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regulated mod

  1. V

    Raksasa Holy Grail Mod

    For Sale: $400
  2. Shenzhen XTAR

    How to choose batteries for Mech Mods & Regulated Mods

    There are many types of batteries in the market today, so the choice of batteries has always been a headache for newbies. So which battery is suitable for your mods? Today I will share some tips about battery selection. Usually, the 18650 battery is fully charged at 4.2V, while the stable...
  3. Absolute-Wood

    * SOLD! * New iTazte SVT Regulated Mod Kit

    * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! * SOLD! Hey Everyone - I'm Rick, from Absolute-Wood. Been vaping a little over 10 years. A bit less than a year ago, I got to zero nic. My wife vapes as well, and will soon hit zero as well. So, we can see the day we quit...
  4. D

    Is this build Safe???

    Hi Guys, just a small safety check-up, I plan on running this build at 80w (max 85w) in my Regulated dual 18650 Tesla WYE 200w (Samsung 25r 3.7 2500mah) would the calculation for the regulated current draw 80w/7.4v =10.82A(per battery) be correct? see attached pic for the coil
  5. D

    Safe application of vtc6s instead of 5a in regulated mod?

    Hi all! First post, So I began building the other day ok n my aegis legend 200w. I have vtc5a as well as vtc6 batteries. I've found regardless of resistance, I run around 85- maybe 105 watts normally for ideal vapor and flavor in either a .15 ohm coil in a tank, or usually about .24 or .18 on...
  6. V

    Question about ohms for coils for regulated device

    I have a battlestar smoant 80w uses one 18650 battery This is a second post im doing from another one I made just so I can get some different opinions on this so I know what to get. What ohm range should I aim for for a 80w regulated device using a single 18650 battery if I go to the store...
  7. PaulS

    Wismec Active 80w

    This mod kit was sent to me for review. Here is where you can get it: The active mod for the active person and it truly is! I gotta say this mod is pretty cool for a standard regulated 80w mod. What makes it stand out is it’s bluetooth speaker and waterproof ‘armor’...
  8. mikeybee

    UWell Nunchaku with RDA?

    Has anybody tried pairing an rda to this mod? Or any rda that would pair nicely to it? I love the looks of tube mech mods, but I don't want to constantly worry about it exploding on my face.
  9. F

    What battery should I use for my mod?

    Hey guys! Been vaping for 6 months now and I just bought a blade mod by GeekVape. I am planning to vape it with my blitzen rta (with a resistance about .2 ohms) and wattage around 60-100w. Since I vape on a regulated mod, what battery should I get? How much amps is needed for that vape?? Do...
  10. irradiated

    Dakota Reviews the Noisy Cricket II-25 - a true jack-of-all-trades mod

    Hey guys! Dakota back with another review of gear from my personal collection. This time we’re going to take a look at something from the lower end of the spectrum: the Noisy Cricket II by Wismec & JayBo. About me: I’m a hobbyist who quit cigarettes and started vaping around 3 years ago. These...
  11. P

    Battery Imbalance - New to Vaping

    Hi, I have a Sigelei Kaos Spectrum that has two MXJO IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 35A batteries. I can't use the mod because it says, "The battery is imbalance". Then the two voltage signs on the right start blinking. One battery has 3.39 V and the other has 4.29 V. I am new to vaping and confused...
  12. T

    Am i safe using 2x Samsung 25Rs in my Voopoo Drag mod?

    I recently decided to give quitting smoking another attempt, so i went and picked up a new setup to replace my old broken kangertech mini. I've been messing around with various vaping calculators to see what ranges i'm safe to vape at, and believe that based on my inputs i'm safe using the...

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