1. SignMan

    WTB: Squonk Mod

    Hello fam. I'm looking for a squonk mod that someone is done with. I'm not picky on what it is but I would like it to do at least 75w. Either single 18650 mech, dual parallel or regulated...I'm open to just about anything! Thanks! :popcorn:
  2. SignMan

    Augvape DRUGA RDA...Don't miss this one!

    I read somewhere in youtube comments that Druga was translated as "the beginning to everything". Don't quote me, I forgot what language it was translated from, and the source..umm yea. I like to think it fits this RDA though. The Augvape Druga was a collaboration of "Indonesian's Pride Coil...
  3. KKen

    Please lock thread

    FS: DNA40 Lukkos Squonker & Snap Dragon V1.5 Stabilized wood Lukkos DNA40 Puzzle box w/ custom SS/Brass inlay Includes everything as shown: Also includes a Sunbox 8.5mm super soft bottle, best on the market. (Lukkos will also work with a 10ml bottle) Includes Eden Mods Snap Dragon RDA V1.5...
  4. KKen

    Mark Bugs Chalice III

    Bottom feeding micro-atomizer, the third version of the Chalice series. OD: 13.9mm Height: 27.7 mm (exluding drip tip and 510 conection) Very simple to mount coils, the + and - posts are threaded, and very simple to wick. The curved surface under the posts allow for the excess juice to go...
  5. Icurrie44

    Vape newbie - my vape still not strong enough ?

    Hi This sounds a silly question here. I've managed to master squonking, built my own deck(s). Getting huge clouds - but... It's not strong enough ! I'm still rolling cigs in between vapes. I have a liquid that I love (butterscotch custard) at 1.8 concentration but I don't feel anything on the...
  6. Icurrie44

    Newbie can'r figure out squonk pin for dropbox 160

    Hiya Newbie squonker here. Been doing ok but I branched out for a better RDA. I opted for velocity mini clone ( the common one in the little box). I like the look of it. Lots of space to build my double coils but when I fit the squonk pin, the positive post is loose and the base of the pin is...
  7. PrplSkunkButt97

    New Batteries. New Problem.

    Hey guys, First I wanna thank you for replying quickly to my last question on here. I've just put them on to charge got new batteries but for some reason, the normal charge screen will switch to a large exclamation point and what looks like charge bars. It did this with the first set of...
  8. PrplSkunkButt97

    New Squonk. Need Insight.

    I bought a Kangertech Dripbox 160 this past weekend. We left the store but came back the next day because we forgot the batteries. We got home and put it on charge so that I would have it while watching the Super Bowl. When I went to unplug it from the cable I could see on the screen it was at...
  9. KKen


    The Attysmith Hellfire Fury dripper in great condition. Airflow is adjustable, can be used in dual or single coil configuration. As with all Attysmith products, top notch flavor and build quality. Comes with w/ 18mm to 22mm ring and installed with squonk pin. Also includes spare screws...
  10. Ramsay Bolton

    HCigar VTinbox - evolv VT75

    HCigar VTinbox - evolv VT75 This is what I've got so far. "VTinbox continues to adopt the core technology of Evolv company's original newest VT75 TC chip. It guarantees the device has a stable output 1-75W current.The classic square box shape and double-sided detachable magnetic cover to be...
  11. Khaoticfury

    GeekVape GBOX S100

    Really watching the new S100 squonker from GeekVape. Looks like same shape as DripBox 160, but I like that the battery door also holds the juice bottle in place, instead of the removable magnetic piece on the DripBox. I also like the bigger screen and rubber paint on mod. I am hoping the S100...
  12. Khaoticfury

    bEST sQUONK bOX?

    I took a look at a friend's kanger squonk box and it looks fun! I love the vape from a dripper, just hate the hassle of dripping. That being said, what is the best squonk type device out right now?
  13. Ramsay Bolton

    Kangertech DRIPBOX 2

    Kangertech DRIPBOX 2 Coming soon! This is all I have at the moment.
  14. Ramsay Bolton

    Eleaf Pico Squeeze with Coral Atomizer

    Eleaf is entering the Squonk world! Looks interesting and will probably be reasonably priced. Hat tip to Train: [Pre-order] 50W Eleaf Pico Squeeze with Coral Full Kit W/O Battery [Pre-order] 50W Eleaf Pico Squeeze MOD W/O Battery This discount code appears to work on the Squeeze...
  15. Ms. Trixy

    **CLOSED**Kanger Dripbox RDA NEW - Selling as KIT ONLY. See last comment for Dripbox Thread.

    I have a Kanger Drip RDA in Red NEW PLUS 15 (5 boxes) of NEW, unopened replacement drip decks (pre-wicked) at 0.2ohms. AND, the stock deck, screws, screwdriver, small Allen key pre-made coils plus cotton - premade coils for Dual Build. BUNDLE FOR SALE ONLY. I used it only ONCE= 1/2 day. I...
  16. M

    PSST, there is a Sunbox Graal bottom feed atty lurking in the classies.

    Yeah, you need to have a look.
  17. SaintSkinny51792

    squonk atty? on any mod? they may be on to something

    okay. We all know drippers tend to have better flavor. no secret there. ive been looking for a cheap squonker box hoping ill be able to afford trying one out soon enough. so while I was looking I came across this: Has anyone seen any other attys like this? Id like to grab one sooner or later...
  18. dreadymark

    Looking for a specific styled RDA

    Hey All. I've been lookinging around for an RDA that has thus far eluded me. I'd like it have a bottom fed center pin (for squonking), top airflow (like the Rogue), with preferably a 2-post design or one that can at least hold larger builds. I've sworn by my Rogue for a long time, on one of my...

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