looking for.
  29. Ms. Trixy

    HELP TRIXY raise $5,800 for plumbing disaster! EVERYTHING GOES! 99% NEW! Please HELP!

    We had a major plumbing explosion in the house due to a 16 inch critter that found its way in. 8 inch x 3 inch body and 8 inch tail. Get your ruler out and look at 8 inches. It chewed through PVC, the joints and some other pipes. The tub was filled with water and when it drained it flooded...
  30. Ms. Trixy

    Finally caught that damned rat!

    Many of you know that we had a major plumbing breach. Started by this SOB. Turned into an $8,000.00 bill. We heard noises and gnawing on PVC joints under my bathtub for about 3 weeks. After several attempts with all kinds of bait, we got 'em! I told Chuck to put any dog food left, to put it...
  31. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! FEEDBACK issued for WildGypsy70

    Thank you!
  32. Ms. Trixy

    Are you the one who had their Tesla Nano 100 stolen?

    I have one I received in a trade and it's in perfect condition 9.5/10. There are slight table marks but the rest is a beautiful deep brass, steampunk edition. I tried a rose gold Cleito on it and it matches perfectly! I've never used it so the battery should be low enough to ship safely...
  33. Ms. Trixy


    I have an opportunity to trade something of interest for this mod. I haven't used a mech before but this is a single 20700 which I feel safer using. Are there pros and cons I should be aware of? I know the 510 pin is adjustable, reverse threaded. I'll need to learn more but the mod is so...
  34. Ms. Trixy

    15% off Everything at VapeNW

    Promo Code: LABORDAY2018 THROUGH 9/3
  35. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! - WTT/S - Black eLeaf Aster 75w mod. New & Sealed

    I've had this a while but it's still new and sealed - Black. Would love another Zeus Single Coil Atty. But I'm open to trades. US Only PP / F&F
  36. Ms. Trixy

    SOLD! WTB/T for a Zeus Single Coil Atty

    I'm loving the heck out of this atty. All around fabulous. I'd like another one. I have the SS I think. If you have one to give/trade, PM me please. Thanks!
  37. Ms. Trixy

    Samsung 30T - 21700 - Cheap!

    I'm helping out a friend close out a waffle. If I win these, would you all buy them? Cheap?
  38. Ms. Trixy

    WTS 2 New Clieto 120 Tanks. I ordered by mistake.

    I love my clietos. But I ordered these 120's by mistake. I try to stick with one line of coils or a line that are cross comparable. Anyway, I have 2 brand new Clieto 120 subtanks - SS and Black. Selling as a set: $45 shipped, PP F&F please.
  39. Ms. Trixy

    Helping a FB Group friend: WTS Purge Maelstrom #063 with a Copper Druga

    Posted by Stephy Lowe: Ladies I need help. I have a extreme family emergency and need to sell my only mod which is purge maelstrom #063 with a copper druga. $250 takes it. Please PM me if interested. I'd like to help her. ~Trix
  40. Ms. Trixy

    My first Cloud Comp - Semi Finals Tonight - N80 - Plz HELP

    My first cloud was pretty good. Twisted Messes 24 Pro deck, titanium screws, N80 Staged Clapton 28/36 & 26ga made by a member here and the Trinity Glass Comp Cap. I believe I was at .27 and one coil was pretty choked, using a Squid Double Barrel mod at 85w. That second pull was as hot as...
  41. Ms. Trixy

    Squid Industries now has Pre-Orders for the Detonator 21700!!

    Check it out!! Squid Industries is dropping the Detonator single 21700!! 120 watts, power or TC mode, on/off switch, power curve and optional LED light! Available August 3rd at ! What are you waiting for? #SquidIndustries #Detonator #Squidvape #DoubleBarrel...
  42. Ms. Trixy

    WTT/B Vape Droid C1D2

    Looking for the C1D2 with rubberized coating. I had one but sold it 2 years ago. Please peruse my inventory. I also have coils and most RBAs for the tanks. I have not listed premade builds, expansion kits, etc. Google Drive link...
  43. Ms. Trixy

    WTT/ for SMOK Baby Beast PURPLE

    Looking to trade for the Baby Beast in PURPLE. Please see my list of items (tanks, attys & mods). Dropbox link: Google Drive link:
  44. Ms. Trixy

    My Brother's Harley Davidson Wedding - 8/19/17 - LOL

    This is only one photo with more to come and a link to the whole thing by video by my Sister. As only my brother can...
  45. Ms. Trixy

    ENDED - 3 Weeks – 3 Winners - 3 Dates - 9 PRIZES!!! FINAL IS 5/6 - BIG KAHUNA!

    3 Weeks – 3 Winners - 3 Dates - 9 PRIZES!!! 4/22, 4/29, 5/6 All winners will be announced each Sunday after 12:01am EST by random. **NO BACK TO BACK POSTINGS** *No Double Winners* ALL participants MUST view both reviews and LIKE. I will be checking my stats...
  46. Ms. Trixy

    ♫♪♫ The Speakeasy ♪♫♪

    ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ Welcome to the Speakeasy ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪
  47. Ms. Trixy

    ENDED - Three Parts - Three Different Prizes - Three Winners! 1/15, 1/22, 1/29!

    Ms. Trixy’s YouTube Contest This contest will consist of 3 parts: See Bottom for Rules WINNER MUST PAY $1.00 via PayPay for them to allow me to ship 1st Class First Prize End Date January 15th *SolarForce Hard Clamshell Battery Storage* (Can store 20*AA / 14*CR123A/16340/RCR123A / 6*18650 /...
  48. Ms. Trixy

    Ceravape's Ceribus 44 & 45 "Winner" Review

    I was fortunate enough to win as a reviewer for Ceravape. This posting is rather late but submitted to Ceravape nonetheless. Please pardon the video starting in the middle. Hubby stitched it and saved it in that location. (I was very nervous at the beginning but was my old self after that...
  49. Ms. Trixy

    WTB - Vaporesso Target Pro

    WTB Vaporesso Target Pro mod only. Not tank. Stainless.

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